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The Mass Ornament

A compilation from my second solo show “The Mass Ornament” which took place in Galerie Michael Schultz Berlin between March 21 -April 18 2015. 

These are the smaller GIF versions of original high definition video works.

Titles in order:

  • The 99 Percent, 2015
  • Stumblers, 2014
  • Taksim Spiral, 2013
  • Schlesisches Tor, 2014
  • Rats, 2013
  • Camondo Stairs, 2013
  • Berliners, 2014
  • Lichtgrenze, 2014
  • Hierapolis, 2013
  • Light Dome, 2014

Well, this one wasn’t nearly as bad as the previous one.

It still has way too much CGI in it, and the love scenes…oh Luna the love scenes. I could make an entire book about what’s wrong with the love scenes and the editor will throw it out the window for being too long.

But everything else seems alright, and there’s even some parts that are pretty good. Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan is flawless, there’s a few genuinely good jokes here and there, and the action is really well shot and quite imaginative. It does feel shorter than Episode I, despite them being similarly long. Give it a watch if you feel like watching a light movie that doesn’t require much thinking.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to go get this swarm of Changelings out of the studio. I don’t even know where they came from!


Some looped frames extracted from a videoclip I made for the new EP of Geisha called 19000 Objects. The track is called Project Machine. Coming February 9th.

Here’s the videoclip. (Vimeo)

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End to End. (Original Photo, by Rosh333)

Here in better quality.

In Carabanchel, Madrid, by Pablo S. Herrero, E1000 eunocerocerocero, and rLove  rosh333 

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