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@thebisexualmandalorian merry christmas, uj’ika. One of your Three presents.

Random gossiping clones. It’s 5 am, guys, I’ll probably come back and replace this with a better more-detailed fic, but not at 5 am.

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Wooley stretched as he flopped out of bed, hearing at least four joints crack. Have any of the clones developed arthritis? Wooley shook his head. He might need to go check in with Kix about that soon. Maybe they could come up with some remedies together.

He thought he heard a scuffle in the hallway, “Fives is that you?” Honestly, Wooley would never fully understand why Hardcase wanted to name their dog after Fives. It tended to just make things more confusing.

Wooley squinted, thinking of who might be in the house. Hardcase wasn’t due home for a few days, and he would usually just snuggle up in bed when he got in anyway.

Wooley wasn’t too worried, there was no crime in the Colony, but he should still check it out. There were still a few predators floating around.

He quickly threw on the closest clothes he could find, which happened to be a pair of soft pants and one of Hardcase’s hoodies. He grabbed his walking staff from the hall for good measure.

Wooley made it to the kitchen with no problem. He looked over at Fives asleep on the couch. Wooley really needed to get him a better dog bed.

He heard another rustle. It sounded like it came from out front. The sun was just coming up, so he should be able to see anything that is out there.  

Wooley quickly opened the door and held his staff aloft, only to be confronted by one of the sweetest things he had ever seen.

Hardcase was curled up in the grass sleeping next to a small pile of rocks.

That was when Wooley took in the wider view of the front yard. “Will You Marry Me?” was spelled out in a multitude of small stones surrounded by hundreds of flowers.

Wooley smiled fondly as he looked back at Hardcase, who was sleeping in the curl of the questionmark.

He knelt down and rested his hand on Hardcase’s cheek. He opened his eyes sleepily.

“Hello Wool’ika.”

After a moment Hardcase realized what had happened and sat bolt upright. “Oh Wooley! I am so sorry! I wanted this to be a surprise! Hevy helped me collect all the flowers yesterday, and Jesse and Fives helped with all the stones. We got all the pretty ones we could find. We were setting it up all-”

“Hardcase.” Wooley tried to interrupt.

“-night. It was kind of difficult to work in the dark, because we didn’t want to wake-”

“Hardcase.” He tried a bit harder.

“-you. I know you don’t always get your sleep. Then there-”

Hardcase.” Wooley finally got through. Hardcase stopped his rant and looked to Wooley.


“What?” Hardcase’s confused face, is probably one of Wooley’s favorites. It was so precious.

“Yes. I’ll marry you.”

“Oh. Oh! You will?! Yes!!” Hardcase turned towards the trees, “Jesse! Fives! Did you hear?!”

Wooley heard a faint “Congrats!” and “Well done!” from the general direction, but didn’t actually see either of them.

Hardcase turned back to Wooley, wearing his biggest smile. Wooley couldn’t contain himself anymore and leaned in and gave him a kiss.

“Hmmph, no. Lilacs would be better.” Wooley turned at the words and saw Hevy sit upright from where he was buried in a pile of flowers.

Wooley shook his head, “Why don’t we make sure everyone gets home. And we will celebrate properly. Sound good to you?”

“If I’m with you, it’ll be perfect.”

Jesse and Fives were able to head home on their own. Jesse also reassured them that he had been able to capture the moment on film.

Wooley and Hardcase had to carry Hevy home when refused to fully wake up. They brought Fives along for the walk.

Wooley and Hardcase were together. They would be married soon. They were happy.

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I'm sure whatever his initial reaction Rex would come to appreciate the positives of being a full-time uncle, him and the other two as well. Clones do better in units after all. But hopefully no-one has to get shot this time for the meeting to occur in the first place!

Seriously, clones are like colony animals. The more the merrier. Like seabirds! They aren’t as happy when they’re on their own. Gregor and Wolffe definitely have to join the Rebels. I mean, honestly, I can’t see either of them wanting to live a quiet retirement. Sure, Wolffe is the perfect grumpy old man, but he also has a strong sense of duty, and in the back of his mind he knows Plo would be disappointed with him for sitting out the rebellion. (Plus Clone Wars Gregor always wanted to do the right thing, even if means giving his life. I don’t like how they portrayed him in Rebels, so I try to pretend it didn’t happen and he’s the same as he was in TCW.)

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Okay, I don't know how old those sketches are, but I've run across a couple of your Clone Wars colonial AU thingies, and like, could you tell me about that?? Because I LOVE the idea and I want to know what else you may have regarding it, be it art or writing or headcanons or whatever. Thank you for your time!

asjkl Lol oh! Thank you for the ask and I’m glad you enjoy the idea! I was surprised people started liking it. Gosh, um. Hm. I had to check it myself through the tagged items (since my sidebar for navigation isn’t letting me click on things) to make sure I was remembering this right – all of this was drawn last year at the beginning of 2016, actually! That all came together when I started listening to the Hamilton OST to see what the fuss was all about. That and recalling the bits and pieces of American history I’ve retained over the years.

ANYWAY the gist of the idea was to initially draw clones in Revolutionary uniforms. 8];; Then I thought about it a little further to sort of work out the kinks a war lasting (roughly) 8 years in comparison to TCW’s 4 years while trying not to think ‘Civil War’ era because that’s a whole ‘nother ballpark of unnecessary confusion. (Although I guess it would make more sense if the setup was similar to the Civil War, but all wars are pretty awful the longer you think about it. It basically boils down to one group disagreeing with the other and deciding to send people in so they can drag it out onto the streets for everyone else to ‘enjoy’– WOW OKAY that’s a sidetrack we don’t need, MK, get back over there)

As for drawings, cannons of the head, etc. – I got swept up in other stuff and got distracted. I did want to revisit the idea, except I’m horrible in keeping track of AU details. Like I’d know some characters would retain their commanding rank statuses, that would pretty much be a given. Anything else related to the timeline may or may not be altered completely?? Everything’ll have to be hammered out, time permitting along with not wandering off somewhere in the meantime as one is wont to do.

So yeah, I generally have no sense of organization for this AU yet. Lamest excuse ever, I know. Hopefully I can do some more stuff for it soon-ish!


Alright everyone. This is my notebook for the Clone Colony au to keep myself organized. I had found my old genetics lab notebook and realized it was only half full (and occasionally I think I’m clever). So naturally, as you can see, I used the same method to keep the characters organized. It seems to be working pretty well, at least so far. Huge shout out to @lorna-ka and their glorious redbubble. (Also literally a continuous thank you @elfpen for Plo’s Bros). If anyone knows a good sticker or two for that empty space on the back hmu.

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Sorry this is a dumb question and feel free to not answer if it's at all spoiler-y for yr clone colony au, but what happened during umbara in that universe to get dogma off the hook? Do the Jedi know the full extent of what krell did?

Ah, this isn’t a dumb question! And this is my headcanons for it, so whether @kristsune greenlights it or not is up for debate.

But in general, my headcanon is that Dogma was allowed to stay with the 501st because Kix found out the basics of what Krell did, not just to all of them, but to specifically Dogma, and he informed Obi Wan immediately.

Obi Wan got him released and to stay with the 501st. When the war ended, a full investigation was launched and Dogma wasn’t the only one targeted specifically by Krell, so he’s fully cleared as having acted in defense and having been traumatized at the time.

Padme made it all sound very legal and Right when it got to the Senate, so nobody objected to him being let go.

Clone Colony AU

AU’s are nice. This one is brought to you by @kristsune and I. (B

After the war, the clones all just sort of migrate to Saleucami, mostly because Cut is there. (Rex mentioned it to Cody and somehow it got out?) Broadside and Hevy, batchmates with similar interests, buy a farm together. It’s not a normal farm though; they raise bees (Broadside’s specialty) and flower gardens (Hevy’s specialty). They end up Cut Lawquane’s neighbors. Cut surprisingly doesn’t mind, the two tend to stick to themselves. Cut then finds out that, they’re so sweet and kind and basically goes “How the fuck did they survive the war!?

Eventually, Boil and Waxer take their daughter Numa and move in with Broadside and Hevy. Waxer becomes an artist and sells his work in town. Numa helps Hevy with the flowers and Boil raises emotional support/seeing eye dogs. He decides this after talking with Gregor.

Rex, Cody and more clones (and eventually several Jedi) move to this planet.

Gregor is a psychiatrist for every brother of his and some original inhabitants of the planet.

Rex and Cody create music together, and live in a small house together. Obi Wan eventually moves in with them.

Plo moves into a house with Boost, Wolffe, Sinker and Comet. Several wolfpack members have their own home, but they spend most of it in this house, with their brothers and general.

Wolffe, after a lot of sessions with Gregor, gets the first support puppy that Boil thinks is ready to be given to someone who needs it. Wolffe loves this puppy and named him “Princess” (Half because the puppy won’t answer to anything else). He spends sessions with Gregor, about the torture he endured, when he lost his eye. He tells Gregor he has hearing aids because he’s deaf and Plo had gotten him surgery under the table so nobody would know. Eventually, he learns that he has a passion for cooking and slowly accumulates many recipes from multiple sources, most adapted for clone tastes and allergies. He and Suu open a restaurant together.

Fives and Echo live together, doing nothing all day save for reading, snuggling and making out. The two go out on runs in the morning together, to get in some exercise. Fives is really into reading, and often goes to Cody, Rex and Obi Wan’s to discuss books. (Rex and Cody get jealous, but suffer silently. They fall asleep later on waiting for Obi Wan)

Droidbat and Cutup help Cut on his farm. Domino Squad gets together every day. Usually for Brunch on Saturdays. 

Bly raises Fancy Space Chickens. Echo collects their shedded feathers ‘cause pretty colours.

Wooley becomes a Wiccan healer. He picks up witch craft from many places, but he ends up jumbling together into his own way.

Hardcase has a firing range. He rotates where he stays, mostly between Fives and Echo, and Jesse and Kix. On good days, he stays the night with Tup and Dogma.

Kix has a medical office. He shares the space with Gregor’s psychiatry office. They love sharing space together. If Gregor can’t help a patient, he sends them to Wooley. All three of them work together to help their patients.

Jesse is a photographer. He loves to Photograph in black and white, unless he’s photographing Kix, Dogma and Wolffe. They get photographed in colour. They’re his favorite people post-war. Kix, because boyfriend, Dogma, because he feels guilty for harassing him about regs during the war, Wolffe, because he undermined a lot of Wolffe’s authority during the war, during co-ops, because he didn’t know Wolffe’s reasons for decisions during the war, until after the war.

Sometimes Jesse takes pictures of Hevy in colour. Not necessarily because he’s important to him, but because he knows he’s seen some shit like Wolffe and Dogma, and thinks he deserves it. Every brother he’s always in contact with, has had at least one photograph of them taken in colour. Jesse also takes a lot of photos of Hevy’s gardens. They’re beautiful.

Tup and Dogma live together. Tup is a seamstress. Dogma starts writing about Umbara and what Krell did to him. He doesn’t understand that what Krell did to him was wrong, because he had been singled out and hurt more than the others. Tup reads it, because Dogma says he wants him to. Tup proceeds to send him to Gregor for counseling. It eventually gets published.

Rex starts seeing Gregor a lot after reading it, because of the whole “I was his captain! I should have known!” thing. Cody starts spending a lot more time at Hardcase’s firing range, to get his rage out after finding out what happened.

Dogma then starts painting, at Gregor’s suggestion. It’s the ‘paint your emotions in abstract’ sort of thing. Tup cries when it’s all dark colours. He tells the others that Dogma is painting nothing but dark colours. Waxer suggests maybe he could watch Numa? Help Hevy with his flowers? And Dogma does it, because Tup asks him. Rex and Cody start playing music for him. Wolffe comes over with Princess a lot. Boil lets him play in a pen of several puppies when he’s over. Jesse loves photographing those moments. And, slowly, the paintings get brighter.

Dogma’s photographs end up all over Gregor and Kix’s office, because Jesse gives them copies. It calms patients, makes them feel better, because everyone on this planet knows Dogma’s story by now.

Eventually Dogma is the poster child of the “clone colony”. He has no idea.

Sinker gets really into theatre, and Echo eventually does too. Tup makes all the costumes for them.

Comet gets into filming, and Fives helps him whenever it’s an action film.

Broadside and Hevy take a kid in together, because the kid was small and helpless. After that, the two eventually get together together, instead of just house and batchmates and raising-a-kid-together friends.

It surprises everyone but the Domino Squad, all of them who had been waiting for the day for Hevy to tell them that he was in love with Broadside.

Everyone is alive and happy.
Settling In - kristsune - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mischief/Rabble/Ruckus, CT-21-0408 | Echo/CT-27-5555 | Fives | ARC-5555
Characters: CC-2224 | Cody, Mischief OC, Rabble OC, Ruckus OC, CT-27-5555 | Fives | ARC-5555, CT-21-0408 | Echo
Additional Tags: r2m get to hang out with fives and echo, Mentions of PTSD, and depression, it gets more sad than i expected there, but its not all bad, rabble gives all the cuddles, fives spreads his love for soft clothes, please keep anything flammable from ruckus
Series: Part 7 of Clone Colony au

Mischief Rabble and Ruckus move to the Clone Colony. They get to spend some time with Fives and Echo while their home is being made.

This is for the lovely @gaiahenshin who requested r2m settling in at CCau in celebration of my 100th fic on ao3. This got a bit longer and sadder than i expected, Sorry about that, i hope you still enjoy.
I'll be here patiently waiting - DarthLivion (DistantShenanigans) - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types

Relationship: Hardcase (Star Wars)/Wooley (Star Wars)

Characters: Hardcase (Star Wars), Wooley (Star Wars)

Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Established Relationship, Relationship Examination, mentions of wicca

Summary: Wooley’s morning routine.

Part 2 of the Clone Colony au

Part 1

Alrighty folks! I made some decent progress with my Clone Colony Jessix fic.  Echo and Plo have also showed up. Unfortunately I will will be away this weekend and not at a compy. So a bit difficult to get any writing done. Hopefully early next week. It also means that the lovely anons I have in my inbox (2 jessix and a fives/echo smut) are still going to be sitting around for a while. But I will still be on tumblr mobile! feel free hmu! :D