clone damian

the thing is i have some strong feelings about third generation batkids and they are very very specific feelings.

Rachael Cassandra Kent-Drake, aka Rae-El, aka Supergirl, has literally been part of my future!TimKon headcanons since 2012. Sometimes she has younger sisters as well, but Rachel is my darling.

Sam Grayson, the non-binary Child Wonder who “retired” from crime-fighting when they were fifteen and went on to become a high school teacher instead, is also a very important character.

So is Amina Wayne, Damian’s clone that he raised as his daughter after rescuing her from the facility she was made in when she was three. My poor little socially anxious baby girl.

it’s just. these three are sort of my big three of batkid OCs and I really want to do something with them, but I don’t know what.

(also so many parenting/uncle/aunt headcanons for the batkids. so many.)


Grown-up-Nightwing-Damian, stop being a troll for two seconds and answer your baby clone brother’s questions!

Damn it, these are important things!

Assassin babies have to know because they’re totally not jelly you’re happy, no sir, nope not at all.

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The clone’s name will either be Kamal or Tallant.  Possibly both, if one’s a code/nickname which maybe he likes better than the other.