clone zero

Oh NO.

So guys, I’m rereading Triple Zero (Republic Commando series) and I got to the part where Fi is at the party and he was talking to some female officers.

He was talking about the specs and details of his armor.

And he was like, I don’t know why they giggled when I talked about how easy it was to take off the armor too.

Oh good lord. FI.




edit: literally just caught this now. the book was triple zero not hard contact i feel like dying omfg

all-disney-villains  asked:

thoughts on the new beagle boys?

I don’t like the idea of them all being voiced by the same person because it sure makes it sound like they’re all going to be clones with zero personality, which is the opposite of how the Beagle Boys were in the original DuckTales.

If they’re trying to emulate the Beagles in the original comics more, fine, but if it’s a Ducktales reboot then I’d want and expect to see the DT Beagles.

Not gonna make my full decision until I see an episode though, can’t really decide based on the info we’ve got.

They are crazy fugly, though, seriously ew. 

Even when they were supposed to be kind of ugly in the comics and old DT, they were still kind of cute, pic related:

I know I’m like, REALLY out of the loop with the Zero escape fandom but I have a theory I’ve kept kind of quiet about.

I know everyone wonders who Left is and where Brother came from, but has anyone noticed this kid from the first nonary game?

Like, doesn’t he look kind of familiar?

I think he looks like a younger version of this fucker

Maybe he grew up to be Brother. Who knows.

Anyway, that’s my input. Discuss as you may.