clone zero

It’s been years since I’ve done this

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To those who act as agents of chaos, I say this: I stand resolute and unyielding. And if you strike my voice down, know that a chorus of thousands shall rise up in its place, for you have no dominion over the righteous. We are the defenders of truth.
—  Padmé Amidala (The Clone Wars, Assassin)
Yes, I know how the Kaminoans did it. They used our genes against us, the ones that make us bond with our brothers, make us loyal, make us respect and obey our fathers—that’s what they manipulated to make us more likely to obey orders. They had to remove what made Jango a selfish loner, because that makes a bad infantry soldier, and you can tell from the Alpha ARCs that the Kaminoans weren’t wrong. But there’s one thing I don’t know yet—and that’s how they controlled the aging process. That’s the key. They robbed us of a full life span. But we will not be defeated by time, ner vod.
—  ARC Trooper Lieutenant N-7—Mereel—in an encrypted transmission to N-11, Ordo [ Republic Commando: Triple Zero, pp 105 ]

Oh NO.

So guys, I’m rereading Triple Zero (Republic Commando series) and I got to the part where Fi is at the party and he was talking to some female officers.

He was talking about the specs and details of his armor.

And he was like, I don’t know why they giggled when I talked about how easy it was to take off the armor too.

Oh good lord. FI.




edit: literally just caught this now. the book was triple zero not hard contact i feel like dying omfg

“If I miss this mission, I’m going to show you a really interesting trick with a vibroblade.”
“Sev, take it easy. We’ll slap some bacta on it back at base.”
“Yeah, and maybe that’ll work when I rip your head off, too.”
(I’m not sure why I drew his, but this is Sev and he is going to kick Fi’s butt)