clone zero

Panacea (an Orphan Black MK/Cosima fic)

Veera and Cosima brave the disease that hangs over them.

For @karinta-agogobell-unified

After a while, Veera stopped tensing up every time she heard a knock at her door, finally silencing the voice in her head screaming danger. Eventually, it became the best part of her day.

She pulled open the door, and there she was. Cosima, her… girlfriend. Veera’s girlfriend, her smile a thousand times too bright for Veera’s drab apartment. The sight of her was enough to remind Veera of her own inadequacies. Her hand drifted to her own hair, draping it across the right side of her face.

“Hey,” Cosima said, placing a hand alongside the same cheek.

She brought her face in close, like it was the most natural thing in the world, like the moment before each kiss didn’t make Veera feel like she was falling. Their lips connected, and Veera was safe. Cosima was always, always there to catch her.

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I know I’m like, REALLY out of the loop with the Zero escape fandom but I have a theory I’ve kept kind of quiet about.

I know everyone wonders who Left is and where Brother came from, but has anyone noticed this kid from the first nonary game?

Like, doesn’t he look kind of familiar?

I think he looks like a younger version of this fucker

Maybe he grew up to be Brother. Who knows.

Anyway, that’s my input. Discuss as you may.