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for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, please stop calling clone ships "crack ships" if you want us to give a single crap about the fandom positivity you're trying to spread. and anyways, no one is saying "don't stan Delphine/Ebro", people are just annoyed that her making an appearance derails entire episodes and the tags are full of nonstop gifs and caps of her. we want to be able to enjoy the show, you want to be able to enjoy one character. that's the difference.

Pro tip: when asking for a favor, maybe don’t insult the person while doing it. I dunno. Maybe that’s just me. Telling me that I only want to enjoy the show for one character is rude, reductive, and condescending. We are allowed to have faves. If my fave is different than yours, that does not detract from your fave. It also doesn’t mean that my fave is the only reason I watch the show. I’m sorry that “people” find the tags unbearable when they contain Cophine/Delphine. The solution is simple: just block accounts (like mine) who’s fave is Delphine (Evelyne lbr). You have to understand though.. Delphine fans went an entire season without her. Can you see why maybe there is a lot of excitement and joy about her return? If Cosima is your fave, imagine an entire season without her and then (for the final season ever!) she’s back! You’d probably be sharing/making more Cosima gifs/posts than usual too. Just…something to think about before rushing to judgement. Evelyne is my fave but I was hooked on the show before she ever showed up on my TV screen. However, because she is talented beyond words, I became a devoted fan once I saw the rest of her work. She is icing on the delicious OB cake. Now, if Tatiana AND Evelyne weren’t on the show, you may be right. I might not tune in. They are rare talents that can not be replaced. I can’t speak for everyone but no I don’t just “want to enjoy one character”. 
Now, regarding the term crack ship…

If you have spent ANY time on my blog, you’d know I LOVE crack ships. I also use the term “crack ship” frequently. I don’t use this only for one non-canon ship. I use it for ALL. I also don’t judge anyone for their crack ship. You like Soccercop? Go for it! It’s not my fave but I’ve read some GREAT Soccercop fics. You like Prophine? Cool! More power to you. Not my jam but I support you in your crack endeavors. It does not detract from my own crack faves (French!Leather, Shayphine, V!B, and whatever the name for Mrs. S and Marion is…tbd). I don’t know why anyone got the impression that “crack” was a bad word or that it is used only for clone ships. It’s not, and never has been in this fandom. Embrace your love of crack ships, anon. I know I have. Even when it means driving my friends crazy with my incessant crack fic requests, I crack on! If you TRULY find the term “crack” offensive, I suggest just blocking me and anyone else who uses the term “crack” in OB fandom. You may want to clear your schedule, it will take a while. 

I’ll say it again: Live and let live. Fave and let fave. It’s The Final Trip, let it be love. 

Tomatoredd Headcanons!

@doctorwily @ellsworlds Here’s a bunch for ya!

• Tomatoredd and the other rejects that escaped all live in a abandoned apartment complex, near to the town.

• Tomatoredd sometimes flinches when scared, and the Matt side will naturally cover up their face and say his catchphrase, “NOT THE FACE!” Even though the Matt side knows they’re not a stud, this is a part of his personality that he can’t let go.

• Their food preferences are mixed, making them have a relatively awful taste palette. They mostly eat causal food like meat, veggies, etc. but there are times that they eat just about everything at once. Foreign food, sweets, bitter food, etc. They’re voracious eaters too, since in the Reject Room, they were fed just prison-like slop. So when they escaped, they’ll just eat about anything really fast. Even if it tastes bad, they’ll eat it without any thought.

• They actually have a 2nd mouth. It’s hard to see but it’s there! It doesn’t do much, other than to help chew. But if Tomatoredd is angry, they’ll bare the second set.

• They’re afraid of the public at all costs. The only times they go out is at night, straying away from major hubs of public activity. They just go out to buy food and essentials at those 24/7 marts.

• They some times go to the arcade to blow off some steam. Of course they go at night, but at least there’s no lines to play any of the arcade cabinets! The Matt side always makes them blow money at the Skill Cranes. The Tord side loves to play all the shooting games, mostly House of the Dead. One time he and the Tom side managed to play a few rounds of Time Crisis, shooting at the dual screens at once. The Edd side is more into classic gaming. Tom of course is into rhythm games, but they suck at it.

• They have a obsession with plushes and collectibles, thanks to the Matt side. Even though they have HORRENDOUS hand-eye coordination, they still try the skill cranes. They usually lose, until one night the Tord side lost it since he got so tired of loosing, and punched the glass. It broke, but some shards of glass got embedded in their hand. It hurt like hell, but they did steal some of the rarer plushes and ran off.

• Without thinking, they’ll babble and moan at times, when they’re talking too much internally.

• They have relatively poor accuracy, but nonetheless, they’ll use any weapon in a emergency, including guns and harpoons. They personally prefer melee weapons, since you don’t need great accuracy to make damage.

• They have a major sweet tooth. Both them and Scribble Tom can eat bowls of candy without stopping. However, if the eat so much, they’ll get REALLY BAD stomach aches. Miraculously, Scribble Tom doesn’t get sick at all.

• Tomatoredd is REALLY flexible and is almost double jointed in every joint you can think of.

• They can turn their head 180 degrees. They found this out by accident, when one day they turned their head to hear what Torm was saying. When they saw Torm’s shocked expression, they looked down and saw their entire back. They don’t like turning their head so far now. It creeps everyone out, even the other clones.

• Tomatoredd is treated like the ‘Middle’ child. Torm is the ‘Oldest’ and nobody really pays attention to him, since he’s his own thing going on. They only pay attention to him when they do something dangerous, which is ironically most of the time. Scribble Tom is of course treated like the 'Youngest’ so everybody pays attention to him. 'Film Buff’ Tom (AKA Not-Funny-Tom, Thomas, etc.) is akin to a father figure and tries to look over everyone, but he’s always working to keep everyone happy. Realistic Matt left the other clones to go on a career of being a professional model. He visits the 'family’ from time to time.

• Tomatoredd is constantly looking over Scribble Tom, since he’s the most purest and happiest out of all the clones. They treat him like a son, not a brother.

• Them and all the other Tom reject clones have a 'Void’ eye. Nobody knows why they have it, but it’s there. The eye works like Sub-Space, so the clones can put just about anything in it. One time, Tomatoredd yanked a entire rifle (they have now idea how it got there) out of their only eye socket.

• Tomatoredd is a huge horror fan. Since the 'Originals’ all had different horror tastes, as a fusion they like every off-shoot genera. They mostly prefer slasher films. However, the ONLY horror film they couldn’t stomach down was 'The Thing’. It reminded them of defusion and how painful it is, so they’re harshly against watch or even talking about that film.

• It’s very hard for Tomatoredd to be aroused. Since the four of them get prefer different 'preferences’, it’s almost impossible for them to get into the mood.

• Tomatoredd is very sensitive. They can feel just about anything, like a soft breeze or a gentle tap. They don’t like to be touched harshly, like being tugged.

• They don’t like harsh colors or noises. The other clones are okay with this, but Tomatoredd isn’t. TV static and bright neon yellow are the ones they hate the most. It hurts their ears and eyes a lot.

• Tomatoredd drools a lot in their sleep. They’re also a restless sleeper.

• They usually have nightmares about melting and such. They usually wake up in a cold sweat, crying or pawing at themselves, trying to see if they’re all in once piece.

• They have a mixed music preference, but it’s hard for them to focus on music. They started to like chiptune and vaporwave, since it’s calming, but at the same time it has some stimulating sounds.

• After spending awhile in their outfit they were 'born’ with, they started to buy color neutral clothing. Mainly because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. The other reason is that they’re at the point they view themselves as one person, not four in one body. They started to wear blacks with some undertones of grey or white. They also got a copy of the 'Smeg Head’ shirt, to please the Edd side, and that it’s pretty comfy too.

• Tomatoredd considered getting a glass eye, but it was too awkward. The idea was if they got the eye, the could look 'normal’, but the Tom side felt like it was his fault, so they ditched the idea.

• Tomatoredd has three 'forms’ of destabilizing and they all vary:

1st Form- It’s triggered by strong emotions, like fear, rage, or sadness. It’s mostly melting of the flesh, and maybe a few extra limbs. It’s painful, but it’s the LEAST painful.

2nd Form- It’s triggered by aggression to others, but all four parts must be equally angry. Extra arms and eyes form, and even mouths from time to time if they’re really pissed. The forming of the eyes pains them the most.

3rd Form- It’s triggered by intense internal conflict, such as Tom’s and Tord’s hatred for each other. This is the most ANTAGONIZING form, since it’s close to all four parts of them splitting. Multiple limbs, facial features, and even heads can be formed just in a matter of seconds. When this stage passes, the fusion is usually distraught and is in agony. They try their hardest to make each other content to avoid this.

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Void let out a big gasp as he saw the fellow atlantean. He knew who it was, it was Fizz! He knew Fizz, after all, he had a mansion full of Fizz clones (not to mention the Void clones too) but not this one! This one as genuine! "Hello!!! " He exclaimed, obviously happy.

Fizz smiles. “Hi!” He says, equally as excited. He had no idea who this was but he looked like Fizz. “Are you atlantean too?” He asks, embracing the other. He was a hugger.

Double Derek and the theory I just avoid looking in the eyes

It’s true, I avoid this theory not because it doesn’t have good meta foundation – it does – but purely for whiny “I just want a Derek I can rely on” reasons.

So the point of this post is that Stiles’ cloned body was a product of the two entities Void and Nogitsune working together.

I’ve never dipped into the double!Derek theory because I just want Derek, but if we take into account that bodies can be cloned then:

Kate and Void were connected, that’s why Allison was seeing visions of her. Possibly Kate was even originally infected with a fly years ago, which led to her burning down the Hale house but that is pure speculation. 

However, Peter and Kate are very connected (Peter’s Alpha Claws created her supernatural existence) and both rose from the dead. Peter is definitely suspicious, and we’ve known he has a plan. We could assume he is associated, in some for, with Void.

Kate abducted Derek and created a double, as other people have laid out. 

Double!Derek holds the fly that was never purged in 3B, and this Derek (who was a clone that started as teen!Derek) is potentially the “real” Derek. We haven’t seen anything yet that suggests the current Derek does not have any of his old memories, so we’re assuming current Derek is for all intents and purposes Real Derek. 

Meanwhile, coma!Derek (who was the original body birthed by Talia) holds the fly and is sapping the werewolf energy out of Derek.

Standard stuff. 

But it means that possibilities for the future of Derek hold: 

  • Human!Derek dies, and then Werewolf!Void!Derek shows up and Tyler Hoechlin gets to play more “evil” Derek scenes.
  • Human!Derek dies, they find Werewolf!Void!Derek and purge the fly from him after some kind of a showdown where Void!Derek says all the things that Derek thinks but never says out loud. The season ends with Derek returned to normal with no memory of the events of human!Derek. (That’s why I don’t like human!Derek.)
  • Human!Derek doesn’t die. Void!Derek ends up dying instead through events that happen. Season 5 has human!Derek for at least part of the season. (If he eventually tries to regain werewolf power.)

Jeff Davis, on an episode of Wolf Watch I believe, mentioned how we “wouldn’t like Derek this season.” As literally every single spoiler or tricky mention from the show runner who does not actually want to spoil much it can be interpreted a million ways. (Like literally every single other spoiler has, with the exception of “Bro we’re going to kill a main character.”)

  • It was a comment that “We”, the fans, would not like a Derek who is not as broody and dark as previous seasons. 
  • It was a comment that he knew Sterek fandom was going to talk a lot of unnecessary bullshit about Braeden and Derek having a sexual encounter. (Like literally none of her plot is purely about being a love interest I’m firm on it.)
  • Derek was going to do something “bad”. 

This would be like Jeff saying before 3B, “People aren’t going to like Stiles this season.” Technically, it’s true. Nobody really “liked” Void!Stiles. We appreciated Dylan’s acting, and the Plot part of it, but nobody thought “Oh yes Void!Stiles is a character they should keep.” Because you were supposed to enjoy Void!Stiles but not “like” him. 

I would love to see Tyler Hoechlin play Void!Derek again. That was an amazing scene. 

So if Void!Derek shows up again and kills someone (Chris, Parrish - who doesn’t end up dying?, Melissa - don’t you dare), that would be very intense. 


printed the first copy of my first ever full-length comic CLONE VOID today!! the prints a lil janky and i want to do some things like make a sicker cover and a back cover and inside covers but after that imma be sellin these babies so heres your first sneek sneek peek of the first installment of CLONE VOID its 24 pages of depressed homicidal sexy clones in the void of spaaccceeee!! stay tuned!!