clone tattoo

Cuddling Delta  squad was my birthday gift to the amazing @the-lone-wolffe-khaleesi. A little late, since I managed to delete the whole thing once, but here they are :D

Scorch: “I bet at least your side is ticklish…”

Sev:”Wanna see how ticklish my fist is? I can show it right into your annoying face.”

Fixer: *sigh* “Cut it out. The Sarge needs his rest. Can’t you stay put for two moments?

Boss: …

I hope sis, they look like you imagined them ^^ They are just for you.


Last of the peely flesh is gone, though the tattoo is still fresh. It says ‘Five’ in Aurebesh as a tiny nod to Star Wars, and my favorite Clone Son (I wasn’t about to put it on my forehead!)

Though after how f**king good my troll tattoo is coming I am giving serious consideration to another half-sleeve of my SWTOR babes:

All my tattoos have been inked by my sister, Naomi King. She works out of NEXT! Tattoo and Piercings in Vancouver, in case anyone is in the area and looking for a rad artist to get stabbed!!

Little Details About Star Wars I Love

-how holograms are blue and glitchy and flicker, showing that even though their technology is advanced everything is so dilapidated

-Asajj Ventress’s perpetually chapped-looking lips

-When everyone cheers because they weren’t killed by the trash compacter but C-3PO thinks they are dying

-tiny Boba Fett going “Get him, Dad! Get Him!” because he supports his violent bounty hunter father like any good son should

-Padme Amidala continuously out dressing everyone

-Rey’s desert flowers, pilot doll, Rebel helmet, and home made from a rusty AT-AT

-Shmi Skywalker nicknaming Anakin “Ani”

-#livinglegend Sabine Wren pausing her mission in an abandoned, creepy Republic base to spray paint her starbird tag on the walls even though no one will probably ever see it

-Clones giving their brothers names because the Republic only gave them numbers

-On that note, Poe naming Finn because the First Order only gave him a number

-Ahsoka Tano’s reverse lightsaber grip

-Princess Leia’s early and mature wisdom

-Vader throwing his lightsaber at Luke so he will SHUT. UP.

-Ezra Bridger’s stormtrooper helmet collection

-Maul and Savage’s intricate full body Dathomir tattoos

-Clones painting their armor

-Sabe posing as Queen Amidala and smiling a little too giddily as she tells the undercover Padme to clean R2-D2

-Skywalker ponchos

-The roar of a TIE fighter

-19 year old Princess Leia smiling as she sasses two of the most dangerous men in the galaxy

-Darth Vader’s clear hatred for the Death Star, and the corresponding anxious body language of his grandson towards the Starkiller Base

-Obi-Wan doing shots in the middle of a chase scene

-The dangerous smile that spreads across Luke’s face as he tells Jabba the Hutt “This will be the last mistake you’ll ever make.”

-Recent developments that hint that when the dying Anakin Skywalker looked into his son’s big blue eyes as he said “I won’t leave you. I’ve got to save you” he is remembering a young Togrutan girl with big blue eyes firmly stating to Vader “I won’t leave you. Not this time” and how he betrayed her


I kept seeing some amazing tattoos today and this happened. Tattoo parlour AU with everyone’s favourite Zabraks :D

 I haven’t entirely fleshed out this AU yet so suggestions/requests would be really helpful, just send me an ask !!

Feral’s definitely the creative one; he comes up with most of the designs with Maul’s supervision (his room is just full with half filled sketchbooks and paper)

Maul handles most of the tattooing, Savage is just there to carry heavy boxes of equipment and keep his brothers from overworking themselves. Maybe he only does piercings :’D

The parlour eventually becomes pretty popular among the clones, too :>

send me all the scenarios

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