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So I’ve never hit 100 followers before, but I’m pretty close *neat!*. I’m looking for more Tumblr friends, and more on my dash.

Please like if you blog about:

  • The 100
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  • Pokemon
  • Disney

I know I made one of these recently, but I realized I left out a few important shows that I watch. Also, I wanted to find more people to follow because the more the merrier! :3 And I’m so close to hitting triple digits *shameless plug*, life is good guys.

I just watched Tatiana on Late Night and it continues to amaze me just how down to earth and normal she is. Right after the interview ended, they showed her shaking hands with Seth Meyers and you could see Tat say “I’m such a huge fan” to him like she’s just a regular person off the street, not this incredibly talented and award winning actor. If anyone is looking for a role model for how to conduct yourself in the entertainment business and as a person, seriously look no further than Tatiana Maslany. She’s truly one of a kind.

Hello friends!

So yesterday I made a post so I can follow a bunch of new blogs, and that post got 130 likes. I’ve never had that many on anything before, and I just wanted to say thanks!

Also, I have 58 followers now (I don’t think I’ve ever had over 50 before…), so I just had to say hi to everyone :)

Thank you to the fandoms for being so welcoming to me, I love you all!!!

I enjoy the idea of somatic-cell X-men mutations because then you could get a superpowers small patch of skin



Stephen Amell is an actual saint. Opinions to the contrary are both invalid and just plain wrong. That is all. 

How to fix the Star Wars Prequels - Episode 2

How to fix the Star Wars Prequels – Episode 2

Remember the second episode? It was more of an intoxicating stinker of a cinematic turd than the shite that grounded the BA flight to Dubai back in March 2015.

Fix it.

1. After the corrected Episode 1 we follow up at Coruscant, the midair collision traffic has wound down a little, as more and more system want to seprate from the republic (remember the Civil War reference? Good. Keep that in…

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teamturtleduck asked:

Orphan black? :D


In descending order:

4) Allison
3) Felix
2) Sarah

But I love them all though, really. I like Helena more than I like Rachel but I didn’t have enough room on the list. :p