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I love this ridiculous, trashy, rowdy, obscene bar.

Bonus (Kix-drank-too-much edition):

Ahsoka in F3! (thanks @avada-matata )

I’ve gone too long without making new gay Ahsoka content…ive truly failed in my blog’s purpose…

(Im gonna read the Ahsoka novel soon!)

Okay so I’m gonna make an angry post about the “clone Shiro” theory even though it isn’t even my theory.

So at the end of s3e5, when Shiro actually makes his way back to the team, he has gone seven days without eating, is significantly dehydrated, and on the verge of dying from oxygen starvation.

In a ragged, beat-up space suit that was the best thing he was able to get. And, y’know, with an untreated leg injury that he had to cauterize himself with his laser hand.

You know what this all boils down to? It means that the paladins had to have pretty much carried him, bodily, out of that fighter and to a pod and probably nursed him back to health a lot more than what we saw with Keith timidly trying to coax him to come out and talk to the team. Which- Keith literally contextualizes as, everyone is still worried about Shiro.

None of that was an act. None of it could have been an act. This was just plain his physical condition. He would have no reason to fake exhaustion and starvation that he wasn’t feeling since he was completely alone and had zero belief that anyone was going to find him in time.


Even if I’m totally wrong, even if this isn’t “our” Shiro: do we really think the paladins, having found him in that state, are going to just… throw him out like a piece of garbage as soon as they find that out? That they’d have no sympathy or pity to him especially when none of this was his fault and however the empire means to exploit him, he clearly has no say in the matter?

Even if we assume somehow the entire paladin team seamlessly makes the mental transition of “this person is Not Shiro” despite him looking, acting, talking completely like Shiro and for all intents and purposes he’d also have to process that he Isn’t Shiro- they’re still going to have a lot of sympathy for him as someone in an awful situation, wouldn’t you think?

clone club playing dnd

  • Scott is definitely DM, he and Cosima are the ones who convince everybody to play
  • Cosima is the chaotic neutral who gives the DM shit and like tries to seduce her way through the game and does not think through how to approach any problems and gets the party into the Worst situations. One time she accidentally released a horde of hellhounds because she thought it would be a great idea to blow up the first one and they still haven’t forgiven her
  • Delphine ends up getting really into combat so her character is like a barbarian fighter and she is a TANK with so many HP and whenever someone hurts Cosima’s character she goes into a barbarian rage and you know shit’s about to go down
  • Felix gets really into magic and is like a wizard or a sorcerer and pours over spells for hours while he’s making his character and he always stays out of the action making ranged spell attacks and laughs when he comes out of battle unscathed while everyone else is hanging on by a thread.
  • Helena has no idea what is going on but she’s having a great time she’s like a really shitty rogue who fails all her stealth checks her character has been arrested and had to break out of prison at least twice
  • Sarah goes for a simple character and like bases it off herself because she’s not really creative but she pretends to be disinterested but she’s actually really excited about it and whenever she smiles during the game everyone makes a big deal about it and gives her shit
  • Alison doesn’t play because she doesn’t quite get it but she watches the games and makes snacks and makes her own adventure music playlist on Spotify, but Donnie gets really into the game and like makes a costume and has a character voice and gets fully into his character whenever they play and it pisses off everyone
  • Art got into it for a fun game to spend time with his friends but he’s actually the only one holding the party together and saves their asses all the time when they get into trouble and man he thought he was done with saving clone club’s asses in real life but now he’s doing it in dnd too?? he’s had Enough. He still loves it though

watching the pornbots taking over tumblr reminds me of toontown in its late years where you’d have an entire playground just filled with clones

except all the clones are yelling “LETS FUCK [insert shifty link here]” in unison but since its toontown u just hear a deafening chorus of “meOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW


Reasons the Jedi should end 6/?

Knowing Anakin has the bare minimum of self-control, and is already super attached to Padmé, Obi-Wan cautions the Council not to send them off on a romantic getaway mission where staying with her at all times is literally the mandate. They do not listen.

You Know What I Want?

If all video games are going to go the MMO route, and we’re all doomed to play some version of Overwatch/Destiny/SuperMegaShootingBattle for the rest of time, can we PLEASE have a Clone Wars MMO?

LIke, I know that SWTOR is a thing that exists but I don’t want to play EA’s extended KOTOR Part 3 Now With Even Less Logic AND New Sith Villains That You Never Knew Existed!

I also know Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Imperial Boogaloo is coming out and while that’s going to have Clones and maybe Jedi (and apparently Darth Maul shooting down Yoda? WTF?) that’s not totally what I want.

I want something simple. You pick Republic or Separatist. Jedi or Clone. And I’m sure there are variations that go from there from like ARC trooper, to medic, to I dunno. Stuff! *hand waves* Jedi can borrow from KOTOR or add shadows or whatever. I’m not picky.

And then you go out and you fight the goddamned Clone Wars.

You shoot an endless barrage of droids. You fight and fight and you try not to let the others in your party get killed. You protect your clones with all your might because they’ve got ammo and numbers (and they’re YOUR MEN, damnit.) and you have one tiny plasma chainsaw and some very nice linen for armor.

I want to be a part of the assault on Geonosis or Umbara. I want to be in the skies trying to lay down cover so General Crazypants and his sidekick General Nutjob (now with Adorable Mascot Commander Takes-No-Shit-From-Anybody) can pull of another ridiculous attempt to save the Republic from Count Dooku.

I know that I won’t get something like this because the people in charge of Star Wars want to make money and the Current Generation That Has Money has a serious boner for All Things Original Trilogy and Ewww! Prequels but this is what I want.

I want a Clone Wars MMO.

Technically speaking, isn’t the use of teleportation lowkey murder? Bc ur basically cloning someone, reassembling atoms on the other side to form the person, and then destroying the original. Bc obviously it’s p impossible to transport the exact same atoms and energy over a wide distance unless using wormholes or something. That being said, would anyone be down for using a transporter knowing that you as /you/ will be killed while a clone of you lives on?

So for some reason there’s 2 different versions of the song that plays when Ahsoka leaves (one on youtube and the other on keven kiners website), so I decided to put them on top of each other
Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany Looks Back at Her Clone Journey, Talks Bloody Goodbye and 'Really Different' Finale
Orphan Black’s chameleon-like star Tatiana Maslany had such a difficult time parting with the many clones she has played on the BBC America series that she, literally, got a nosebleed while s…
By Vlada Gelman

Orphan Black‘s chameleon-like star Tatiana Maslany had such a difficult time parting with the many clones she has played on the BBC America series that she, literally, got a nosebleed while saying goodbye to one of them.

The bloody moment, which came during her final scene as suburban mom Alison, “was so telling in terms of how little I wanted to let go of that character,” Maslany tells TVLine in the following Q&A. (We’ll miss Alison a lot, too.)

Below, Maslany reflects on her 230+ clone appearances over the past five seasons, and previews the “very different” series finale (airing this Saturday at 10/9c), which takes the show “back to a human level.”

TVLINE | There’s a chart on the show’s Wikipedia page that tallies the number of appearances for each actor per season. And thanks to your many characters, your total is 231 appearances over five seasons. Just to put that into perspective, Ari Millen comes in second at 50 appearances.
Oh my God. That’s awesome.

TVLINE | What goes through your head when you hear that number?
I mean, it doesn’t feel unreasonable. [Laughs] ‘Cause I definitely was on set every, kind of, second of the day. So that feels about right. I think I did ten thousand lines of ADR… Nobody should be talking that much. [Laughs]

TVLINE | The very first interview you and I did was before the show premiered, but I think you had filmed all of Season 1. You talked about what a joy it was to play all these characters, but also how exhausting it was. Did it get any easier for you over the years?
Not entirely. I think I was just sort of in shock that first season. I’d never led a TV series, let alone played this many characters, so it was a new thing for me. I think I got used to the amount of work it was, but it’s only now that I’ve got some time off [from] it that I’m like, “Oh, right, this is what sleep feels like. And this is what not, like, constantly having 90 voices in your head feels like.” It’s been a bizarre process of letting go of that amount of work a little bit.

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