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Preferences: Clones hiding their feelings.

| The 501st captain had tried everything: he tried meditating with Ahsoka, he tried to just not think about you, he tried not talking to you, he even once pleaded General Skywalker to reassign you to a different battalion. Nothing worked, he still had a massive crush on you and it was still painstakingly obvious. Everyone in his battalion was very aware of how their captain went from a cool and collected soldier to a bumbling, awkward fool every time you looked twice at him. He’d never been afraid to talk to a woman, Why now? Well, kriff, he could answer that himself: he was afraid of rejection and making things awkward between you two. Little did he know that you were struggling with the exact same thing. As funny as it was to watch the captain stumble over his words around you, it took the entire 501st to trick the both of you into asking each other out.

| Kix, my sweet little cinnamon roll of insecurities. He could handle grisly war wounds all day, but asking you out. /geez, a lightsaber would be easier to deal with./ Everyone around you can see how much the two of you like each other, and you’ve told multiple troopers that you were just waiting for him to ask you. Here’s how multiple conversations have ended.
| “Yeah, that sounds like it was hard. You must be amazing with your hands to be able to stitch that up so skillfully.” It was obvious you were flirting, laying it on real thick.
| “I guess, just like every other medic.” He shrugged, face lighting up red.
| “So I heard a bunch of troopers and some engineers are going out on the town when we touch down on Coruscant. I wanna go, but I don’t really wanna go alone… you know?” You looked up at him hopefully.
| “Oh, would you like- oh would you listen to that, I’m needed in the infirmary-nice talking to you!” He stuttered out as he backed away, face the color of Fox’s armor.
| “Kix, your comm didn’t even go off.” You told him with a ‘are you kidding me right now’ look. It wasn’t even blinking. He turned around all but sprinted away. “Kix, the med bay is the other way!”
| “It’s a short cut!” He yelled back. Did he feel bad? Yes. Did he want to take you out? More than anything. It’s gonna take a lot of pushing from his brothers to get him to ask you out.

| (This is really short). No other woman on Abafar that really looked twice at him. He was so scared of making things awkward between y’all. So to try to hide it, he would always make excuses if you asked him out anywhere. He knew if he was alone with you, he would say something embarrassing and couldn’t risk losing your friendship. He didn’t even brave that until the Republic came back around and he didn’t want to leave you.

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Fives: He isn’t usually the type who initiates the cuddling, but he also doesn’t mind when you initiate them. Usually you lay your head on his chest and he puts an arm around you. Sometimes he’d run his finger through your hair or presses his cheek against the top of your head. It’s so relaxing he’d fall asleep quickly too haha. But be aware, he is a huge cover hog unless you put up a fight for said covers.

Rex: He initiates cuddles often and prefers spooning, him being the big spoon most of the time. He likes laying his head in the crook of your neck or pressing his face into your hair. There are some nights where he really needs some innocent physical comfort (after nightmares or stressful days) and on those nights you don’t mind being the one to hold him. He has a bad habit of staying stock still while sleeping, so if you fall asleep snuggled expect to stay that way.

Wolffe: He would never admit it, but he likes to cuddle. That usually leaves it up to you to snuggle up to him and he huffs about it but soon enough he’s slowly maneuvering his body to fit better against yours. You’d also wake in the middle of the night to feel him pressed against your back or an arm draped over you. Soon enough you start to take notice that his nights are more restful when cuddled against you.

Gregor: He likes to fall asleep with you laying on his chest. It’s comforting and relaxing to have you close and even though you usually wake up on your own sides of the bed it’s nice to fall asleep to the rhythm of each other’s breathing. He also has some nightmares about his experiences in the war and everything, those nights are hard but once you put your arms around him he starts to calm down.

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Preferences on how Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Commando Gregor would kiss you? c:

aah some of the more prominent clones who rule my heart~

Rex: Almost every kiss would start by him cupping your face with his hands before he slowly leans in to give you a soft kiss. His kissing doesn’t usually turn into long make out sessions, he prefers one long, deep kiss before pulling away or moving on to ~other things~  

Wolffe: Pinned against the wall while he crushes his lips to yours is his style. His kisses are quick with rushed passion before he inevitably starts placing little love bites down your neck. Let’s just say he isn’t fond of kissing unless there’s privacy and time for it to lead elsewhere.

Gregor: His kisses would be hesitant at first, but once you respond well he’d let himself get more into it. He’d have a thing for running his hands up and down your back and when he’s feeling adventurous he’d give little lip bites c;


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