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Forgotten Gravity Falls Facts

•The real Gobblewonker is still in the lake
•Mabel is an official congresswoman
•Quentin Trembley is still out there
•The Dipper clones that stole Robbie’s bike are still out there somewhere
•Soos has the poster of his dream woman from the Mailbox short in his room
•Melody and Soos are still dating
•Lil Gideon sends the Pines family creepy letters from prison and has written that he plans on breaking out
•The creators of Space Jam 2 were murdered by Giffany
•McGucket is on the run from Gravity Falls
•A number of people probably died during the gravity anomalies
•The government agents are more aware than ever of the mysteries of Gravity Falls
•The shapeshifter somehow knew how Dipper was going to be turned into wood
•Sergio is still held hostage by the Lilliputtians
•Soos has a slice of infinite pizza
•Grenda made out with something in the twin’s closet
•The cloning copying machine is still in Stan’s office
•There was a large number of dead bodies buried around the Mystery Shack
•Mabel has a fear of heights
•There’s a very odd charred tree in front of Soos’ grandma’s house
•There are Lil Gideon brand sheep shears
•Dipper still has the president’s key
•Stan has hearing aids
•Soos’ grandma watches the various adventures of the Mystery Shack inhabitants
•There’s a huge talking head island in the lake that has attempted to and has eaten various boaters
•Dipper plays the sousaphone and has recorded himself practicing
•Lil Gideon steals Wendy’s moisturizer
•The gnomes actively roam the town and steal various items
•Blind Ivan is now traveling the world as the banjo minstrel Toot Toot McBumbersnazzle

Add on if you have more!!

The Unsolved Mysteries of Gravity Falls

With the identity of the Author reveled everyone has been wondering… what’s next? What’s left for Gravity Falls? Well, we’re here to tell you that there are still tons of unanswered questions, so much more of Gravity Falls to explore, and there’s still so many unsolved mysteries left!

With the new episode only about a week away, we feel it’s time to tally up all the mysteries in the show we still have yet to solve. We’re counting down the top 13 unsolved mysteries of Gravity Falls!

Note that this may or may not contain every single mystery the show has to offer. For the sake of brevity, we’re just counting those that are the most mysterious…

Gravity Falls is a show filled with mysteries, and, it comes as no surprise when the vast majority of those mysteries remain unsolved.

The show’s greatest mystery, who wrote the Journals?, has been solved. Now lets see what has yet to be solved… and what is soon in store.

The Top 13 Unsolved Mysteries of Gravity Falls:

13. The Monocle…

Journal 3, since its first appearance in Tourist Trapped, has held many mysteries within its pages. One such mystery is a monocle that seems to be attached to the journal’s spine, which has yet to be explained. The existence of the monocle is quite puzzling considering the Author wears glasses and has no need for a monocle and it doesn’t seem to belong to any other character in Gravity Falls. Or does it…?

Thus the monocle remains a curiously unsolved mystery of Gravity Falls.

12. The Cliffs…

Another mystery found in the Journals, the Floating Cliffs are a familiar yet mysterious formation which can be seen many times on the show. A cipher on the Cliffs’ page in Journal 1 (in Not What He Seems) teases the possible origin of the cliffs’ strange appearance, and adds to the general mystery:


One thing is certain, the Floating Cliffs are a good possible source of future adventures on the show.

11. Dip and Mab’s Parents…

In the first episode only their arms are shown, and they are rarely mentioned. We have yet to see the twin’s parents, and there’s a strong chance that this mystery is one that will remain unsolved.

Speaking of a yet to be seen parent on the show…

10. Wendy’s Mom…

There’s not much to say on the subject of Wendy’s mom because there’s not much to go on. Never has she once been mentioned or alluded to on the show so far. 

What most fans want to know is: what happened to her? Did she die? Disappear? Luckily, there’s a good chance this mystery will be brought up and hopefully explained in a possible Wendy story arc delving into more of Wendy’s history. 

9. Dipper’s Real Name…

Here’s something we’d all like to know… 

We know that Dipper is a nickname, as it was mentioned in passing in Double Dipper. We may never find out Dipper’s actual name before the series end, but here’s hoping. Better place your bets now.

8. Robbie and Grenda…

Robbie and Grenda both seem like simple, straightforward, comedic characters. But there’s been some strange hints on the show that there might be more to them than meets the eye.

Let’s start with Robbie. In Boyz Crazy he accidentally hypnotizes Wendy with a mysterious CD (or was it really an accident…?). One major question is where could he have possibly gotten it? Does he have some sort of tie to the supernatural? He does look a lot like a zombie, at least according to Journal 3…

Grenda is another character with a possible supernatural tie. She is a big and strong twelve year-old girl with a manly voice. Kinda weird…And in Sock Opera, Bill, who has pretty much been proven to be an all knowing creature, called her a monster. Plus her favorite age-inappropriate romance novel series is about a werewolf…(if that means anything) Her being a monster could explain a lot, especially her strength and voice.

Speaking of monsters…

7.  The Shapeshifter…

One of the shows most terrifying monsters yet. But the scariest thing about him is that his origin is shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows where he came from. The Author writes in Journal 3 that he came across a mysterious egg which hatched the Shapeshifter. But where did the egg come from? Is the Shapeshifter an alien or just another supernatural creature found in Gravity Falls, as per the norm? The world may never know…

6. The Clones…

In Double Dipper, two Dipper clones steal Robbie’s bike and disappear, never to be seen again. All the other clones were destroyed by the episode’s end, except those two. Which begs the question, what happened to them?

Did they die the next time it rained, did Robbie kill them, or are they still out there?

And will we ever see them again?

5.  Stan’s Tattoo…

Stan has a tattoo, and it’s mysterious. That’s about it.

He doesn’t want anyone else to see it and the same symbol is on the side of the portal’s control panel. Also, Bill seems to think it to be of particular importance, considering it’s one of the first things he thinks of when Gideon mentions Stan Pines in Dreamscapers.

Is the tattoo important? It looks like it. And do we know what it is and what it means? Of course not! This is Gravity Falls we’re talking about. 

Hopefully, though, the mystery of Stan’s tattoo will be explained in future episodes.

4.  Bill’s Plans…

Since his first appearance in Dreamscapers, Bill Cipher proves to be one of the most fascinating and dynamic characters on the show. He also proves to be the most mysterious, in origin and incentive. Bill is just an endless source of questions. What is he? Where does he come from? And, most importantly: what does he want? 

What are Bill’s huge, mysterious plans that have been alluded to time and time again? And, what’s in it for him? What will he gain from all this?

And what, exactly, does the Bill Wheel mean?

Only time will tell, as we patiently wait for the next mention of Bill on the show, and the next clue to his grand scheme.

3.  The Portal…

“The portal when completed will open a gateway to infinite new worlds and herald a new era in mankind’s understanding of the universe. Plus, it will probably get girls to start talking to me finally.”

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the show is the portal. Just… the portal. What exactly, is it for? What does it do? And where does it go? Obviously it leads to somewhere because that’s where the Author was trapped for three decades. And it’s a place that is at least livable, considering he’s still alive after all this time. But as to where it leads (another dimension, planet… etc.) is still a mystery.

2.  The Author…

This seems to be one mystery that is solved. Yes, we know who the Author is, Stan’s brother. But, what remains a mystery is his life, and the events prior to his disappearance. Although we know who he is, we don’t know much about him, like why he hid the Journals, or where exactly he’s been the past thirty years. Luckily, most, if not all, of these questions are sure to be answered soon, once A Tale of Two Stans premieres. But until then we can only guess at the Author’s eventful life in the curious little Northwest town he called home.

Which brings us to the number one, biggest unsolved mystery of Gravity Falls

1. Gravity Falls…

…The town itself. It’s no secret that Gravity Falls is… different. It’s the supernatural hub for beasties, demons, ghosts and the like. We all know the town is weird, but, one question remains. Why? Why is Gravity Falls so weird? Why is it like this? What makes it like this? and so on…

This strange little Oregon town seems to be the epicenter for a grand-scale cosmic plot. But, why?

Though it’s the setting for the show it is also its biggest mystery.


So that’s it! Thirteen unsolved mysteries the show has yet to explain. What do you think? Any favorite unsolved mysteries of Gravity Falls that you think should be included?

The Unsolved Mysteries of Gravity Falls (Part 2)

A while back, we did this post, counting up all the unsolved mysteries of the show. Now, with only a day left until Gravity Falls leaves us for good, we’re taking a look back to see which mysteries have been solved, and which are, hopefully, sure to be solved very soon.

The 13 Solved and Unsolved Mysteries of Gravity Falls

13. The Monocle…

In Tourist Trapped, when Dipper first opens Journal 3, he finds this monocle looking thing.

Many people have since informed me that it might not be a monocle but instead a magnifying lens used as a bookmark. Whatever it is, the show has yet to mention it again and confirm or deny if it is indeed a monocle. But it seems like it will be solved soon.

That being said, this is one small mystery that (as of now) has yet to be solved…

Lets look at the others,

12. The Cliffs… SOLVED!

The mysterious Floating Cliffs of Gravity Falls have stood as a symbol for the town’s strangeness. In Not What He Seems, we were treated to brief glimpses of the Author’s journal entries on these odd cliffs, hyping us up to a very awesome origin. 

The show did not disappoint.

As announced in Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future,

aliens did it

11 Dip and Mab’s Parents…

We still don’t know what they look like, but it’s certain that the’ll show up somewhere in the finale. Hopefully…

10. Wendy’s Mom…

Wendy’s mom has not been mentioned and likely never will be. But, if she is mentioned in the finale than there will be one less mystery in Gravity Falls.

9. Dipper’s Real Name…

One of the show’s biggest mysteries! But it’s not all unknown. Alex Hirsch has said himself that Dipper’s name is similar to Mabel’s. As to if that similarity is in pronunciation or sharing the same first letter we are still no wiser. But our guess is that we will know for sure tomorrow. 

8.  Robbie and Grenda…

Originally posted by circusshowcase

It’s becoming increasingly evident that Robbie is too incompetent to be a supernatural creature. Although we love the fan theory of him being a zombie, others have pointed out that he hates the weird supernatural stuff in Gravity Falls, so it seems highly unlikely that he would be tied to it in any way. 

However, Grenda being supernatural is still up in the air. Of course, her deep voice and strength could be natural rather than supernatural, but there is still Bill to account for…

Just why did Bill call her a monster, of all things…? Could it be the truth…? The mystery continues…

7. The Shapeshifter… SOLVED!

Since Into the Bunker, the Shapeshifter’s origin has remained shrouded in mystery. We knew from the Author’s journal entry, and the scene from A Tale of Two Stans, that Ford dug him up one day. But up until that point we still did not know exactly what he is. Is he an alien, or just a regular paranormal beast?

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But according to the below screencap from Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future, the Shapeshifter is from the stars:


The Shapeshifter, or more likely its parent, was the cause for the alien ship crash landing into Gravity Falls millions of years ago, á la Alien

So, now we know that the Shapeshifter is an alien monster, lets shift into gear (pardon the pun) and examine what we don’t know…

6.  The Clones…

We don’t know what happened to those Dipper clones that stole Robbie’s bike in Double Dipper. I believe their fate will have to be left up to the fans now, unless they are mentioned again in the Finale, which seems unlikely.

The clone’s fate might remain a mystery, but there’s one thing that is painfully clear…

5.  Stan’s Tattoo… SOLVED!

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In A Tale of Two Stan’s it was revealed that Stan’s mysterious “tattoo” was really a burn mark.

4.  Bill’s Plans… SOLVED! Sort of…

We all know Bill’s plan, get his hands on the rift and kick-start Weirdmaggedon, right? Right..?


“Ford discovers Bill’s true motives[x]


Just what are his true motives? Your guess is as good as mine. I guess we’ll find tomorrow.

3.  The Portal… SOLVED!

What once confounded and intrigued Gravity Falls fans since its introduction in Gideon Rises, the portal, is revealed to be far less mysterious in hindsight. By now we pretty much know everything about the portal. It leads to other dimensions across the multiverse. Bill tricked Ford into building it in order to start the apocalypse, ect. ect. 

So, that’s one more mystery we can cross off our list. Next is…

2.  The Author… SOLVED!

We now know who he is. We now know where he’s been. The only mysterious element left about Ford is his final fate. Will he escape Bill’s clutches and make up with Stan? Or will the show throw us one more curve-ball in his character before the end?

We will find out soon.

There is only one big mystery left…

1.  Gravity Falls…

Just why is Gravity Falls the epicenter for supernatural and cosmic happenings?

All throughout the show the strange town of Gravity Falls’ mysterious origins have been alluded to. It’s a magnet for the weird and paranormal. It’s the one place where other dimensions cross over and leak into ours.

There’s just something about Gravity Falls that attracts weirdness. But what…???

Hopefully, the biggest mystery of the show, will be solved before the end.

So, what do you guys think? Any unsolved mysteries you hope will be solved in the finale?

Well, now that that’s over, time to get ready for tomorrow.

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saw the sonic boom shit

I just don’t even care anymore, man

I’ve seen this fucking hedgehog turn into a werewolf. I’ve seen him ride horses, drive go-karts, play board games, wield a sword, solve labyrinths with cement shoes, ice skate with princesses, become a hedgehog pinball, cross-dress as lady hedgehogs, and shoot lasers out of a guitar. I’ve seen him get robot clones, grimdark gun-toting bike-riding clones, and psychic time-traveling hedgehog friends. I’ve seen him travel through time, travel the Arabian nights, travel to fucking space and beyond. I’ve seen ten iterations of Robotnik and a half dozen voice actors for Sonic. 

If they want to reboot it AGAIN…then fine. Whatever. Put bandages on his gloves and shoes. Fuck around with the proportions. WHATEVER. Just do your thing and maybe I’ll play it if it’s alright. I just can’t be bothered to care about how you’re rebooting Sonic THIS TIME. 

I’m tired. Sega.

so tired