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DC: You know what would be awesome in Batman Beyond?

Me: Damian Wayne having become a cool retired crimefighter as an adult and Terry being like “?????how???”

Me: Damian trolling the heck out of everyone by pretending he has no clue what’s going on? Taking that Wayne Obfuscating Stupidity to new and untold heights of sheer unbelievable trolling?

Me: Just Damian sitting there, sipping his tea, going “oh that’s my clone, don’t worry about him, I have dozens” like that’s perfectly normal, while Terry tries not to twitch and Bruce is just internally screaming?

Me: Damian letting his clones troll everyone, but dropping the act in a hot minute the second Bruce is Too Extra™???

DC: actually we were thinking more along the lines of making him the new demon’s head and evil and crazy after another fall out with his father but you know


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Dick broke a magical mirror and now there are a dozen copies of him


“OMG you’re so handsome”

Also Dick 

“Right back at you, hottie” 

Also Dick 

“Easy, both of you are gorgeous” 


“I’m going to ignore this because I’m sure I’m asleep right now, this is an awful dream, and no one will convince me otherwise” 


“Does this mean I get to shoot your clones?” 


“Please do, Todd” 

The Batboys meet their clones.


  • He frickin’ loves it
  • He fawns over himself (dat bod doe) and his Instagram is now cluttered with him taking selfies of himself taking selfies, “I mean, if you got it, you’d better flaunt it”. Even better yet is now he can spend as long as he wants taking fabulous shots of himself since there’s no Damian yelling at him that he’s “taken over 251 photos of the same pose” and why he “can’t just pick one and get it over with” (but Damian will continue taking photos for him because Dami’s like that)

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AU both Jon and Damian were created as clones in a lab to take on batman and superman. Dick and others find them both in pods and rescue them. Dick ends up taking Damian to Bruce and Jon to live on the Kent farm. Damian forms an attachment quickly to Dick after being ripped apart from the only friend and humanly contact he had that was Jon.

aw heck, and what if Damian and Jon struggle with their respective dads, especially without each other. And yeah sure Damian forms an intense attachment with Dick but obviously is still missing something, and so is Jon.

So, long story short, DICK PSEUDO-ADOPTS BOTH OF THEM SURPRISE AND ALL THREE OF THEM ARE VERY HAPPY AND LOVE EACH OTHER MORE THAN ANYTHING WOOOOO. Dad Dickie taking care of the clone babies of his two most loved mentors and own dads. It makes the super dads a little sad that they ‘failed’ but are happy that their sons are together and happy, and that Dick seems so happy to have these lil baby sons too. 

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If you don't mind, and if you have the time, could you recommend some Damian Wayne centric fanfics?

Certainly, anon!

The Kid by kleine_aster: Always recc, Jason and Damian bonding and whump.

Unless You Want Me To by TheDelphian: First chapter is about Damian, chapter fic looking at how Jason tries to be a better big brother while Dick is ‘dead.’

Brothers by theLiterator: Dami and Tim angsty bro-piece. 

In A Parallel Life by Firestar385: Will always recc because this is the Best Batfam Fic Ever, and has great character development for literally everyone, Dami included. 

Eye for an Eye by LuerdeLaube: Jason realizes exactly how adorable Damian is. The Best. 

damian clone triplets!!! by drakefeathers: Angsty au. 

The Long Road Ahead by pupeez4eva: AU, will (hopefully) be updated soon (please please please please.)

Forever Today, Never Tomorrow by whore4batfam (IdentityConstellations): Amazing, good, pure, angsty. 

Found Not Lost by audreycritter: Dami and Tim post Tim’s ‘death,’ The Best.

And, on an egotistical note, Hate is such an ancient game, Dying from the exit wounds, For you I’ll always take the bullet, We want what little love we hold, and Better brother, better son, are all my fics that feature Damian in a large role. 

Hope this was helpful! Enjoy! :)

It’s canon that there’s a universe where Damian decides to just clone his mother to raise as his own.

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It's odd to think of Bruce naturally being Damian's most important relationship if you've read all the pre 52 stuff. I remember Bruce trying to be a a good dad to Damian at first. But then he just got scared/impatient over Damian's progress and just let him stay in the same Assassin world that abused him for what, 2 years? Bruce then "died" and Dick took Damian under his care even though neither liked each other. From there Dick protected and cared Damian in a way no one ever had. Not even-

2 Bruce. Dick gave Damian respect and the Robin mantle because he knew Damian needed it. None of this went unnoticed by Damian. Damian was willing to die for Dick w/o any hesitation and got very protective over him. Instead of jumping for joy at the chance of Bruce coming back, Damian got scared he’d lose Dick. By the time Bruce came back Damian, who gave up everything to be Robin, was willing to lose Robin if it meant he had to partner up with Bruce instead of Dick. I imagine it didn’t help-

3 when that Bruce clone had encountered Damian earlier had confirmed Bruce considered Damian’s entire existence his greatest mistake. I think even now deep down, Dick is the one person Damian trusts most to love him. It still feels like Damian has a need to prove himself to Bruce. I don’t mean cast Bruce’s influence in a negative light. But usually his flaws as a dad are brushed away by Tomasi’s work or he’s too inconsistent to be a good dad in other stuff. Dick is Damian’s most consistent bond.

Yep, in pre-n52 Bruce was a total disaster. I find it funny because if I think now about Batman and Son where Damian was introduced I’m all like “nope, not my Damian, not my Bruce, totally not canon”. Dick was already a better mentor for Damian in The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul even with him saying that he didn’t like the kid at all - and that’s saying something.

Anyway I think one of the fundamental differences between Dick&Damian’s dynamic and Bruce&Damian’s one is that while with Bruce it’s always been “my cave, my rules”, Dick and Damian both start anew and they have to learn together how to be Batman&Robin. Because yeah, Damian never had a Batman before, but Dick also never had a Robin, so it’s interesting to see them trying to understand how to make it work. To me it’s inevitable for their bond to be a lot more solid, because it’s not based on an archaic concept of blood and heritage, but on basic trust and acceptance and love, all of which has to be both given and earned.

I still love Tomasi work because despite not liking the premises a lot of his writing has really resounded with me, but yeah, in the end it’s not the same thing.

Reducing Territorial Aggression

Summary: Damian’s a possessive snot.  It shouldn’t be cute, but it kinda is.  Tim tries to train it out of him though.  Part three of the Courtship AU.  Parts 1 and 2 come before. 

It’s all Tim’s fault.

He gets that.  He should have predicted this sort of outcome. It’s a personal failure for him as a tactician and mission leader. 

“I’m so sorry, Kon.” He says to Kon who just gives his little accepting smile that squeezes Tim tight. No wait.  That’s just Damian’s arm around his waist. 

“It’s okay, Tim. Really.” 

“No, it’s not.  I got distracted and forgot our plans like a jerk.” He grips the doorframe to pull himself forward a precious inch.  “Let me make it up to you, if you want we can go out now for pizza or something.”

“That is very unlikely, Timothy.” The inch Tim so rightfully earned shrinks into a centimeter as Damian tugs him back.  The brat is only fifteen, “Sixteen next month Habibi,” but the height distance between them has reversed quickly.  Already Damian can rest his chin comfortably on Tim’s shoulder, and does so now just to stick out his tongue to the Super outside. 

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Black and Blue Scales


So @virus-arc-tracer needed something so distract her from the horrible memory of a male OC/Trump fic on Wattpad. I volunteered. And this happened.

I, quite frankly, regret nothing.

S. O. Everybody should expect this by now, but I’m tagging @fishfingersandjellybabies I think she would love this because holy fuck Damian lives!

Yes. You read that right.

Damian Wayne. Fucking. Lives.

Anyways, here’s the summary!

In which Jon is a dragon, Damian has a crush, and Damian is Jon’s human. It’s all a wonderful mess.


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Just the Way You Are - Batman Bad Blood Imagine

Requested by Anon - Reader being Damian’s twin sister (Batgirl) and they were kidnapped by their mother or whoever (like in whatever movie it was.) also they save their dad when they escape or so.

You were walking down the stairs to the Batcave, searching for Damian. He had received a concussion from the fight at Wayne Towers and was supposed to be resting in bed. When you couldn’t find him in his room, you knew he was planning to sneak out. You weren’t going to let him go alone. However, when you got to the cave, you were shocked to see Damian fighting the same man from the fight at Wayne Towers.

“Damian,” you screamed when you saw him collapse to the floor of the Batcave. You ran at the tall man who stood over him, ready to rip him apart and protect your fallen twin brother. Just when you were about to attack, another figure appeared from the shadows kicking you across the cave.

“I suggest you stay down, (Y/N),” the figure taunted, stepping into the light. You gasped when you saw the figure was an older version of you. 

“How?” you asked, standing up slowly while trying to recover from the kick. You glanced over at the tall man as he approached you. He was an older version of Damian. “Who are you?”

Your older self just smiled coolly. “You were always the dumb one, weren’t you?” Knowing you wouldn’t stand a chance in direct combat, you scrambled to your brother’s side. You were about to try to wake him, but a dart hit your neck. Darkness swam before your eyes as the older versions slowly advanced towards you. 

Ripping the dart out, you run to attack the older versions. You were able to land a punch on the older Damian before your older self launched a kick to your face. The last thing you remembered was her boot flying towards your face.

Your eyes slowly opened to find everything upside down. A headache roared through your head as you focused on what was around you. You were locked in a straight-jacket and hanging upside down from the ceiling with Damian next to you in a similar predicament.

“Sister, are you alright?” Damian asked, twisting his head around to catch a glimpse of you. 

“I’m fine, Brother,” you answered. You struggled with your bonds as your eyes came to rest on your father, Bruce, who was strapped to a machine across the room dressed in only his boxers. “Father…”

A man in a top hat stepped into your line of sight, attaching electrodes to Damian’s head. “What are you doing? What do you do to our father?” Damian demanded, shaking his head to avoid the electrodes. 

“Quiet, Damian. This will be over soon enough,” the older version of Damian said, stepping into the room. He knelt down next to Damian while you kept your eyes on your father. “Everything in your head will soon be mine.”

“What are you?” you asked as the older version of yourself appeared beside you. 

“We are you. Our mother cloned you to create a better and stronger version of each of you,” your older self explained, tapping your bruised face mockingly. “And now we’re going to take your minds.”

The older Damian grabbed the front of his younger self’s straight jacket, pulling him closer to him. “We’re finally going to know our mother as you knew her. Every memory of your childhood will be ours, making our life complete.”

“You’re insane,” the younger Damian insulted as his older self pushed him away. 

“Perhaps…,” his older self started before he was interrupted by the slamming of a door.

“What do you think you two are doing?” your mother, Talia, commanded. She marched up to glare at the older versions. The older versions stood quickly at attention. 

“We want to be closer to you, Mother,” your older self replied.

“We want to know you as they know you,” the older Damian finished, falling to his knees. He wrapped his arms around her waist. Talia did not return the embrace. You shared a quick glance with your twin, sensing a foreboding turn in the air.

Talia was frozen for a moment before she gently laid a hand on the back of older Damian’s head. “I’m sorry, children. I’ve neglected you,” Talia said emotionlessly. She stepped away from older Damian, and held a gun to his head. 

“Mother…” you whispered, squeezing your eyes shut when the gunshot rang through the air. You swallowed hard when the older Damian’s body fell to the floor. Talia raised the gun to your older self and fired.  A small gasp emulated from younger Damian as her body hit the floor.

“Mother, what is all this about? Why have you created clones of us, and what have you done to Father?” Damian shouted, struggling in his bonds. You glanced at your father, who hadn’t moved at all since you awakened. He just stared straight ahead without any life in his eyes.

Talia turned her glare onto Damian while holstering her gun. “Neither of you was supposed to be here yet,” Talia stated plainly, sending only the tiniest of glances your direction while keeping most of her gaze on Damian. She turned towards the man with the top hat, who had watched the exchange with fear in his eyes. “Erase their memories of this.” Without another glance towards her children, Talia swept out of the room. 

The man with the top hat gulped at the dead bodies of the older versions before bending over to finish attaching electrodes to Damian’s head. While Damian fussed and growled, you were almost half-way out of the straight jacket that held you captive. Keeping your movements subtle to keep the top hat man from noticing, you freed yourself just when the man finished with the electrodes. 

You reached up to your feet and untied yourself from the ceiling. Dropping down silently when the top hat man had his back turned towards you, you sneaked up behind him. You landed one knock-out punch, causing the man to crumble to the floor. 

“Good job, Sister,” Damian thanked when you helped him down.  He bent down to check on the clone’s bodies as you ran over to free your father. Bruce was still unresponsive, fear eating at your heart. 

Suddenly, a explosion rocked the building. You stumbled as you worked the computer panel to release your father. A small hard drive stuck out from the terminal, and you quickly pocketed it before pressing the release button. Bruce fell limply to the floor.

You caught him partly before he hit the floor. “Brother, I need your help here,” you groaned as you struggled with your father’s weight. Damian rose from his kneeling position by his clone to run to your side. With his help, both of you were able lean your father against the wall.

“Father?” you asked, gently tapping his cheek. Your heart stopped when he didn’t react. “What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know,” Damian mumbled, shaking Bruce’s shoulder gently. While both of you were distracted, the top hat man woke up and slipped out of the room. He took a suitcase out with him. Damian saw him just when he was out of the door. “Hey, get back here,” he growled, attempting to follow him. However, you stopped him.

“We need to focus on helping Father,” you ordered as you continued in your attempts to wake him. 

Damian fidgeted behind you before pushing you out of way. “Let me,” he sighed before slapping Bruce across the face. You gasped, frowning when Bruce didn’t react at all. “Father! Wake up!” Damian slapped him again and again with no reaction. Just when he raised his hand again, Bruce snapped awake and grabbed Damian’s arm.

“Enough,” Bruce growled, making Damian and you flinch in surprise. A huge smile broke onto your face.

“Father,” you breathed, hugging him. You kissed his icy cold cheek. “I thought we lost you.” Bruce didn’t react at all. 

Another explosion rocked the building. “We have to get out of here,” Damian interjected, taking one of Bruce’s arms. You followed his example, wrapping Bruce’s other arm around your shoulders. Together, sharing the burden of Bruce’s weight, Damian and you were able to pull him out of the room and to freedom.

After you were able to save your father, you learned how Talia planned to take over the world. Working with Dick, Damian, Kate, and Luke, you were able to stop Talia’s plans and bring Bruce back to himself.  

However, Damian and you lost your mother. Bruce didn’t know for sure, but all signs seemed to prove that Talia was dead. You didn’t know how to react. She was your mother, but she didn’t love you. 

Damian and you hid in your room, trying to decide how to react to Talia’s supposed death. Both of you cried a little, but mostly you just held each other. Eventually, Bruce dragged the both of you outside into the gardens to talk.

“I know what your mother did was hard on the both of you,” Bruce began after he directed Damian and you to sit on a stone bench facing the pond.

“What our mother did was unforgivable,” Damian retorted as Bruce sat in between you and Damian. “She never cared about us at all.”

You bit your lip at Damian’s words, but remained silent. Bruce gave you an imploring look. You had not spoken to anyone besides Damian since you heard the news.  

“Your mother did love both of you,” Bruce replied, ignoring Damian’s ‘tt’. “But her ambition was all consuming.”

“Her ambition does not explain the fact she cloned us, Father,” Damian argued. Damian peeked around Bruce at you to see your reaction. You and Damian discussed this already, arguing the points until either of you could see any reason.

Bruce sighed, putting his arms around both of you. “Damian, I understand if you two can’t forgive your mother, but what I am trying to say is that it’s okay to grieve for her.”

“We don’t know if she’s really dead,” you stated, speaking for the first time. Bruce squeezed your shoulders gently.

“We don’t,” Bruce agreed. “But I believe Damian and you have already decided that your mother no longer has a place in your lives.” You nodded while Damian took a shaking breath. Bruce pulled you both closer to him. Your eyes burned with unshed tears.

“Father, would you ever do that to us?” Damian asked emotionlessly. You turned your face into Bruce’s shoulder, hoping he wouldn’t notice the wetness on your cheeks.

Bruce pressed a kiss to the top of your head before doing the same to Damian. “No, never,” he soothed. “You two are perfect. I may not always act like it, but I love you just the way you are.” You wrapped your arms around Bruce’s waist, burying your face deeper into his shoulder. Damian hesitated before following your lead. 

You three sat in silence for a long time. It was the first time that your father had ever held you. Bruce didn’t react to the wet spot you left on his shirt, choosing to pull you closer to him instead. When the sun began to set, Bruce stood up. 

“Come on, it’s dinner time,” he said, holding his hands out to the both of you. You couldn’t help, but notice Bruce had an identical wet spot on his other shoulder. Damian sent you a quick look, daring you to say anything. 

You took your father’s hand, hugging him again. “I love you, Father,” you admitted, moving to one side to allow Damian to enter the hug. A small ‘tt’ echoed through the air before you felt Damian’s arms wrap around you and your father. 

A small smile appeared onto Bruce’s face as he returned the hug. He held you both for several seconds before carefully turning you and Damian towards the house while keeping his arms around you. The strength of his arms around you left you with a feeling you had only felt with Damian. It was the feeling of being loved.

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I am kind of upset about Emiko being Damian's 1st crush, I don't know the character that well, but she seems to be a Damian clone, father good and mother assassin. I also don't think Damian would know what a crush is until it hit him pretty bad, like years later bad, or something.. I'm trying to be supportive of Percy's writting, but damn it, it's getting hard! I still hope this issue is just a buffer, just for fun, after metal and before Raven's arc..

Agreed anon, I’m pretty sure Emiko and Damian barely know each other. And this is why I wish DC would actually make DamiJon canon.

Damian doesn’t need to have a crush on a child who’s parents are LITERALLY a carbon copy of his own parents. 

Plus, it’s a cliche and I’m seriously tired of DC’s issue with hetero ships. (Certain ones are fine mind you)

I’m not supportive of Percy’s writing, after the 4th issue I was done and hopefully, it can get rebooted.

For @fishfingersandjellybabies because she wants Dick and Damian cuteness, even if I’m a few days late.

Dick followed the sounds of crashing and cursing up from the cave and into the parlor. Tim was perched on the coffee table, snarling and looking ready to pounce.

Damian, on the other hand, was crouched behind the arm chair-which was tipped on its side-and glaring at the teen.

“What the hell is going on here?” Dick asked, exchanging a glance with Conner, who was standing off behind Tim. He looked terrified.

“Damian tried to attack us.” Tim said, narrowing his eyes. He didn’t take his eyes off of his assumed target.

“Okay, youngins. Time to put away the weapons.” Dick stepped over the decorative pillows on the floor and over to Tim. He helped his younger brother off of the table and gave him a gentle nudge over to Conner. “You two go out for a bit. Have dinner on Bruce, okay?” He asked.

Tim shot another glare at Damian, but still he tucked himself under Conners arm and let the Meta lead him out of the room.

“Alright, Kiddo. You wanna tell me why you attacked Tim and Kon?” Dick asked as he picked up the pillows and rearranged them on the couch.

Damian didn’t say anything, just flopped back on his behind and stayed curled in a little ball.

“Damian? Come on, I know there was a reason. You wouldn’t bother them if you didn’t have a reason to.” Dick righted the arm chair, unshielding the child tucked behind it. The man leaned down and hoisted the boy up until he was standing. “Talk to me.”

Damian heaved a deep sigh and closed his eyes, Dick assumed trying to calm down like Bruce had taught them.

“I was in the hall, and I heard them talking about Jon.” Damian admitted. “The clone said he ‘couldn’t stand the little brat’.” Damian explained, his lower lip puckering.

“Come sit down with me.” Dick said, turning Damian towards the couch and encouraging him to sit down. He flopped down beside him and the 10-year-old leaned against him slightly. “Listen, Conner and Jon have some issues in their family. Kon had to work really hard to be accepted as clarks son, and Jon didn’t have to work at all.”

“That doesn’t give him the right to call him a brat.” Damian grumbled.

“Just don’t take it to heart. After all, Tim calls you a brat.” Dick said, wrapping his arm around his littlest brother.

“Drake and the clone belong together then, as they do not know true greatness when they see it.” Damian said, snuggling further into Dicks chest.

“Well they see it in each other. And that’s all that matters. Come on, why don’t we go video chat Jon on the computer in the cave? Bet he misses you.” Dick said, getting to his feet. Damian blinked at him for a moment before getting up to follow.

“Would it be improper to ask Jon to fly out here to stay while the Clone is staying?” He asked as he trailed his brother.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, as long as you both be respectful of their privacy.” Dick ruffled Damian’s hair and smiled. “But we should check with B first.”

“Very well.” Damian pursed his lips, and Dick tried to remember if his apartment was clean enough to keep the two boys for the weekend.

Damian Wayne is conflicted, which doesn’t happen very often. What should he do?
I am an assassin, he reminds himself. A very mature, serious assassin who should behave accordingly. But then he peeks through the door again, and really, it would be a shame to waste this opportunity.
Drake is asleep in one of Father’s armchairs. He looks like he dozed off halfway through a yawn— he’s sideways with his head on one armrest and his legs on the other. One knee up, one draped across. His hand is resting in a mound of papers strewn across the floor.
“Come on,” Todd whispers. “You know you want to.”
Okay, screw it. He’s not that mature.
Anyway, people are always telling him to act his age. Damian slips inside the door and approaches Drake on tiptoe, stopping in front of him. Todd gives him a thumbs up from the hallway— he’s got his phone out, ready to record. Here goes.
Damian nudges Drake’s leg off the armrest and ducks behind the chair.
You would think that would wake him up, but it doesn’t. Drake’s hanging half-off his seat, but he’s still asleep. He mutters something about clones.
Damian glances back at Todd, who shrugs and motions him forward. Okay, round two.
He stands up carefully, shoves Drake’s remaining knee towards the edge, and sprints for the door.
Drake topples out of his chair with a thump. “What the—?” He blinks confusedly at the carpet, squinting at it like it just betrayed his trust. He doesn’t see his brothers peering around the doorframe, or Todd’s phone, which he left propped against the wall.
Drake just scrapes his papers into a pillow and curls up on the floor. Ten seconds later, he’s asleep again, napping in his pile of case notes.

For safety-dancer (hello again!) who requested sleeping Tim