More detailed brain scans reveal that the brain is more complicated than we thought! And cloned sheep might be healthier than we thought!

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151-BELLANOX [Bella Notte-Béla Lugosi]
-The Vampire Pokemon
-Ability: Unholy-This pokemon is only weak to fairy type moves, all other moves will land normal damage
-Dex: “According to legends, BELLANOX is the guardian of the night and their children and will help those who wander under the moon. Some stories tell this pokemon, if neccesary, could turn the day into nigth.”
-Sig. Move: Vampire Waltz “The user traps the foe in a swirling dance while draining its life force away. It has a 50% chace of leaving the foe confused”
   Type: Dark
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 80
   Accuracy: 100%
    -Night slash

150-NOXFERA-2 [Nosferatu]
-The Dhampir Pokemon
-Ability: Unholy-This pokemon is only weak to fairy type moves, all other moves will land normal damage
-Dex: “A genetical hybrid between a human and the legendary BELLANOX, this pokemon is said to posses all the legendaries’ abilities, but not his protective nature. It is said he escaped his creators and hides deep in a dark mountains, where it is always night. ”
-Sig. Move: Crimson Wing “Opening his wings, the user release a cloud of red-energy bats that will hunt the foe and drain it of its life force. If hit the user will be left paralized”
   Type: Dark
   PP: 5 (max 8)
   Power: 100
   Accuracy: 50%
    -Giga Drain
    -Dark Pulse

Rescued Clone


Sherlock had just gotten back from Afghanistan when she learned about the Growers labs. She’d very nearly burned the table she had been sitting at when she read about the lab bust in the paper. It was terrible about the fifty people that had been cloned and their clones made specifically for organ donation. The idea of someone’s life being taken away from them like that made Sherlock sick. She did set the paper on fire, though she immediately looked for another so she could find out if the liberation squads were looking for recruits.

She’d had to sort out her PTSD before they could take her on, but eventually, she proved herself. This lab was going to be her first bust, and she didn’t want to mess this up, not just for her own confidence, but for the poor clones inside. Her abilities did help with the squad getting through a blast door (installed with the intent of keeping the squads out), and everyone set to work opening the glass cells where the clones were kept. Sherlock found one cell with the tag ‘3641 - original donor Dr. Bruce Banner’ on the door and she broke it open, holding out a hand. and giving the man inside a soft smile. 

“It’s alright, pequeño. I’m here to help and get you out of here.”