An ambiguously gendered weirdo that fantasizes about a sugarcoated land, yet in real life holds lethality. A depraved doctor that finds his only care through tiny creatures.

Who are they: Sweet Tooth and Dr. Strangeglove or the Pyro and the Medic?

Sweet Tooth gets a Lollichop and Strangeglove gets a Ghastlier Gibus (though, since his eyes stick out, could it technically be a Ghastlierest Gibus?).

New CLONC member?

Hey guys, I just spotted something interesting! You know Sassafrass, from the latest missions? Well, there’s his picture as it appears everywhere else, but…

HERE’S his picture as it appears in the latest issue of the Moshi Mag. Who is that little guy next to him? A new CLONC member?

I couldn’t get a better picture, so I drew what it looked like from the tiny image:

Some kind of strange, dog-faced thing with a long body? I think it looks very cute though! I guess we’ll see if this character shows up again.

They look like a teen from the 80’s! Bright and colorful on the outside, dark and sinister on the inside! :3 Go cosplay as them now, and don’t forget to blare the Sweet Tooth Stomp while you’re at it! Also, I’m sorry if this seems like a rip-off to Momo’s human ST, but IT IS NOT. It was inspired by it, though!

This was a commission that is also on my DA, I just felt like posting it here since there are far more Moshi fans on Tumblr then DeviantART (which is depressing). XD My mother had friends that dressed like this when she was a teen, lol..

Currently improving the C.L.O.N.C. article

Season 1 had a total of 6 C.L.O.N.C. members revealed.
Dr. Strangeglove, Sweet Tooth, Sprocket, Hubbs, ?CLONC leader?.
and Simon Growl, haha

Season 2 made all of these characters reappear, but only Sweet Tooth was not fired from CLONC after Season 1. Strangeglove just acts as if he’s still in it and Leader is like “No, shut up, go away”
Three new members make their debut. Greta Frau, Big Chief and Sassafrass.

Season 3 just, does what? Biggie Diddles just want chocolate eggs. That he has glumps working for him is the only indication we get for his possible connection with CLONC. I actually think he’s not?
Two problem causers are just doing their regular thing, meaning no harm.
Sassafrass and Sweet Tooth do some stuff, but Sweet Tooth doesn’t even seem to handle from a CLONC viewpoint, but rather a self-loving wanting to jam for an audience viewpoint. It’s the first mission Sweet Tooth doesn’t get harmed in any way and the correct pronouns BLEW ME AWAY. So much they they their their them, when I only counted 1 usage of such a pronoun in each previous season. What a ride.
Two new members that can fuse, functioning as one, The Mighty Gustavo, makes their debut.

So it’s a bit like how Monster High did their seasons.

Season 1 
Vague idea of direction; mostly introduction to important characters.

Season 2
Actual storyline with development and importance each chapter. Not recommended to just begin somewhere randomly.

Season 3
Are you even ready for how random this is? Are you ready for many new characters?? Yes, you are!