clonal trees

This is the so-called Old Tjikko, a spruce located on the Fulu mountains in the Dalarna (Dalecarlia) province of Sweden. It is commonly regarded as the world’s oldest individual clonal tree. That means that the stems themselves are oftenly no more than ~600 years, but the root systems continue to age far beyond them. In this case, it has aged for approxmiately 9,550 years.


hello :)

today i am here to discuss the above organism. 

once thought to be the largest living organism (recently surpassed by fungal masses in Oregon) it is called pando, or the trembling giant. 

what it is, is 43 hectares of Quaking aspen that are genetically identical, sharing a colonal root system that first germinated form a single seed………..

80,000 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!

yes, this is 6,000 tons of the exact same tree, over, and over, and over again, for 80,000 years………….

this beautiful monster, this graceful majestic bastard has seen some amazing shit, by the time early modern humans were making there way to Europe, this organism was 40,000 years old…………this weighty sod had seen 65,000 years go by before the first humans walked the land bridge to the Americas……..

to put some perpective on that, humans invented the wheel around 5000 years ago………….this clonal tree has been alive 18 times longer than humans have had the wheel…………..

DUDE I HAVE BLOWN MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!