Thank you everyone for talking me off the fic cliff...

Ugh, now that’s all said and done, I do feel a bit silly… I think I was just in panic reaction mode when I discovered the other story. There was even art that was similar to what a friend had offered to make for me so I was hit with a gut reaction of OH NO!!  ABORT!! ABORT!!

But yes, you are all right. We are all playing in the same sandbox and telling a collective fiction. It’s inevitable that stories and ideas will align and cross from time to time. And I do think that what separates the stories is how we come to it. I know I’ve told others this. Only you can tell your own story, and bring to it your own views and turns and things.Why I don’t listen to my own advice is another thing… (And to my knowledge, their story doesn’t start with a spreader bar…)

Honestly, by the time I write that one (it’s the epic one after the one I’m currently editing) I bet you that only I will see the similarities… *of course*  

So thank you airynothing, cloama, re-white, percygranger, pennypaperbrain, the-mamishka, 24-alpha-24, alasse-m and urbanhymnal for your many doses of common sense an encouragement, apologies for my freak out. Next time I’m going to nap before I panic blog. I should nap before I do anything, really…

I will write the thing!

humble thank yous

Malolos Market Street, 1958 by Leo Cloma on Flickr.


The old M. Crisostomo Street in Malolos. (1958)

Kung taga Malolos ka, heto yung daan papuntang palengke. Makikita mo dito yung lumang Sinag Tagalog and Panaderia Concepcion. (Matanda na ba ‘ko? Hehe. 1993 lang ako no?!)

At kung mapapansin, hayun…ayun ang Cathedral with the old Convento. :)

How can I go back here? Hehe. Wala pa nyang Jollibee, 7-Eleven, Save More, Everwin, Amarie’s, Kris 100, at Book One. Nostalgiaaaa.

*Thanks to Mr. Leo Cloma for the photo.