jeonghan; everything comes back to you

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feat. Jeonghan x female reader

genre: anti-soulmates!au, angst + a happy ending 

word count: 6764

summary:  After a long-term relationship with Yoon Jeonghan, things get ultimately more painful when he insists that you guys are still suited to stay “best friends”. Nothing’s grand about having your ex constantly coddle you, especially when he has his own terribly perfect life and you think you’re being dropped like a fading blip on his radar.

Love is like a stroke of lightning, they say.

Something so conventionally beautiful, le coup de foudre, the way morning dew kisses scarlet hued roses, rolling across their petals like chilled honey.

That’s not love. Love is the hard water grime on an old pipe, the clogged drain disgusted by bile and years of wear and tear. It’s when that pipe is so full of everything, something so all-encompassing that it needs to burst and smack you in the face.

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Oil Pulling: The Basics

Oil pulling. It whitens your teeth, improves your breath, helps your skin and even helps increase energy. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

I’ve been oil pulling for about six months now and, being someone who has always been slightly OCD about oral health, I wanted to share this Ayurvedic practice because it genuinely works!

What is it?

Oil pulling is literally the practice of swishing about a tablespoon of oil around your mouth, first thing in a morning (and on an empty stomach in general) for about 15-20 minutes. It originated in India thousands of years ago, but has been increasingly used medically in the US and UK since the 1990s. The idea is that the scummy layer that builds up in your mouth overnight sticks in the oil so you can spit it out. This is different to just brushing your teeth in the morning, where you move the bacteria around your mouth a bit rather than completely removing it.

What are the benefits?

There are many claims worldwide from people who have experienced benefits from oil pulling, including help with skin conditions, arthritis, asthma, headaches, hormone imbalances, infections, liver problems etc. However, the main and direct benefits of oil pulling are:

- Whiter teeth

- Healthier gums

- Less sensitive teeth

- Better breath

- Strengthens teeth, jaw and gums

- Prevents mouth bleeding and diseases

How do I do it?

If this sounds like something you think you’ll benefit from, this is how to get started:

1. Get some oil!

Traditionally, people oil pull with either sesame oil or coconut oil. I now alternate between the two, but I would recommend doing it with coconut oil as it has added health benefits and tastes nice!

2. When you wake up in the morning, before you brush your teeth, get one tablespoon of oil and put it in your mouth.

This might sound like an extra thing to do in the morning, but I find that I wake up and am oil pulling while I get showered/dressed. Once you then spit the oil out, you can brush your teeth.
Note: You must swish the oil round your mouth for at least 15 minutes, because otherwise all of the scum won’t get into the oil. You’ll know if you’ve done it right if the oil goes from being clear (when you first put it in your mouth) to being thicker and white.

3. Spit it out into the bin or toilet, not the sink.

When the bacteria is in the oil, it becomes pretty gross (even toxic, some say). So it needs to be spat out where it can be disposed of. Ideally you should spit it into the bin because the oil can clog up the pipes. However, I usually spit it into the toilet, and spray a bit of bathroom cleaner down there before I flush for good measure!

4. Inspect your clean, sparkly teeth and brush your teeth as normal.

It’s as simple as that! I will usually clean my tongue with an Ayurvedic tongue scraper after I oil pull, then brush my teeth with a toothpaste without Fluoride or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. However, you can just do whatever it is you usually do!


Stay with me on this video, trust me, this is insane shit right here. 

So, I work at the local aquarium where we operate on a catch and release system for new animals every season. This year, our giant pacific octopod is this gorgeous lady, Doc. 

We all know octopodes (or octopuses, as they’re more commonly known) are extremely smart; well I got a first had experience with that tonight. 

In the video above, Doc is trying out a tactic on me that worked on my coworker earlier today before I got to work. She positions herself, as seen, at the upper corner of her tank and lifts the lid (which is weighed down with six bricks and additional lead weights, mind you) enough to blow a mass of water through her siphon and out the crack she’s made so it looks like the tank is overflowing. My coworker today rushed over and took the lid off to get in the tank, thinking he had to clear out a clogged pipe. When he did so, she took the opportunity to get a number of arms down the outside of the glass as she tried to climb out of her tank!!

I, knowing this, did not take the lid off, but watched her test the weight of the lid each time she blew water out, to see if I had taken any of the bricks off!! If you watch closely, a few seconds after she blows water, you can see the header with her info raise slightly as she pushes up against it. (We’ve since doubled the amount of bricks on top of there omg) 

Legitimate Business

So @codenamekaraortiz and I had fun imagining an AU where Juice is a handyman to help the club out while they’re going legit and I couldn’t not run with it. Hope you guys enjoy, smut warning, etc etc.

“No fucking way.” Juice leant back in his chair, his eyes wide, staring at his brothers. 
“We all gotta start going legit, bro. Too much heat still around from the Feds. Gotta bring in money.” Jax said, a smug smirk across his face.
“Pres, I love this club, but I can’t do this.”
“It’s just until we can set up a more legitimate business. It’s gunna take a little while.”
Juice leant forward, picking up the white tee off the table. He held it up, ogling the logo.
A cartoon picture of a buff handyman wearing nothing but underwear, boots and a tool belt. “Handsome & Handy” was written above the caricature. He could tell without putting it on that the shirt was going to be snug.
Teller-Morrow’s reputation had taken a dive and wasn’t bringing in as much as it was after the recent ordeals. The club was looking in to legitimate business ventures, but they were running low on money fast. They all had to put food on the table.
Kozik had a friend who had set up a Handsome & Handy. He was looking for workers as the business had taken off.
Herman had signed up Jax, Opie and Juice, as well as himself.
Juice groaned, running a hand over his head.
“Come on, Juice, it’ll be fun!” Kozik tried to lift his spirits. He was more than happy to do the job, being confident in himself.
“You’ll love it, man. You just gotta take your shirt off, maybe your pants, flex a bit. All these middle aged woman getting you in to do the jobs their husbands won’t.” Tig winked.
Juice could only imagine what kind of work he might be expected to do. He had no problems getting undressed in the right situations. He just liked to be the decider on what situation it was.
“I’d do it, but the ladies wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off me. I’d never get anything done.” Piney chimed in, the Sons laughing.
Juice couldn’t help but chuckle. “Fine, I’ll do it.”
The guys all cheered, leaving church and heading to the bar for drinks.


Juice had been out on a few jobs. It had been as Tig described, except Juice had refused to take his pants off, even in the summer heat.
The women would linger around, watching while Juice put up shelves, unclogged pipes, installed a washing machine. He’d even been called in just to change a few light bulbs.
The guys would sit around and laugh at their encounters. Juice had even started to get used to it, it was good for his ego.
He’d been working at Teller-Morrow one morning when his phone rang. Someone was looking to have some work done.
Quickly changing in to his handyman shirt, he jumped in the company car and headed to the address. It was an apartment block on the other side of town, and he wondered what kind of client was going to be on the other side of the door when he rang the bell.
The door opened and Juice was as surprised as the girl looked. She was around his age, maybe a touch younger. She had (Y/E/C) eyes and (Y/H/C) hair. Her skin was glistening, the day was incredibly hot.
She did her best to hide a laugh as she looked at his shirt.
”That’s me, here to be handy.”
She didn’t hold the laugh in that time, and Juice burnt bright red.
”Come in, I’m (Y/N).” She turned and walked in to the apartment, and Juice followed, looking her up and down in her shorts and tank top.
”Do they really make you say that?” (Y/N) asked, stopping in the kitchen.
”Yeah, kind of dorky but the ladies usually love it. For the most part.” Juice said, smirking.
”Sorry, I should have known it would be a bit over the top when I called the company. I would have done this myself, but I’m neither handsome nor handy.” She chuckled again, and Juice’s thoughts ran in to the gutter. If not handsome, she was gorgeous, and he was sure she was handy, if not with a power drill… He had to stop himself, he was there to do a job and he needed to be professional.
“Everyone’s getting decks put in, adding on rooms for the summer, so most companies are taking the bigger jobs. Everywhere I called told me it would be weeks, and in this heat, it’s not really an option.” (Y/N) walked over to the kitchen sink.
“I think the pipes are clogged in here, and the shower overflows and won’t drain. I don’t know what the last tenant was doing in here, but apparently jamming things down the drain was a hobby.”
“You new around here?” Juice asked, coming to assess the situation.
“Not to Charming, but I just moved in to this apartment. I’ve had to use my neighbour’s shower because the bathroom just floods if I use mine.”
“Was there anything else that needs doing?”
“Yeah, follow me.”
Juice walked with (Y/N) up the hallway, in to her bedroom. There was a small fan whirring, pointed at a double bed. The bed was made, but Juice could see a slight indent where (Y/N) must have been lying before he’d gotten there.
“I have this headboard that I need mounted to the wall.”
The thought of (Y/N) on the bed and her talking about things needing mounting mixed with the heat was getting too much for Juice, he needed to get started.
He began to pull his shirt up, but (Y/N) grabbed his hand.
“You don’t have to take it off.”
Juice stopped, his shirt up to his chest, exposing a sculpted torso.
“I mean, I wouldn’t complain if you did, the company certainly doesn’t deal in false advertisement. But I really did just call for handiwork to be done.”

It was nice to not have to take his shirt off, but by the time he had unclogged the pipes and drains, Juice’s shirt was damp. He’d pulled it off, tucking it in to his waistband and was using it to mop his brow when (Y/N) walked in to the bathroom.
“Can I get you a drink?”
Juice turned to (Y/N) and he was feeling pretty good about the look on her face. She was bright pink and trying (and failing) to not look him up and down.
“That’d be great, thanks.”
“The air-conditioning was meant to be installed yesterday, but it’s not coming until Monday now.” (Y/N) explained as she poured them glasses of chilled water.
“Well I’ve sorted the drains, so at least you can take cold showers until then.”
“My hero.” (Y/N) looked up at him, biting her lip slightly and smiling.
Juice was well aware at how flirtatious he was being, but it was encouraged as part of the job, and she’d started it.
All he could think of was taking a cold shower with (Y/N) after working up a new sweat with her.
“Better go get that headboard sorted.” Juice handed (Y/N) his empty glass, keeping eye contact for longer than necessary, before heading back down the hall.

The midday heat had made the bedroom stifling hot. Juice’s cargo pants felt heavy, his tool belt causing them to sag slightly.
“Fuck it.” He said, softly to himself. He opened the buttons and unzipped the pants, pulling them over his boots and folding them before putting them on the edge of the bed.
Taking his time, he measured and hung the headboard, yanking at it to make sure it was secure.
“Holy shit.”
Juice turned and saw (Y/N) standing at the end of the bed.
“How’s it look?”
”Looks pretty good from here.” (Y/N) wasn’t looking at the headboard at all.
Juice moved off the bed and stood in front of (Y/N), who was no longer being coy in her eyes roaming over him.
“Would you… say you were satisfied with today’s services?” Juice asked, grazing his fingertips down her side, playing with the hem of her top.
“So far, they’re more than satisfactory.” (Y/N) hesitated, but drew a finger over his stomach, all the way down to the top of his underwear.
“’So far’?” Juice questioned, sure that this was heading where he hoped.
“Well, I wouldn’t want you to violate your professional code, but- ah!”
There was a sharp intake of breath before she continued, as Juice had pulled her closer.
“We could consider this a… personal bonus.”
That was all Juice needed to hear. He dropped the screwdriver he was holding and picked (Y/N) up. She wrapped her legs around him, and he held her up against the wall.
Juice brought his lips to hers, parting them with his tongue, moaning into her mouth. He trailed his lips down her neck, nipping, sucking and licking as she gripped his shoulders, letting out pent up whimpers of pleasure.
He brought her down to the bed, sitting her on top of him. Juice tore her top clear off, making quick work of removing her bra. Reaching behind her and bringing his leg up, he began to tug at the laces of his boot.
“Leave em on.” (Y/N) said, grinning.
Juice smiled before flipping her on to her back, releasing himself from his underwear as she pulled off her own.
“Let’s see how this headboard holds up.” Juice moved himself over the top of (Y/N), positioning himself just outside of her centre.
She squirmed underneath him, licking her lips and looking him in the eye, waiting for him.
Gripping the top of the headboard and placing his other hand on the pillow beside her head, he slowly slid inside her, biting his lip, watching her close her eyes and drop her head back. Her nails digging in to his back and her legs squeezing around him coaxed him on. He ran his tongue over her breast, flicking at her nipple. 
Juice slowly built up the pace, the heat of the room doing nothing to diminish his want for her. He felt her tightening around him as she got close. Taking his hand from the pillow, Juice grabbed the under side of her thigh, spreading her legs further, thrusting faster. The headboard shook but held in place as he went hard and deep. (Y/N) came undone, Juice not long after her.
Panting and sweating, Juice let go of the board and slumped down next to her.
“You’ve definitely earned your keep today. That board didn’t move an inch.” (Y/N) said, catching her breath.
“Should probably go test that shower, make sure you can have a cold one without it flooding.” Juice grinned.
(Y/N) slowly slipped off the bed, walking towards the door.
“You coming?” she asked, playful look on her face.
Juice pulled himself up and followed her, wondering what he could break before he left. He definitely wanted to be her full time handyman.


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Beddy-Bye Wolfy  Prince

So I had the best, due know that I use best sarcastically, idea by sending my good friend @tvtrashnoodle​ a otp fanfiction prompt and we had to pick each other a prompt. And as you guys may know I love fluffy, cute fanfictions. Well, today were having angst and fluff, haha kill me. So here we go, blame Momo.

Beddy-Bye Wolf Prince

Warnings: Sleep paralyses & maybe cursing

Theme: Angst and fluff, Sander Sides Animal AU

Word count: 709

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simple chakra cleansing exercise:

Because I think clearing your chakras are extremely beneficial, I’ve decided to jot down the small exercise I do whenever I meditate. I try to do it at least once a week, and if I’m lucky, three times. You can do it when you wake up and are laying down in bed.

Though it can be done any time during the day.

Step one: Lay down. It helps to center yourself by focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind. When you feel you are focused enough to continue, go to step two.
Step two: Visualize golden roots coming from your feet and winding down towards the ground. Imagine them absorbing pure light from the Earth, and imagine that light traveling into your body. You should feel tingling.

Step three: Let it cleanse each and every chakra. Feel it cleanse them. I like to imagine that my chakras are dusty, dirt windows, or even clogged drainage pipes. When the light comes to them, I see it in the form of a liquid pushing away the dirt and making them new again.

Start from your base chakra all the way to your crown chakra.

When I’m finished with the meditation, my body feels light, and I feel tingling inside of my body. Sometimes, I feel like I’m flying.

Results may vary.

I also wear a smoky quartz necklace while I mediate, and sometimes direct the negative energy that way by envisioning it flowing to the necklace. You don’t have to do that though; the light should clear your chakras for you

How I Use My Indian Healing Clay

I use this mask about once a week, or whenever my skin needs a good, deep cleanse.

I mix this product up in a ziplock bag, because otherwise it makes a mess. I take about a tablespoon and a half of the powder, one tablespoon of raw Apple cider vinegar, and then I mix in about 3-4 tablespoons of water. You can make the vinegar and water equal parts, but I personally think that vinegar is just too harsh for my face, so I like to dilute it with water.

Once it turns into a paste, I put the mask on as a spot treatment, over any pimples or areas of skin where my pores feel clogged. I leave it on for 20-25 minutes.

When you’re taking this mask off, make sure to NOT do it over the sink, because you do not want this thick clay clogging your pipes.

I love this mask because as soon as I get a little pink bump on my skin, I put this over it and it brings the pimple to a head immediately.

anonymous asked:

Also to add to your previous meta about plot holes, the mysterious way of Aang opening his final chakra by hitting a rock is also another one, cheap way of him opening his chakra point, people just say it makes sense because that's where he got hit by Azula and him hitting the rock helps it open up, I swear that's some of the stupidest shit I've heard people say lol.

Yeah, those things are all tied in together. Bryke came up with a very poor way to not have to ever address Aang letting Katara go again and simply give Aang his Avatar State back without much thought put into it. It’s very bad writing. And it doesn’t make sense. 

The thing is, Azula’s lightning didn’t “block” anything. Opening the chakras is a mental and spiritual process, especially the higher ones. So it was the fact that he was knocked unconscious that prevented him from opening his chakra. It wasn’t some kind of clogged pipe, lol.

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Andrew comes off the drugs and finding out Neil really was a hallucination brought on by the drugs. Andrews reaction to the foxes having no idea who Neil Josten is.

This didn’t end where I thought it would. There was an alternate ending but I couldn’t find the original text:

Andrew signs the papers that let him leave this place. He gathers his few things and starts down the fluorescently lit grey corridors. Doctor Slosky is following him, a pesky presence but Andrew has always been good at ignoring whoever he doesn’t like. Slosky is no different and the only thing about Andrew that has changed is that he is off his medication. He reaches the door to the reception area, pausing only long enough for Slosky to swipe his I.D badge. He takes several steps forward, ready to breathe the fresh air. He stops when he sees who’s come for him.

Kevin, Nicky, Aaron. All so depressingly predictable. He starts forward before coming to a rough stop. He looks again, blinks hard twice but it is still Kevin, Nicky and Aaron. Still so incredibly predictable. Where is the fourth? He knows that there is supposed to be someone else. Neil Josten. The most interesting thing to have happened to Andrew in a while. But Neil is not there.

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She sips her coffee, sets it down, stretches her arms. This is one of the most singular experiences, waking on what feels like a good day, preparing to work but not yet actually embarked. At this moment there are infinite possibilities, whole hours ahead. Her mind hums. This morning she may penetrate the obfuscation, the clogged pipes, to reach the gold. She can feel it inside her, an all but indescribable second self, or rather a parallel, purer self. If she were religious, she would call it the soul. It is more than the sum of her intellect and her emotions, more than the sum of her experiences, though it runs like veins of brilliant metal through all three. It is an inner faculty that recognizes the animating mysteries of the world because it is made of the same substance, and when she is very fortunate she is able to write directly through that faculty. Writing in that state is the most profound satisfaction she knows, but her access to it comes and goes without warning. She may pick up her pen and follow it with her hand as it moves across the paper; she may pick up her pen and find that she’s merely herself, a woman in a housecoat holding a pen, afraid and uncertain, only mildly competent, with no idea about where to begin or what to write.
—  Michael Cunningham, from The Hours (Farrar, Straus and Giroux , 1998)
Healing Spell

Helpful for getting past colds, speeding up the healing process of wounds, and feeling better physically.

Items you will need:

- Chamomile (at least 3 small handfuls worth, can usually be found in most health food stores)

- Eucalyptus Oil

- 3 Green Candles


Draw yourself a warm bath. Set up the green candles around the bath tub (on the floor is fine) and light them. Once the bath is drawn and you’re in it comfortably, add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil to the bath. With your hand, stir the water clockwise, 3 times. Smell the eucalyptus, close your eyes and breathe it in. If you have trouble detecting the oil, add 2 or 3 more drops. As you breathe in the scent, focus only on how it smells, how it makes you feel. When you are relaxed, sprinkle 3 small handfuls of chamomile into the bath with you. 

Lower yourself into the bath, up to your neck, leaving your head above water. Take in the scents of the healing herbs. After a few relaxed moments recite the following as many times as you wish:

“Water soothe me

Fire warm me

Air revive me

Earth heal me”

Visualize your wounds healing faster, your sickness fading, whatever the ailment is leaving you faster, leaving you in good health. After you’re done reciting the words and visualizing your healthy outcome, take a moment to relax completely in the bath. Continue to take in the scents of the herbs, meditate if you want to or continue to visualize yourself being healthy and feeling better. 

When you are done, drain the water and clean out the bath tub (to make sure herbs don’t clog up your pipes, place a thin wash cloth over the open drain/plug). You can shower to rinse off the rest of the herbs and oil or continue to meditate outside the bathtub. 

Invasive 'alien' species represent a massive threat to our animals and plants, scientists caution

The world is being invaded by “alien” species that could cause huge problems, scientists have warned.

Our rapidly changing world is bringing new types of invasive species that are able to trigger disruption – potentially including new kinds of diseases that could ravage animals and plants.

“Our study found that environmental change, new biotechnology and even political instability are all likely to result in new invasions that we should all be worried about,” said David Aldridge from Cambridge University, which hosted a meeting of 17 researchers from four continents to try and combat the coming concern.

Many invasive speeches have already brought havoc to some regions. Those include Japanese knotweed, for instance, which can destroy buildings, or Eastern European zebra mussels that can clog drinking pipes.

Now scientists fear that among other invasions, disease-causing bacteria and other life could spread into new regions and attach themselves to new hosts. As they do so, they might undergo changes that cause them to turn from innocuous to dangerous, bringing new kinds of dangers.

That is already happening to some animal species – such as a fungus that is killing European salamanders and a disease that is wasting sea stars in perhaps the worst wildlife die-off ever recorded. These are so dangerous because the animals and plants have never been exposed to the threats before, and so have not developed ways of fighting against them.

And it could happen even more as agricultural practices change. Farmers might end up intentionally introducing invasive species that then go on to cause havoc.

One way to control the damage from invasive species could be to use advances in genetic modification. But that could prove challenging, too, and any advances are likely to be met by “public opposition and the view that we are opening Pandora’s Box”, said Hugh MacIsaac from the University of Windsor.

The scientists caution that perhaps the biggest challenge is the denial that invasive species can cause such problems, attempting to downplay the role that such changes play.

“Denialism in science is not new, but its growth in the context of invasive species is especially worrying for people trying to conserve unique native biodiversity” said Tim Blackburn from University College London in a statement. “Manufacturing doubt about the negative impacts of invasive species can delay mitigating action to the point where it is too late.”

‘The Last Man on Earth': Jasper Gets Into Tandy’s Porn Stash (Exclusive Video)

Silly Jasper, porn isn’t for kids!

The small fry on “Last Man on Earth” gets into Phil “Tandy” Miller’s (Will Forte) stash of adults films on Sunday, when the Fox sitcom returns. Carol (Kristen Schaal) and Phil catch the child in time, thanks to a little handy-dandy Tandy spying. The title character grabs his tablet back, but he’s still more than happy to describe the movie’s plot in front of the youngster.

“Oh yeah! I know this one very well,” the faux-eyebrow-wearer says in the above sneak peek clip, which is exclusive to TheWrap. “The repairman is there to fix a clogged pipe and then gets side-tracked, and winds up doing some sexual stuff with his customer.”

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Phil then walks away to go re-acclimate himself with his favorite flick. Watch the video above — the Fox preview, not the porn movie.

Also this weekend, the gang throws a huge celebration canvassing every major holiday, but Tandy and Todd’s (Mel Rodriguez) bromance hits a rough patch that threatens to end the fun.

The “Name 20 Picnics…Now!” episode of “The Last Man on Earth” airs Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

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According to legend, Pythagoras invented a cup to prevent his students from drinking too greedily. If they overfilled the cup, it would immediately drain out all the fluid. The trick works thanks to a U-shaped tube in the center of the cup. As long as the liquid level is below the highest point in the U-tube, only the entrance side of the tube will be filled. As soon as the liquid level in the cup is higher, the weight of all that fluid forces liquid up and around the bend. This kicks off a siphoning effect that pulls all the fluid out. Coincidentally, this is the same way that toilet flushing works! Pulling the handle releases extra water into the bowl that raises the fluid level higher than the highest point in a U-bend. That establishes a siphon, which (provided nothing has clogged the pipe), empties the toilet bowl. (Video credit: Periodic Videos)

So someone decided to debate ships with me. XD

Just because Toby leaves the ending up to the player does not make your ships any more possible in the game.

Alphyne is canon and Asgoriel is hinted at. (with an entire scene of the two together mind you. Among various other things.)

As for their personalities? You clearly have no understanding of these characters that you claim to ship.

Let’s start with Undyrus and Alphyne.
Alphyne is hinted at a lot throughout the games with numerous phonecalls and more showing that Papyrus and Undyne are just bffs. Papyrus even attempts to call Alphys for Undyne. (She gets flustered about it too.) There is also how Alphys acts on her date. She has all these things for Undyne, further proving that while she maybe bi or possibly even pan, she likes Undyne the most and has bonded with her over the course of their anime binge watching. Undyne also feels the same way. Papyrus is shown to be naive and not quite understanding of certain concepts of dating. The players date with him, should you choose to flirt with him during his fight, is very clearly nothing more than a playdate. When you go to Undyne’s, you have a cooking lesson. Nothing there either. But Alphys date… It outright shows you Alphys and Undyne’s relationship of not only close friends, but as two individuals trying to figure out how they feel about each other. Papyrus and Undyne have NEVER had a moment like that and Papyrus is a fellow supporter of Alphyne as are a few other characters. (Again, he tries to call Alphys for Undyne.) Notice how in the true ending that Papyrus is not in the scene with Undyne. Instead, Undyne is at the beach with her new girlfriend. (Even kissing her on the cheek for a cute moment.) Alphyne is canon and Undyrus is a brotp.

Now onto Soriel and Asgoriel. First of all, I would like to refresh your memory on how boss monsters are different from regular monsters. The Dreemurrs are the only known monsters called boss monsters. (Being an in game boss is different from being part of the boss monster species.) Boss monsters do not age and will out live anyone close to them, even their closest friends. The only way for boss monsters to age is to have children. Now I would like to talk about past Asgoriel. Asgore and Toriel were together for probably eight centuries if we go by the weapons in the intro and real world history. (medieval times etc.) It is highly likely that boss monsters must be highly sterile. We do not see any other boss monsters like the Dreemurrs. (If there are other boss monsters, then they are likely in the capital and other unreachable towns in the game.) Being two of the only boss monsters left after the war only cemented their royal status as king and queen. (It can be inferred that their parents died in the war or beforehand as they did not age until having Asriel.) Asgore and Toriel have one of the strongest, if not THE strongest relationship in canon. They were together for multiple centuries which is a testament to their love. Even having cute moments in bed they taped on VHS. Also, they sleep in the same bed in that video. It is my (and various others) headcanon that the rooms under maintenance are likely just their bathrooms. (Likely their pipes got clogged with fur as that is shown to happen in the kitchen sinks.) Asgore and Toriel clearly were in love. Gerson even mentions a few cute stories about the two further cementing their history and relationship. Gerson is also the one to teach the player about boss monster biology.

Now that I have talked about the past (trust me, I skipped over a lot of extra fluff details that Gerson says.) let me talk about the current situation. Soriel, just like Undyrus, is a brotp. Toriel and Sans have a few conversations but nothing builds on them having a future together. All they did was share some puns and a single recipe. They did not even tell each other their names. Sans is implied to have worked with Gaster and his followers among other things. Is that ever brought up? No. Toriel was the queen. Is that ever brought up? Seeing how Sans just calls her an “Old lady” (which he calls her MULTIPLE TIMES on different runs) they likely did not talk about themselves too much. All Sans knew about Toriel was that she wanted the humans to be safe. Anyone can tell you that. All Toriel knew about Sans is that he has a brother named Papyrus. Again, this an obvious part of his character that he would talk more about his brother than himself. He does that through the entire game. This proves that while they are close friends, they did not trust each other with personal stuff. Toriel does not give her reasoning or past when asking her new friend to take care of the next human. She just assumes that there is at least one monster on that side of the door who would not kill a human. Sans decides to humor her and accepts the promise. Sans specifically states that he hates to make promises and would have straight up killed Frisk if he did not do decide to help this old lady who he assumes from the tone of her voice, is very sad. Helping your elders is nothing new. The motivation was not love or LOVE. It was straight up friendship. Sans does not even comment on Toriel’s death. Only his brother’s.

Now back to Asgoriel. There are quite a few hints that Toriel actually does miss her old life with Asgore. This becomes blatantly obvious when you notice her decor. Tons of plants and flowers. Who is a gardener? Asgore. She is trying to fill the void. (Heck, the two may even be codependents.) The only plants that are doing well are the cacti, low maintenance plants, and a single golden flower in her room in memory of Asriel. This is likely one of the first to grow and the one that she cultivated seeds from. (You can find home made seed packets in a drawer.) Again, something she would have seen Asgore do many times. Not only this but she continues to make snail pie and butterscotch cinnamon pie. She and Asgore normally bought snails from the Blooks. (Napstablook and MTT got to see them together. Lucky…) Again, she is trying to fill the void. She can not even accuse Asgore of the killing at first. She says the monsters, followed by Asgore, will kill you. Not that Asgore and the monsters will kill you. She is still hoping that Asgore is not the killer. Fast forward to Asgore and you can see he is an absolute wreck without her. (Again, they could both be seen as codependents.) Asgore not only has removed plants from his house, but he as let the color fade from his home as well. Clearly the signs of a depressed individual. You can see just how broken he is. He has to write in his diary that it was a good day. He also still has a brand name chocolate bar for Chara and the sweater Chara made for him. He also has a Santa suit. Something Chara likely brought to the monster culture. Asgore and Toriel have both held onto the past and have not received any closure. Move onto the fight and Asgore is holding back. Throughout the game you learn about the father-daughter relationship Asgore and Undyne have. Whether it is through training or just having hot cocoa, they are very close. Speaking of training, Undyne mentions that Asgore is amazing at dodging. (Any no hit runner can tell you Undyne is hell.) Asgore’s fight can even go on indefinitely. Asgore has amazing speed, 80 attack and defense, and a HUGE amount of health. What does he do? He lets you hit him. He takes the abuse because he no longer wants to live. He mentions that he is a pacifist too and was only trying to give his people hope. (Hope is a component of a monster soul as stated in a few books in game.) He was trying to keep his people alive. He even says that if you want, you could live with him and Toriel as a family. But then he is killed. Even if you spare him, in a certain ending you can get by doing neutral runs a certain way, Asgore admits that being forgiven for the past would be difficult and that there is no other option. (He hired Alphys to find a way through the barrier but she never did find a solution or soulution if you prefer.) He straight up kills himself in front of you to give you a chance to escape through the barrier and find a solution he was not able to. Now, I would like to note here that Frisk does in canon see Asgore as a father-figure. If you talk to Gerson enough, the two of you will talk about the possibility of Asgore being Frisk’s dad. Frisk is implied to talk, just as they are implied to say various other things. So goatdad is canon. Now to move onto the cutscene you all like to focus on. Everyone is together and talking. Asgore asks if he can be friends with Toriel. She says no. This is actually important because if she had said yes, he would be in the friendzone 100%. Instead, she says no, meaning that Asgore is going to have to rebuild his relationship with her in order to become friends and eventually back to lovers. This is actually extremely realistic and true to life. Back to Soriel. Sans and Toriel joke around, even playing keepaway with a phone. This in no way means a relationship. Friends and siblings do that all the time. It is a brotp. Also, something EXTREMELY important to note is during the Asriel fight. Asgore and Toriel are still affecting each other’s souls. They are connected at the soulular level (Lame pun I know.) after decades of being apart. They are still close no matter how much Toriel is too stubborn to admit. Sans and Papyrus have an extremely close bond as well. No, not love but brotherly love. So much so that they affect each other. Alphys and Undyne are separate because they are just starting a relationship so they are not that close yet. Now I bring us to the final point with Asgoriel. The ending. Asgore and Toriel are shown to have reconciled to the point of happily working together. It is not wrong to assume they could have possibly reconciled all the way. Afterall, now they would have time to have the closure they needed and Asgore would be able to actually apologize. (Something everyone interrupts.) Not only that but statistically, most romances start at work. (Just look at Undyne and Alphys. They both worked for Asgore.) Asgore and Toriel certainly have some tension and they are working together. It is easy to see them reconciling.

So there you have it. Alphyne is canon, asgoriel is supported, and the rest are brotps. Obviously, I could not add in ALL my evidence but I did put in a majority of it. I know how to read characters because I am a critic. I am a realist, a cynic, and more. I am logical and the evidence is in my favor. If you try to ship the brotps as anything more then you should not be in the fandom. You are erasing part of these characters that make them so real to the actual fans. The reason I shipshame is to protect what Toby Fox gave us. A lovely story with just enough realism to make us connect with the characters. I will support the canon no matter what people may say. If you build off of canon, great! But if you are erasing character traits you can leave. These characters are perfect and should be respected, fictional or not.

Immersed in Zombie City

Ruby slammed her back against the brick corner, keeping the barrel of her assault rifle aimed at the ground. Her legs felt like vulcanized rubber. The wall was all that held her upright. Her mouth hung wide open as she gulped down air. Every ragged breath drove a red-hot spike into her lungs. Sweat matted her black cherry hair against her forehead. She struggled to keep the heavy rifle from dropping out of her trembling arms. The rifle’s sling bit into her shoulder, only adding to her agony. Every fiber of her body cried out in pain, demanding rest. But, such a thing was a luxury that she could not afford.

A low sound crept into her ears. Like air rasping through a clogged pipe. She heard more sounds. Bones creaking. Feet dragging along asphalt. Deep-throated gurgles. Fear seized her heart with corpselike claws.

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bts and what they do in the bathroom

seokjin: spends hours taking luxurious baths, is very into aromatherapy, and owns 10 different cleansers and separate creams for night and day. the bathroom always smells like lavender when he comes out. everyone is always stealing his stuff but he’d rather they’re all clean than running around sweaty. has offered to help develop everyone’s skincare routine. 

yoongi: will either take a spartan shower or pull a seokjin. never uses soap bc it irritates his sensitive skin but he always manages to smell squeaky clean. takes infrequent bubble baths and has a stock of bath bombs in the back of the sink cabinets that everyone knows abt and pretends they don’t. 

hoseok: rarely seen in the bathroom, because he thinks deodorant can carry him through for a couple days until seokjin drags him by the ears to the bathroom and locks him inside. takes five minute showers and owns one cleanser that he’s been hoarding for the last 3 years. steals seokjin’s shampoo but seokjin doesn’t care, as long as he doesnt end up falling asleep sweaty after practice and stinking up the whole room with BO. 

namjoon: takes medium length showers. uses axe body wash and special “for colored hair” shampoo that he has imported from greece every two months. never moisturizes so his elbows and knees are ashy and seokjin makes him keep travel sized aveeno around in his backpack. accidentally clogs the shower pipes because he always forgets to toss out his fallen hair strands and hoseok always screams when he sees it because it looks like spiders.

jimin: also takes medium length showers, but he tries to go quickly if he knows someone else is waiting in line. uses johnson & johnson’s baby wash, and has a dedicated day and nighttime skincare routine that seokjin helped him create and sticks to it religiously. swears by innisfree honey masks and staying hydrated. 

taehyung: steals all of the other members’ stuff. never bothered to buy any of his own things so he cherry-picks who he’ll steal from every day. always smells good despite everyone swearing theyve only seen him shower in the last three days? uses a special cream his mom sends him in the post for eczema. once he mistook hair removal cream for a moisturizer and gave it to namjoon.

jeongguk: very particular with smells, so he spends a lot of time at skincare stores deciding what he wants for his bathroom routine. takes medium showers, always washes behind his ears because seokjin said so, and has a different body wash for every day of the week. uses hypoallergenic cleansers because he breaks out easily, finally settled on proactiv. always smells really good, to seokjin’s relief, even after a grueling dance practice. seokjin 2.0.

sleepyheadcantbetamed  asked:

What do you know about love?

Well, there’s the two kinds I know that I had experienced with “love”

The kind where it sparks a burning passion deep within you that makes you never want to stop reaching for it. The kind of love that makes your head feel light and your breath shaky every time your eyes connect with theirs no matter how far or close you are. The kind where you feel yourself smile randomly at any time of day just by hearing something that made you think of themselves. It’s the kind of love that after an argument, you still think how lucky you are to even have that person with you and it’s the kind of love that makes you feel less lonely. The kind where you feel like you never want to stop picking up random flowers from the ground. But mostly, the kind where you never want to stop seeing the Galaxy in their eyes.

And then

There’s the kind of love that feels like it drains you from your energy. The kind that makes your throat feel like it’s closing in on you and you’re suffocating on every thing you thought you did was right ended up being wrong. The kind where you’re up at night, wondering if you was ever good enough or if you are too much and your chest hurts and your heart won’t stop feeling heavy. The kind where you’re afraid of being yourself because if you are, they might not like it and you can’t do anything about it because you’re so fucking in love with them. It’s crying yourself to sleep and holding onto yourself, because a part of you is so afraid of losing them or losing yourself but you can’t help it. The kind where it feels like you’re drowning in a fucking ocean and you can’t get up and you’re trying to gasp for air but there isn’t any around you but salt water clogging up your wind pipe.

So there’s the love that makes you feel okay, that makes you feel like getting up in mornings is worth it. And there’s the kind of love that makes you feel like you don’t matter and that sleeping forever doesn’t sound too bad at all.