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#127: Baby Series | Diaper Changing


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First Night Home With The Baby



Luke fumbled with his fingers, not really saying anything but just biting his lip and looking down at the plate in front of him. The seat next to him was empty and he was starting to grow anxious about what was going on. “Is there anything wrong?” Liz asked confused, noticing Luke’s sudden weird state and she stopped mid track with putting potatoes on her plate. “Yeah, I’m just wondering where Y/N is..” Luke mumbled with a shrug and looked back at the empty chair, his eyebrows furrowing as he tried to find an explanation for why you all of the sudden rose from the chair and headed out of the living room. Luke’s grandparents had been ranting endlessly about wanting to finish the dinner that never actually occurred on the day you got into labor, and they had waited patiently until the day you and Luke actually had the surplus to do it, and today was that day. Everything had been fine, William had been sleeping in his baby carriage most of the time and the dinner had started nice and well. You had been acting normal, checking on William a few times to see if he was sleeping well, as you guys had placed him inside Luke’s old bedroom where there was still a bed and a desk, but with a few boxes of Liz’s old clothes that couldn’t fit in her own dresser. But now that you were gone, Luke had started to grow confused and now he had to stand up because it was overwhelming him. ”I’ll go check on Y/N.” He said politely and placed his napkin next to his plate before hurrying towards his own bedroom and opened the door carefully. “Everything alright?” Luke asked worried when he popped his head inside and you looked up at him with a soft smile. “Yeah.. William just pooped.. Everywhere he could.” You said with a sigh and Luke shut the door and walked forward so he could stand next to you. “Literally.” Luke commented and saw the hot mess, poop everywhere on William’s clothes and diaper. “Literally.” You repeated in confirm and threw yet another tissue in the bin next to you. “I have no idea what exploded inside of him but it was making me anxious. He wouldn’t stop making noises in the baby monitor and I’m so happy that I checked on him.” You explained and Luke nodded his head in confirm, helping you along to get a fresh diaper on William when you had finally cleaned him and got him into some new clothes. You stood up with William in your embrace and Luke grabbed the dirty clothes, ready to turn around to wash it but Liz came inside. “Is there something wrong?” She asked with a raised eyebrow but her mouth turned into an o when she saw the mess Luke had in his hands. “Here, let me help.” She smiled at you and headed towards you to take the dirty clothes. “Thanks mom.” Luke said generously and you nodded your head agreeing. “You did the exact same thing when you were his age.” Liz commented and it made Luke’s cheeks blush while you held a hand in front of your mouth to prevent the giggle escaping your lips.


Calum smiled softly to himself as he was leaning his back against the wall with his body, his hands filled with bass wires and his eyes glued to the scene in front of him. The studio was filled with giggles, happiness and looked quite like a mess with you, Ashton, Alexander and Michael sprawled on the floor. Today was Alexander’s first visit at the studio, mainly because this was Calum’s first work day since the birth but he couldn’t get himself to leave you guys at home. After 20 minutes of convincing, he finally managed to make you say yes to go to the studio with him, but it also meant that the working process took longer because Michael and Ashton got so distracted by Alexander all the time. But being here for quite a long time meant that at some point Alex would need to get his diaper changed, and that was now. With the help of Ashton and Michael, the three of you teamed up to change his diaper and Calum was surprised to see how into it the boys were. Normally you would connect diaper changing with something gross that was unnecessary to anticipate in but the boys found it hilarious to do, and Michael had total control of doing it to both yours, Ashton’s and Calum’s surprise. “If you’re gonna pee on me Alex, we won’t be friends after this.” Michael exclaimed and you couldn’t prevent the giggles as you stared at him changing the diaper while Ashton threw the dirty one into the bin behind him. “He almost did it to Calum once. We just changed his diaper and put on a new one when he started to pee again.” You commented and grabbed his feet afterwards, Alex’s eyes looking around confused by the two enormous boys staring down at him with big smiles. A poke appeared on Calum’s shoulder and he turned his head away from you guys to look at Luke who was standing with a skeptical expression and had his guitar plectrum between his lips. “What’s wrong?” Calum asked and stopped pulling the wires from each other so he could focus on Luke and it made him remove the plectrum between his lips. “Have you told her?” Luke asked and crossed his arms, leaning his body against wall just like Calum. “No..” He responded and looked back at you guys, a guilty feeling running down his spine. “Don’t you think you should do it? You knew it would happen.” Luke commented and Calum nodded his head with a sigh. He had told himself at least 5 times a day that he should mention it to you but every time you would look at him with Alex wrapped up in your embrace he couldn’t get himself to do it. “I just think it’s too hard to believe.” He mumbled and fiddled with the wire. “As long as you don’t tell her the day before.” Luke said and Calum nodded his head agreeing, his eyes adverting back to you guys on the floor and a sigh escaped his lips with a very small smile on his lips.  


“What about this one?” You asked, holding up yet another pink jumper from the row of clothes in front of you and it made Michael furrow his eyebrows and squeeze his eyes to get a better look at it. “Didn’t you just show me that?” He asked confused and swung the baby carriage back and forth, trying his best to get Celeste to sleep again. “No, this one has a panda on it. The other one had a giraffe.” You scoffed and him and grabbed the other jumper, showing the both of them to Michael. He looked confused between the two of them before pointing towards the one with the panda and you smiled in satisfaction and placed it down in the basket you were holding with other baby clothes. Today you guys needed to get out. Not just the let’s go to the park get out, but actually getting out of your neighborhood. You guys had been stuck at home for ages and Michael craved to get out just for a few hours, and that was how you ended up heading to the closest mall, and it was totally obvious that you guys would shop for baby clothes. Not that Celeste needed everything, since the birth everyone had spoiled her with presents such as clothes, toys and fuzzy bears. Small cries came from the baby carriage and it made Michael’s attention turn back towards Celeste and he made a small whining sound to copy her before he picked her up in his embrace and followed you towards socks. “Uhm Y/N.” Michael said all of the sudden and it made your attention dawn towards his and you looked at him with questionable eyes. “I think we’ve got a brown alarm.” You lifted your eyebrows in confuse at first but then your mouth turned wide and you looked at him with understanding eyes. “It’s because of all that milk you produce, jeez.” He chuckled and opened the baby carriage fully. “You wanna do it here?” You asked confused and walked closer so you stood right next to him. “This is a baby store? Do you think the workers would mind?” He asked with a shrug with his shoulders and it made you bit your lip and take a look around the shop. Nobody else was here and the shop was big enough for you to become hidden in all the piles of clothes and other baby supplements. “Alright.” You sighed and removed the blanket Celeste usually slept with in the baby carriage and moved down to grab a new diaper along with some tissues and a teddy bear so she wouldn’t puzzle around in the baby carriage. “See, everything is gonna be okay baby girl we just need to check that Mr. Poopoo pants have visited.” Michael giggled down at Celeste before placing her down on the baby carriage with a towel under her. “He surely did.” Michael said in confirm and grimaced as he started to clean her and you smiled up at him with a laugh and gave him a clean diaper that he seemed to be more pleased than ever to change for her.


“Okay, I’m taking Cloe this time!” Ashton exclaimed as he bowed forward in front of the crib, taking Cloe up from her slumber and cradled her in his arms. “You sure you wanna risk that?” You chuckled, putting the blue pacifier in your hand into Zack’s waiting mouth. He would always be a drama queen when he didn’t have it in his mouth during nursing. “Why wouldn’t I? Every time you change her it’s just pee.” He said with a shoulder shrug and placed Cloe on the nursing table. “That’s because I’m magical. She can feel when it’s her daddy changing her.” You chuckled and stood next to him, placing Zack on the nursing table right next to Cloe. “Well Zack always makes the biggest poops. So I’ll just say good luck.” Ashton chuckled and placed a kiss to your cheek and you looked up at him with a smirk and a raised eyebrow, starting to unbutton Zack’s jumper. “Prepare for gas mask.” He said and unbuttoned Cloe’s jumper and he kept on looking towards you to make sure what he expected would happen. You opened the jumper fully and moved it up so you could remove the diaper and just like you expected, nothing but pee was in the diaper. Ashton stared at you speechless, his mouth hanging and eyes wide. “I don’t believe this.” He commented and watched as you giggled up at him. “It’s mommy power.” You chuckled and cleaned him up before grabbing a new diaper and started to put it on him. “Mommy power my ass.” Ashton scoffed at you and lifted his head up to remove some of the curls sticking in front of his face and he opened Cloe’s diaper with big expectations but then closed it fast again. He made a grimace and looked towards you with an angry expression and you placed your hand in front of your mouth. “Is anything wrong?” You asked innocently and cocked your head while staring at him. “Yes Y/N, we’ve got a bingo over here.” Ashton said out loud and you couldn’t control the giggles that escaped your lips as you put on Zack’s jumper. “Well, you wanted Cloe didn’t you?” You chuckled and watched as he started to clean her up with wet tissues. “Next time I’m taking Zack again, at least he doesn’t poop that much.” He stated and shook his head disappointed while grabbing a new diaper and wrapped Cloe into it. “I’ll tell you twice. It’s mommy power.” You said and lifted up Zack into your arms and placed a kiss to his soft cheek, the smirk on your lips never leaving. Ashton glared over at you and watched as you headed out of the bedroom and towards the living room. He looked back at Cloe who stared up at him with confused eyes and he lifted her up into his embrace. “Mommy power, do you believe in that?” He scoffed quietly and looked down at Cloe, expecting her to answer but all she did was drool down her mouth and looking up at him with her hazel eyes.

#131: Baby Series | Bath Time


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Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing 


“Oh my god he almost looks like he’s about to fall asleep.” Luke commented with adoring eyes, looking down at William who dazed between having his eyes open and closed in rest. “Yeah, I guess he loves the warm water.” You responded while standing in front of the sink, watching Luke in the reflecting mirror in front of you. You took the cleaning sponge from the cupboard below you and put soap on it before putting it under the sink and turned on the hot water. “Not too hot though.” Luke warned and you nodded your head agreeing, already knowing what he meant. Bathing time with William had started to get regular every second day right before his bed time so he could get all cleaned up before getting a clean pajama. It was probably Luke’s favourite time at the day because for once he could participate as well, holding William in the small baby bath and made sure he wouldn’t get water in his mouth or eyes. It created a bond between Luke and William as he would always look up with wide eyes at his dad, so affectionate it melted Luke’s heart each time he did it. “See William, mommy’s coming with the blue sponge.” Luke said with wide smiling eyes down at his son and it made you chuckle before coming into William’s sight, his eyes glancing away from Luke and towards you. “We’re just gonna clean you up honey.”“ You chuckled as he started to wiggle his body by the soft connection and you made sure to clean him everywhere on his body while the water splashed around by William’s movements.  "He’s got all that energy from you.” You stated, and placed the sponge on the table next to the bath and it made Luke scoff at you. “I didn’t have that much energy when I was little.” He stated and lifted William up from the otherwise warm towel and he started to make noises by the sudden cold temperature. He hurried towards you in your waiting arms with a towel and with the help of you he wrapped it around William and walked towards the nursing table, placing him onto the changing pillow so you could take over. Though, after lifting William lots of dribbles from the water had landed and spread on the floor and without knowledge Luke hadn’t noticed it and slipped as long as he was, landing with a loud crash onto the warm tiles with whines coming from his mouth. “Oh my god, Luke!”


“Are you okay?” By the sudden question Calum’s head rose and he looked at you with rosy cheeks. You cocked your head by his reaction to your question and stopped in track with undressing Alex, and placed the blue sponge in your hand next to the baby towel placed on top of the counter in the bathroom. “No.. I just like watching you doing what you’re doing.” He responded with a sigh followed by a smile and he loosened his body from being stuck to the doorframe and he walked forward to wrap his arms around you from behind. “You’ve just been awfully quiet the last couple of days.” You mumbled and took the last piece of clothing off Alex and placed your finger into the water in the tub to make sure it wasn’t too hot for him to bath in. “It’s nothing, I just think I’m tired.” Calum mumbled and leaned his head on his chin, watching as you lifted Alex in your arms and down into the bathtub, making sure that he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable and that he wouldn’t get a shock by the sudden contact with water. But as you expected Alex loved water more than everything so he didn’t cry a single tear when he was in the water, just got more and more curious by the water filled sponge you used to clean with him. “Actually there is something I have to say.” Calum announced after some moments of silence and you stopped in track to look at him with a raised eyebrow. “I’ll just dry him off then you can tell me.” You mumbled and it made Calum grab the towel and return it to you so you could lift Alex up from the now lukewarm water and place him on the towel next to the tub. When you had dried him up and wrapped him in the towel you looked up at Calum with curious eyes and it made him take a deep breath and look down at his feet. “I promised myself that it wouldn’t happen… But it has and the contract says I can’t cancel.” His words made a lump form in your throat and you knew what was coming now. “I’m going on a tour Y/N. And it starts in three weeks.” Your eyes widened even though you knew it was coming and you had no words to say. Your mouth was dry and nothing seemed to come out. “I know it’s a lot to take. But I will make sure that you’re coming with me and nothing is going to be difficult. I promise you my word.”


”Should we see if you dad has done what I asked him to?” You asked with a chuckled and looked down at Celeste while you undressed her on the nursing table inside your bedroom. The clock was past 7pm which meant that it would be less than half an hour before you would put Celeste to bed and before you and Michael just wanted to bath her to make sure she would be all clean before bedtime. “He’s been in there for a couple of minutes now so I think he’s ready.” You said and took off her diaper, lifting her up from the table and cradled her in your arms before heading towards the bathroom. The door was open and when you walked inside you stopped in track and stared at Michael with wide eyes. The bathroom was basically covered in bobbles from the soap Michael had used a rather big amount of in the bathtub. Not to mention that it was in fact in the bathtub instead of the baby tub and you quivered an eyebrow when Michael smirked at you. “What? I needed a shower too.” He laughed and pushed some of the bobbles away so there could be place for Celeste to rest. “How do you want to do it?” You asked rather nervous and headed towards him, taking seat on the warm heated towels next to the tub. “I’ll just take her in my arms while you’ll take the sponge and wash her.” He said with a chuckle and looked down at Celeste with a goofy smile and she responded with her usual wide eyes, still hasn’t learned to smile yet. “It isn’t too hot is it?” You asked nervous and it made Michael scoff and shook his head. “I’ve got everything on control, trust me.” Michael responded and you nodded your head silently and moved up so you could place her in his arms. Michael cradled her with a massive smile on his face and he leaned back in the bathtub and watched her with his baby green eyes, the proud smile on his lips never leaving. When Celeste started to close her eyes in pleasure by the precisely right temperature water you couldn’t prevent the giggle escaping your lips and you leaned down to start watering the sponge and clean her body. “Told you it was a good idea.” Michael said with a smirk and it made you move the sponge towards his head, cleaning his face with it and he shut his eyes by the sudden touch, spitting out some of the water from the sponge with a laugh.


Small cries and whimpers came from Cloe as she was resting in the warm embrace of Ashton, wrapped up in a warm towel yet she was most probably still freezing from the shower Ashton had just given her. “Shh princess, I’m doing my best to heat you up.” Ashton chuckled down at her and placed his warm soft lips onto her forehead and pecked it a few times, trying his best to make her stop crying. “She’s so fuzzy today, I have no idea what’s going on with her.” You commented from next to him, holding Zack tightly in your grip while moving the white sponge on his body, cleaning his skin. “It’s because she didn’t want to nap with her brother and ate instead.” Ashton said and looked down at her with big eyes and he felt relieved when she finally seemed to calm down, her eyes mixing between being open and closed. “She’s gonna sleep well tonight though.” He said while standing up, heading towards the nursing table and removed the warm towel, expecting her to start whining again. “Yeah, and then it’s gonna be Zack who’s gonna be awake throughout the whole night.” You chuckled and grabbed the towel next to you, lifting Zack and placed him on the towel. “The benefit of having twins.” Ash said standing with his back facing you and you nodded your head agreeing before standing up and headed towards him to place Zack right next to Cloe. “Even if it makes everything ten times harder, I can’t imagine it being different. I love how ordinary it is.” He said with a soft smile and looked down at Cloe loving. “Me too. It makes the experience much more exiting. And I gotta admit currently shower time is my favourite time of the day.” You responded and grabbed the warm jumper waiting to heat up Zack before you placed a diaper on Zack, his eyes dozing off and it was clear that he was ready to go a sleep any minute by now. Ashton smiled between the three of you and he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you into his side when the both of you had finished dressing both of them. “How did I get so lucky?” He asked with a satisfied sigh and you shrugged your shoulders and looked up at him with a smile which made him peck your nose. Though it didn’t last long before Cloe started to whine again and you both looked down at her with wide eyes. “Okay giving mommy more attention than you is a crime I know I know.” Ash commented and lifted Cloe up in his arms, pecking her cheeks to try stopping the cries.

#213: Baby’s First Christmas | Decorating The House


Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 1st:
Baby’s First Christmas (1/?)

Ahhh this is so exciting look what is back! I have made a mini mini series which will also be the last few chapters of this whole series in complete. So of course this is like a mix of being sad and happy because I’ve been working on this series for almost three years and to see it end completely is woah! But to make sure this will also be fitting with the timeline, Christmas is mixed in between the baby series so I’ve written the age of the children so it makes more sense!

Pregnancy Series // Baby Series 

Luke (Newborn):

”Luke?” The confusion was noticeable in your tone as you walked out of the nursery, scanning the hallway but without any sight of the blond haired lad. “Attic!” Was faintly yelled back in respond, taking away your curiosity and seconds later he came to sight with two brown boxes stabled together in his embrace. “What is going on?” You questioned confused, swaying back and forth out of habit while having William in your arms. “It somehow came to my attention that because of the pregnancy, stress, the birth and all we haven’t even gotten the chance to decorate for Christmas yet.” Your eyes widened by the announcement because to be honest it hadn’t really been at the top of your mind. But now when taking a look around the house seemed pretty empty, especially compared to simple things like various colors of Christmas lights outside. “So I thought why not dig something out and just make it a little out of it. From that you will also be able to let go of William for the first time while he is awake since the birth.” Your eyes widened even more by Luke’s announcement, ready to scold at him but when he raised his hands in surrender you knew he was only joking. Shaking your head by him you still accepted his waiting hand, feeling the buzz go through your veins by the affection and followed him into the living room to start it out. Saying that things were awkward between you weren’t exactly true, but you were more still somehow struggling to become a couple officially. You loved each other, no single doubt about that but Luke still managed to blush every time you did something romantically such as holding hands or kissing. You even had to scold at him a few times because the situation wouldn’t get any better when he would laugh and make a fool of himself. Simply, Luke still couldn’t believe that his best friend had turned into his soulmate, his princess and the mother of his son. Occasionally you would catch him staring at you, it had become a habit where you didn’t even say anything but just smiled at each other. Sometimes you would ask why he would, but it would always be the same and it would always bring a smile to your face. “You’re beautiful.” This time you hadn’t even asked yet, holding a few cut out Christmas stockings to hang above your fireplace. Looking up at him as he was about to hang up a Christmas wreath while standing on a chair, smiling down at both you and William who was sleeping peacefully sleeping on his blanket on your couch. “You’re really beautiful.”

Calum (5 months old):

“You know, I think this is actually the first time we’re decorating the tour bus.” Ashton commented while scanning the many boxes of various kinds of decorations, he almost couldn’t believe that you and Luke had used literally two hours on buying everything while the others looked after Alex. “I wanted this to be special so I ordered them to buy everything they could find. This is Alex’ first Christmas after all and even if we aren’t home it shouldn’t prevent us from having the best one ever, despite us being on the road.” Calum explained while taking things out, throwing the decorations in the not so waiting arms of Ashton and Luke, looking over at Michael who was holding Alex by the hip. “I’ll take the decent babysitter task and watch you do all the work.” He said with a pleasing smile, taking a seat down on the couch and bounced Alex up and down on his lap. Rolling your eyes by his easy way of escaping out of the situation you took out a few bells, hanging them up around the cupboards by the mini kitchen. Meanwhile Calum had made sure to plug in his Spotify to one of the speakers, finding the best playlist of Christmas tunes he could and once in while sang along to the song. You could definitely tell that Luke and Ash were enjoying this as well despite wanting to be in Michael’s position, hanging up fake spruces with red bows above the windows while Calum hung up a mistletoe above the front entrance. “Hey Cal, Y/N, would you think he would like some peppermint candy canes?” Michael suddenly questioned, already having the bag open and about to let Alex have a taste but you were quick to speak up. “Michael no, he’s not even a year yet he can’t have any of it!” You let go of the bells to hurry towards him, taking the canes out of his hands and placed it in his mouth instead. Leaning over on the table to grab Alex’s pacifier you took his attention from the red and white cane that seemed to make his brown orbs go wide, placing it in his mouth and sighed softly when Calum came up beside you. “I’m sorry bud, your mother is strict.” Michael whispered with a giggle, knowing that in the end it wouldn’t be okay to give him one and winked up at you. “You can wear a Santa hat instead.” Reaching out for a too big hat in one of the boxes he placed it on top of Alexander’s head, confusion written on his face when everyone started to giggle by the cuteness.

Michael (8 months old):

“You got it?” He questioned, his voice shaky and almost holding his breath while stabilizing you on his shoulders. He couldn’t see much, it was covered in both boobs and hair but he trusted your words, this wasn’t like when you were hanging up frames and you could claim they would be perfectly straight. “I think so.” You mumbled in concentration and moved back to get a better view of it, making sure that it was secure and wouldn’t fall down. Looking down at Michael with a giggle you felt him walk towards the kitchen counter where Celeste was resting on her baby chair, looking up at you with wide eyes as to what in the world her parents were doing at the moment. “You gotta check this out princess.” Michael cheered the second you were down from his shoulders and sitting on the counter, watching him lift her up and into his warm embrace. “You see this?” He questioned and lifted his hand up to touch the ends of the mistletoe, wanting Celeste to get the attention and look up as well. “You’re probably more interested in food.” He commented quickly when she started sucking on his thumb lightly, looking up with her emerald green eyes and exclaimed “Dada!” “Yes dada and mama just hung this up, it’s a mistletoe.” He explained and looked up, “It means when we’re standing under it I’m allowed to do this without protests.” A fits of weird noises and giggles filled the kitchen as Michael attached Celeste with kisses on the cheek, moving his lips around to her nose, her forehead and over to the other cheek. “And you can’t do anything about it.” He giggled because of her reaction, barely getting the chance to kiss her because his eyes were squeezing in happiness and his laughter was loud in the kitchen. You stopped in track from cutting a reindeer to just admire them from apart, leaning your back against the counter but that was when Michael looked over at you with a serious expression. “That involves you as well, babe.” He reached his hand out while holding Celeste by his hip, wiggling his eyebrows and making you laugh as you approached him. Letting him take his hand in yours he pulled you close to his embrace as possible, his lips finding your cheek fast as well making Celeste giggle by the action. “I already know from now that this Christmas is gonna be the best one.” His lips went back to Celeste’s cheek again, making sure to tickle her side before he looked back at you. “Getting the honour to celebrate it with my two favourite girls. I couldn’t imagine it getting any better.”

Ashton (3 months old):

“Ash, how many calendars have you bought?” Confusion was clear both in your tone and eyes when opening the bags from the grocery store he had just arrived home from, holding at least four different kinds of Christmas calendars in your hands. “What?” He questioned while mixing between kissing Zack’s and Cloe’s cheeks in welcome home as they were both resting on the blanket you had spread out on the floor by the couch. Zack seemed like someone who was already ready to sleep while Cloe looked up at her father with big eyes. “It’s one for each.” He simply replied like it wasn’t obvious and grabbed two to hang them up. It was the last thing you needed in the house, everything else was fixed. Ashton had even bought a Christmas tree already standing in the middle of the living room yet to be decorated. He also had made sure to hang up lights outside of the house and around your fence because nothing else was bigger than having the house with the most Christmas lights. It was a competition he had more with himself than others. “And you think they will be able to eat chocolate and jellybeans already?” You questioned with a raised eyebrow but regardless still smiled. “No, that will be our job. I just really wanted to buy them because you know… First Christmas and all that. Even if they are only three months old I want them to have everything.” Smiling brightly by his excitement you stood up on your toes to reach his face, placing a soft kiss to his waiting lips. “You’re probably gonna eat the most of it.” You grinned, leaning down to grab Cloe who was starting to become fuzzy about the lack of attention she was getting. “That definitely isn’t a problem.” He grinned and leaned down to grab Zack, the two of you walking around to take a look around the house. You had been decorating all morning and now when it was starting to become dark outside, everything just looked much cozier. The otherwise white and black minimalistic colors were warmed up by red, green and various other Christmas-ish colors. When you walked over to the tree that Ashton had used tons on time wanting to saw it perfectly so it wasn’t too high but neither too small for your living room you noticed that one thing was actually hanging on it. The thing was a frame with the picture Ashton’s mum had sent you on the day of your birth. “Did you do this?” You whispered when a smile, feeling his lips press a soft kiss to your forehead in respond. “It reminds me of love.”

I've Missed You

TITLE: I’ve missed you
AUTHOR: storylover92
GENRE: romance, drama, erotica, adventure
CHAPTER SUMMARY: Edward and Chloe have broken up and an old friend shows up at Edward’s door with a classic “break up kit”….


Authors Notes: This is @maxwell-demon’s prize from my last give-away! I hope you like it (it’s not as fluffy as I thought it would be…)!


                Edward stretched out on his couch alone in his flat. He was heartbroken after Cloe had dumped him on his ass at dinner the week before. She told him there was someone else then got up from the table, leaving him to sit and wonder where it all went wrong. Even though he put in a movie to watch he wasn’t paying attention, he was still too preoccupied with trying to figure out what he did wrong.  That’s when the doorbell rang.

                “Now what?” Edward muttered to himself as got up and answered the door.

                “Hi,” there she was, Nikki. She was his own personal ray of sunshine, or at least she had been before Chloe had told her off. Yet here she was and Edward stood stunned that she was right there, with a bag of groceries in hand. “I’m sorry I should have called.” Edward continued to stare at her with wide eyes. “Ok, um, if you like I can go…I mean I just…heard that you and Chloe…I brought wine.” She offered an insecure smile, for what Edward assumed was the first time in her life.

                “Please don’t go,” he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a warm hug. He buried his nose in her hair, which smelled like coffee. She always smelled like coffee, even at uni. Where she would drink a minimum of 4 cups of coffee a day and spent most of her time in the campus coffee shop doing homework. Edward always used to tease her that she would probably sweat coffee if she had one more cup. In her last year she jokingly said that she was going to open her own business, a coffee shop of course, after graduation the joke had become reality. He smiled at the memories.

                “Can we go in? It’s cold, and I’m cold…”

                “Yeah, I’m… I’m sorry.” They went inside and Nikki immediately went to the kitchen and started the oven to reheat the pizza she had grabbed.

                “How did you know that Cloe and I…broke up?”

                “Your sister told me. Then your mom called me and told me you were, well her words were ‘miserable mess’,” Nikki paused. “So, I brought you over the classic break up kit!”

                “The what?” Edward was leaning against the counter as she grabbed silverware, glasses and plates.

                “The classic break up kit. You know, ice cream, chocolate, booze, pizza, crisps, popcorn….”

                “You just raided the junk food aisle, didn’t you?”

                “Yep!” Nikki gave him one of her megawatt smiles as she put the pizza in the oven and set the timer.

                “You realize that guys don’t really do this….”

                “Really? After a break up you don’t just sit down with a pint of ice cream and your alcohol of choice and watch your favorite movies?”

                “Yes, to the booze. Sometimes to the movie. Not normally to the ice cream.” Nikki was right in front of him, and at least one part of him was very aware of how close she was.

                “Huh? That’s stupid. Everyone needs ice cream when something like this happens.” She shoved the pint of his favorite strawberry ice cream into his hand with a spoon. “You go and start your wallowing…”

                “Guys don’t wallow!” He laughed as she rolled her eyes and shoved him toward the couch.

                “I’ll bring in the pizza when it’s ready and then we are killing the bottle of wine I brought and see how much of your stash we can drink and still keep our wits!”

                ‘Or we could lose our wits…and our clothes…wait where the hell did that come from?’ He thought as he plopped down on the couch. He had a few bites of ice cream when Nikki came into the room and handed him a plate full of pizza and poured the wine there in the living room. She took a big gulp, sat down and started eating a slice off of her plate.

                Over the next hour they caught up on everything that had happened and in the process got soused. Then things turned more serious than she was hoping.

                “What happened to us?”

                “You met that Cloe bitch.”

                “Right,” he said guiltily.

“Right.”  He never had forgotten how she had always been there. Always. Even as kids they were close. They always dated other people, not wanting to risk fucking up their friendship. “I should have dated you. Starting first year at uni, I would have kissed you at that New Year’s party we went to. Right at midnight.”

                “You’re drunk.”

                “Yep!” Edward popped the ‘p’ a little more than he needed to. Causing Nikki to laugh. “But c’mon, we’re…we’re good together, right? And like you’ve never wondered what would have happened.” Nikki shrugged.

                “Yea, sure.”

                “You know what I think woulda happened?” He stammered


                “I think there’d be a ring on that finger of yours. And you’d be out to here,” he pantomimed a big belly with his hands. “With our little baby.”

                “You are reeeeally drunk.” Nikki shook her head, not quite believing his boldness.

                “Eh, I’ve been worse.” Edward stood up and held his hand out to her. “Come here.” Nikki took his hand and he pulled her up into the middle of the room and started some music. It was a slow jazz song, perfect to dance to. Edward wrapped one arm around her middle and he laced his fingers with hers as they swayed to the music. Nikki gave in and leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder and let out a contented sigh.

“I’ve missed this.” She whispered against his sweater.

“I’ve missed you.” He knew it was now or never, he moved his hand up her back and into her hair, leaned down and kissed her. Once her shock wore off she kissed him back, and they could have sworn that time stood still. He broke the kiss, “Do you want this?”

“I don’t want to be your rebound.”

“I don’t want a rebound. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms.”

“Tonight.” She said skeptically.

“Every night,” he corrected. Edward picked her up and carried her to his bedroom.

He peeled off his shirt and pants leaving him in his boxers. He then helped Nikki out of her clothes and sat on the edge of his bed with her between his legs. He let his hands wander over her silken skin and started kissing her stomach. Nikki couldn’t help but squirm at the contact, his lips were so soft and his fingers found the most delightful places to tease. He guided her onto the bed, she let her legs fall open they smiled at each other before he leaned forward and kissed her. He didn’t want to rush this, even with his cock purple with need he kept everything slow. His lips grazed their way down her neck, stopping to nibble on her collarbone. He massaged her breasts, while peppering her chest with kisses. Nikki gasped as he drew a nipple into his mouth to suckle it, followed by the other. He drug his nose down the rest of her torso, Edward looked up at her with each of her thighs on his shoulders. He kissed her thighs, relishing how she squirmed every time he avoided the exact spot where she wanted his mouth.

“Ed, I swear if you don’t start eating me out I’m going to grab you by those delicious curls and shove your face right where I want you.” Edward laughed at her, then ran just the tip of his nose over her clit. He smiled against her and let his tongue flick over her sensitive flesh causing her to buck under him. Finally, he slid two fingers into her and sucked on her clit as hard as he could.

‘It should be right around here…’ She mewled. ‘I have to be getting close.’ Nikki cried out and bucked into his face. ‘Jackpot!’  Edward gently lapped at her clit and massaged slow circles on her walls as she came down from her orgasm.

“How did you do that?”

“Wait, you mean no guy has ever bothered to find your g-spot before?” Nikki shook her head still catching her breath.

“No, all of the guys I’ve been with before just cared about getting theirs.”

“What assholes.”

“My thinking exactly,” she smiled. “It’s good to know that you’re not the same way.” Edward slid his boxers down, and gave her a sheepish smile as he leaned over her.

“I might have to be a tad selfish…” he started. Nikki pulled him into a kiss and rolled them over so she was on top.

“Allow me.” She lined him up with her entrance and slowly sank down onto him, relishing how his eyes fluttered closed the deeper he went. Nikki rolled her hips and bent down to bite his chest, making sure to leave a mark that he’d notice for days. Edward’s big hands grabbed her hips and guided her movements, urging her to bounce on his cock. Nikki braced her hands on his broad shoulders and let him bounce her. One of his hands slipped down between them and toyed with her clit.

“Oh, Nikki…Nik…ki… come with me…” She nodded against his neck, to close to think any type of coherent thoughts. Edward felt her walls start to clamp around him, and buried himself further into her as his cock twitched and he spilled into her. They both gasped, trying to come back to reality. Edward rolled them onto their sides, holding her close. “Were you planning on staying here tonight?”

“Yes, but I thought I’d be crashing on your couch.” They both burst out laughing.

“I hope that’s not still the plan,” he kissed her and managed to pull her closer still.