Elle s'est doucement…tendrement endormie…
Elle a rejoint la nuit dans ses bras…adorable…
Je vois sa main bouger…sa bouche…
Dans ce pays secret à mes pas interdit…

Je te supplie amour…
Ne t'en va pas trop loin…
Je suis auprès de toi…
J'ai peur éperdument du sommeil de tes yeux…




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anonymous asked:

there was another rec u did which was rlly cool of u, would u do one for multichapter jily smut fics? (dw if u don't read smut, just ignore this then)

lmao trust me I am the most avid smut reader and I got this down, LETS GO:

Buried Treasure and Transmorgify by Rienna Hawkes - Okay okay okay, right so this is my favourite multichapter jily smut ever BECAUSE their characters are so well developed alongside the bEsT sMUT you will love this some people are put off by the fact Lily and Snape have a romantic history but it’s like a mistake and yeah and like idc I will always shove this at everyone cos it’s bomb

 Kiss and Tell by SunshineDaisiesWindmills - maybe the first smut I ever read and it got me hooked? They have a sexual relationship before they acc are together in like fifth year maybe? It’s kind of like love/hate but then it turns to sex/love and I just??? I have no complaints, read it!

Top Dog by BadGirlwithsomeRetroSneakers - This is goooood stuff but unfinished, and hasn’t updated since like 2009? w h y?? It’s hot and I love it but also I would say that both Lily and James might be a bit out of character (but only in my opinion idk?) Still read it for smutty smut smut

Alright Evans? by CokeBottleK - I remember reading this aaaages ago but I’m ngl I can’t remember much of it apart from the fact it has really good smut that’s got to mean it’s good? and also there’s good character development and explanation here (also fluff it’s brill it’s got everything you’d ever want)

Love and Other Tragedies by Fancyeyes - There’s quite a long wait for the smut because Lily has a really crappy time at first (a lot of people don’t like it because she starts out being in a relationship with Sirius which I don’t like either but i guess it’s explained well?) but once it gets going it’s so good and I love it and the sMUT (plus she has a really hot guy friend who I am in love with bYE)

Lust… or Love? by sarinileni - So this fic is like a broken Lily who gets fixed by James, there’s some Marauders in there but the plot revolves around Lily having a dickbag boyfriend and that leads her to James (the way they get together is quite convoluted but the smut and characterisation good after that)

Other ones I haven’t read but have only heard good things about are:

Before the Fawn by andelyn kinsey - I think there’s smut as far as I know?? (Not abandoned but last updated in 2012 so if you want to torture yourself, go ahead)

A Very Thin Line by lavenderbrown - like I’ve heard reeeeally good things about the smut

Every Other Midnight by  Kathryn’s NomDePlume - Professor Potter and Head Girl Lily isn’t really my thing but smut is smut? (WIP also)

All Over Again by  Lili Evans dotcom - just listing because yeah it’s M-rated but like James isn’t James at all imo and I don’t like it but lots of people agree the smut is good??? (WIP or abandoned?)

Age of Inertia by  sevenperseids - Only reason I haven’t read it is it’s still a WIP, but again I’ve only read good things about this one and sMUT

I can’t remember any others but I know I’ve forgotten some. Regardless there aren’t too many multichapter smut fics for jily idk why? Maybe it’s because they’re more of a fluffy pairing, but I hope this was helpful for you love :)