clodia pulchra

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone! I moved, as well as finishing up two major book projects, and as a breather I did this. Here’s everyone’s favorite fucked up Roman couple, Clodia Pulchra and Marcus Tullius Cicero. Over the years I’ve drawn these two, a surprising number of people have told me they’ve shipped them too. They make an irresistible couple. They seem like complete opposites; she’s the aristocratic hedonist, he’s the jumped-up scholarly politico; but they’re both arrogant navel-gazers who strive to be the cleverest person in the room. And then, when it all goes pear-shaped, they try to kill each other and destroy their families. TRUE LOVE I tell you!

I’m not sure when this tender moment would have happened, but I imagine it happened during the period of their almost-engagement, as alluded to by Plutarch.

Then let amorous kisses dwell
On our lips, begin and tell
A Thousand, and a Hundred, score
An Hundred, and a Thousand more,

Catullus - From Catullus 5

Translated:  Richard Crashaw

Artemis:  If you’re interested see link for entire poem (Latin and English) with notes and history of use in popular culture.  I couldn’t just leave it alone. :)  

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garland-on-thy-brow  asked:

May I ask about punch list? For what is Lucullus in the brilliant company? :) I don't know about him a lot, and curiosity kills.

A lot of it is that he was closely connected to Sulla, whom I despise. But also, he was pretty awful to his wife, Clodia Pulchra, and kept accusing her of incest with her brother, Clodius, solely because he didn’t like Clodius. The other part is that I’m rather biased in Clodius’s favor, personally, so someone largely his enemy isn’t on my list of people I’m fond of.