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I remember back a time ago you said you would probably never be into anything but homestuck and if you did get into anything else it would overshadow HS so it was a good thing you would only like hs but MAN YOU GETTING INTO STEVEN UNIVERSE HAS BEEN THE BEST THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED TO ME KEEP IT COMING

i SORTA remember what youre talking about? not entirely. but yeah i thought homestuck was my teen-nerd-phase that i was going to over pass once i became an Adult. turns out i just turned my attention from a wordy webcomic to a literal childrens cartoon for the LIGHT. 

terezi is still my bae tho i gotta see how hs ends still

The music you like says a lot about you so put your phone on shuffle and write down the first ten songs without skipping. Then tag ten people.

1. Sextape by deftones
2. Da funk by daft punk
3. Kamisama no shitauchi by akeboshi
4. The game of love by daft punk
5. The clean by woods
6. Hang me out to dry by Cold War kids
7. Loud pipes by ratatat
8. Wolf by now, now
9. To have in the home by woods
10. Para midia by goatbed

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