Hi, I am writing a book and I have decided for one of my side characters to be asexual. I was just wondering if there was somewhere where I could read up on asexuality. Just so that I don’t get anything wrong. 
I understand if you don’t have time to answer me and I love your blog btw. 
Have a continued nice day/evening/night!

— clockworkserenity [1.  I /always/ have time to answer people - sometimes it goes in queue, sometimes i put i out right away. 2.  they have FAQ’s and forums.  
3. type asexual into tumblr and search for blogs and tags of asexual people.  theres a lot of them out there.
4. Join the Aces and Allies facebook group
5. Good luck!  Theres not much thats different about us.  We’re all different, some of us are sex (incl kissing) repulsed, others LOVe kissing, and enjoy sex, others don’t care either way.
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