I’m pretty sure in Mark’s recent Reading your Comments video he said not Time Lord, and use your art power for things for more worthy stuff than fan art, but I have chosen to disregard BOTH those suggestions. 

So time lord Markiplier (Timeaplier?), sassy companion Jacksepticeye, loyal companion Chica the puppersnupper, and Tiny TARDIS Tim (who is actually small normally). I am considering making a comic strip, because this was fun to draw and jokes abound. 

So I really like Dead by Daylight, and wanted to draw some unique killer versions. So here’s @therealjacksepticeye, the Septic Eye Psycho. After discovering Sam, the septic eyed beast, he offered more sacrifices in exchange for power and freedom. One of his eyes was taken as collateral, and replaced with one of the septic eyes, which grants him the special ability is to see victims even through terrain a few seconds. Has fast speed, but victims can wriggle away easier when captured.