DashCon pics pt4: Cosplays pt2

Some more rad cosplays I found, including some hooded figures, Hawkeye and Green Arrow (clockworkfoxillustration), Benny, Esmeralda (plasticxflower), and Cecil with an injured Khoshekh (DOWN WITH STREX!).


I want to add an apology here. I broke one of the biggest con rules, and the first rule at that, and took a picture in here without first asking permission to do so. To yourfavoritegoth and the-colors-of-our-souls, the two hooded figures (which has hence been taken down at their request), I am truly sorry for this action. I went into the con knowing this rule, and following it for every other picture I took, and yet for you two I not only ignored the rule (being excited to see the Night Vale panel is no excuse for this action) but also did not seek to approach either of you afterwards to let you know I had taken the picture and either delete it, ask if the two of you would forgive me for taking it, or even ask if you would allow me to take a proper one as I should have done.

I spoke with yourfavoritegoth about this, and do wish to give the two of you the credit you deserve for this. I have taken down the picture, as I should have and as was suggested (though the credit to you two shall remain as it is the least I can do to make up for my actions). I know it’s not much nor can it change the fact that I knowingly did this and knowingly put the picture up.

I really and truly am sorry for doing this.

OK so I'm WAY behind on this, but I'm doing it now.

I’m supposed to say 5 nice things about myself.

1: I like my eyebrows lol. I know that might be kind of a strange thing to say, but I like the way they look all on their own, so I never shape or do anything with them (lucky me because I tend to be lazy with that sort of thing anyway).

2: I like that I’m finally getting back to exploring myself and my beliefs, as cheesy as that sounds.

3: I like that my hands remind me of my mom’s. I used to look at her hands when I was really little and bored at church on Sunday and think about how pretty they were, so grown up. I never really was into the whole “I want to be grown up and super pretty and princess-y,” not that there’s anything wrong with that. But that was one thing I always wanted to have one day, pretty hands like my mom’s. They just always told stories of the hard work she had done that week, and always looked pretty. 

4: (Man this is hard, and that’s kinda sad). I like that, if I focus enough, I can paint my nails pretty cool. 

5: I like my singing voice once I get warmed up and can actually belt it out. xD But that’s usually when I’m alone and not worrying about other people hearing me, because then if I mess up, I don’t get super embarrassed and self-conscious. If some one is around and I mess up, I just screw up a lot. 

Now I have to tag other people via messages, and I’d tag clockworkfoxillustration, but I think she already did it xD