“Nightly Encounter”

Is she friend or foe…? One glance into each other’s eyes can usually tell, for the eyes are the window to ones soul. And the eyes spoke of friendship during this unexpected, nightly encounter.

Character & Fursuit “Jenari” (Left) Owned by:
Character & Fursuit “Zephyruex” (Right) Owned by:

Both Fursuits Created by:

Ngala Incolore

A beautifully ephemeral portrait of Ngala @ Desucon 8, 2013. The photo was taken during a rainstorm using natural lighting only for a soft, uncoloured effect; dream-like and serene.

Ngala was made on commission by Clockwork Creature and is owned/worn by me, Tarangryph.

Photo @ Mathias Gautun 2013, all rights reserved. Uploaded with permission.


roxy fursuit unboxing

watching all these unboxing videos, makes me want to buy my fur suit even more !! 
but whether to go toony like roxy or semi realistic like clockwork creatures suits is a hard choice :( 

Yo, Dawg, we hear you like foxes. So we foxed a fox on your wall so you can look at a fox while you’re a fox!

Forfaox visited the photo exposition of Belgian photographer Charlotte Lybeer. For her project themed with costumes he posed as her model about 5 years ago… and look how handsome he has become in the meantime!

Character & Fursuit “Forfaox” Owned by:
Fursuit Created by:

Photography by:
Lifelike fursuit art link

This amazing husband and wife team do astounding fursuit/costuming work.  They are quite brilliant

She is a  professional, full-time costumer specializing in realistic animal and creature costumes. And her husband ~LaughingScarab  run Clockwork Creature Studio, through which they take custom costume commissions on a roughly seasonal basis.

Please visit [link] (their website) 



I love fantasy creatures, hybrids, made up beasts of all kinds. One person makes up the creature and generally a completely different person brings their vision to life! Creative minds coming together.

Multi-eye - ClockworkCreature - Source
Tiger-deer - Keeatah - Source
Chimera - Sharpe - Source
Water dragon - Eddie-Ka (aka FeralFacade) - Source