More beautiful work from my shoot with Geno, this was such a great shoot.

Photographer - @genoeugenehowardphotography
Clockwork Outfit & Eyepatch - @bruteforcestudios
MUAH & Styling - Me (Amy Wilder)

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burando-whores-deactivated20150 asked:

ayy so i got my first lolita dress and im so happy. were you really excited when you got your first dress? does the happiness ever fade? i hope not this makes me really happy

That’s great! I was super excited to get my first dress and I still get excited getting new dresses. That being said I get excited when I buy anything I really love, especially when I buy it online and have the anticipation building up waiting for it to arrive.

So I was tagged…..
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OK, I’ve been tagged by moose-and-bowlegs-in-the-impala(Please go follow)

My Answers:
1. A song and the event/lifetime it’s linked with for you
Um…Can’t Turn Away by Tabby Ridiman…every time I saw or was about to see my boyfriend it came on, even if my music was on shuffle

2. pencil, fountain pen or ballpen?
3. A flower you just really can’t stand
4. ‘If I was in jail for 1 week…….’
I’d be silent…I suppose..I dunno
5. A lie you were told as a child that you believed for a long, long time
2+2=5…I actually argued with my teacher about that…thanks dad
6. Which color has 8?
Turquoise…1 letter too many..o well
7. Lake, Sea or Pool?
None of the above….pool
8. You have a tinnitus? How does it sound?
I don’t know what that is
9. Rather be deaf, blind or mute?
10. Dystopian/apocalyptic scenario or rather utopian?
11. Do you believe in a higher powers? (God, Gods, fate, providence …………)
Greek gods!~
My Questions for you!
1. If I was your personal chef, what would you make me cook for you?
Good question…STEAK
2. If you could have any animal companion, what would it be?
3. Who in your number one fandom would you hug? Who would you kiss?
Hug;Castiel kiss;Adam cause he’s closer to my age
4. Cold or hot weather? Why?
In between cause I like cooler air
5. Tea, soda, or coffee?
6. If you could change into anything or anyone, who or what would it be?
I don’t know.
7. What is the number one song you want played at your funeral?
Bring me to life by Evanescence
8. Why did you do it?
It’s fun
9. Where do you hope to be in 5 years? 10 years?
5 years: college 10 years;no clue
10. If you could have a chat with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Ummm well I’ve already talked to Kevin from ghost town and Felicia Day and Leda Muir and Matt G um…Jensen Ackles so I can ask if I could babysit JJ
11. What is your favorite smell? Sound? taste?
Smell: faint axe, smoke, and mint
Sound:cars driving by outside my house
Taste:sour candy

10 facts about Myself

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1.I am bisexual
2.I love Ghost Town
3.I’m Gender Fluid
4.I have brown hair
5.I wish I had blue eyes
6.I have two step sisters, a half sister and two step brothers
7.I prefer the bad influences because I want to know my limits
8. I want to disappear and see who would care/notice
9. The only people who know everything about me are my older sister Amie(15)and my older brother Robby(18)
10. I have such a defense mechanism set up mentally that I can barely break down the barrier to know who I truly am.