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I wrote lyrics to Clockwork Sorrow, but they started out as lyrics to the shorter version (Clockwork Lullaby) which is why I name-drop that title instead.

I don’t have a very good voice or very good recording equipment, haha!

Time is nothing but a song
So raise your sword up to the crimson sky
Conducting the gears as they turn
And singing a clockwork lullaby.

Even if the sword does shake
And cogs are pried from the machines that be
Hold strong to your great cosmic fate
And dwell not on frivolous—

(Tragedy) of Brothers, lost
Among a maze of fire and steel, they lie
One drowned in a sweet elegy
One breathing a clockwork lullaby.

Showtime (Piano Refrain)
  • Showtime (Piano Refrain)
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Day Six: Your favorite song(s)

Showtime (Piano Refrain) - Sure, there are better sound tracks out there, but this one just stole my heart from the second my ears caught their sound.

Among the others are Crystalmethequins and Clockwork Melody. Crystalmethequins has a good solid and smooth beat to it while Clockwork Melody is something I can see being used in a music box. It’s really soothing.


oh okay itunes