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{{Clockwork to Samba... cuz reasons :y}} “You have really lovely eyes..”

The tall, dark mare peered up from her cup of coffee. She had been reading while waiting for customers to approach her stall at a farmer’s market in San Palomino. Though the stranger in front of the stand seemed more interested in her than in her family’s pomegranates, she smiled at the stallion. Her appearance was a great marketing campaign all on its own, according to Papi Notes. Though she meant to have an approachable smile, her lips curled into a cat-like grin and she lowered her cup onto a crate next to her.

“Ooh eres tan dulce! Such a flatterer! You’re so sweet, surely you must be hungry for something even sweeter?” She leaned back in her seat, tossing her skirt over her leg as she slowly crossed one muscular limb over the other. Notes mares were very well known in San Palomino for their strong legs and hips. Would this stallion take notice?