clockwork orange house of fun

CM Punk Vs. Raven
[September 6th, 2003]

Some feuds are born so naturally that they don’t require much thought, and this is certainly one of those feuds. When CM Punk, the Straight Edge Superstar, came to prominence in Ring Of Honor, his adversary was born out of a former admiration turned to pure disdain. Raven became a mainstay at ROH, and the punk rock kid who grew up thinking he was alone had followed Raven for much of his career, seeing something of a guiding light in the leader of The Flock. However, Raven’s issues with substance abuse turned CM Punk away from him, with such brutal force that a feud was born out of pure hatred: Punk’s for Raven’s downfall, and Raven’s for Punk’s expectations. After spending half a year brawling from New Jersey to Florida and everywhere inbetween, the two met in a steel cage known as the Clockwork Orange House Of Fun, which was filled with everything- even the kitchen sink (pictured)! Though the match was brutal as expected, the feud wouldn’t end until March of 2004, when CM Punk defeated Raven at FWA’s New Frontiers.