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Because time is a trivial concept in a realm where the 4rth deminsion can be manipulated, it's possible that everyones ghost or ghost imprint could exist at all points simultaniously so everything would have an imprint on the ghost zone and ectoplasm would just give the energy for physical matter to interact similarly. So like, everyone is linked to the ghost zone, ectoplasm is just the way of opening that link

I’m only using a geometric fourth dimension, which isn’t related to time any more than our own 3D spacetime is. The most wild time and space distortion probably only happens to particles going a significant portion of the speed of light and whatever the 4D equivalent of a black hole is, not to matter as organized as an ecto-signature or brain. But then again, Clockwork manipulates time in the Danny Phantom universe so…. rubs temples…… ooooouuuugh

Related: I don’t plan to try and explain the reality altering/time control stuff in DP anytime soon because a lot of it is basically magic (even more so than the rest), which is a lot less interesting to me than the basic ghost powers and how they can be exploited.


(more details about the project will come later- no it’s not compulsory~)  

For now we just need to make sure we have ALL of our Hijack AUs listed!!
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(Please note- Some of the AUs listed are very general. For example “Werewolf AU” would be covering any Hijack AU where either one of them becomes a werewolf. Even if there are 3 or 4 separate werewolf AUs they will all fall under the same category! If you think your version of an AU needs it’s own category let us know and we can discuss!

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What exactly is an unreliable narrator?

An unreliable narrator is someone who we as readers can’t fully trust, usually because of their personality, obvious bias, untreated mental illness, or any other reason that would cause us to question the validity of their opinion within the context of the story. We take what these narrators tell us with a grain of salt because we know their view of the world is influenced by something else. 

Some examples of unreliable narrators in fiction include:

  • Alex in A Clockwork Orange (violent and manipulative sociopath who takes joy in the pain of others; novel also opens with him drunk).
  • Holden Caulfield in A Catcher in the Rye (flat out tells us in the beginning of the book that he’s a great liar).
  • Patrick Bateman in American Psycho (is a psychopath).
  • The unnamed narrator in Fight Club (questions the meaning of his very existence to the point where he doubts himself, severely depressed, engages in illegal activities as his personal therapy, etc).
  • Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby (only knows what Gatsby reveals to him about himself, as well as the second-hand stories from neighbors and friends).

Some film examples include:

  • Big Fish
  • Memento
  • Forrest Gump
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Sucker Punch

Hope that helped.


screw this, I’m doing it

a fanart of kit-replica and fangirltothefullest’s CM!AU :DD I showed this to Kit, and apparently he liked it x3 so might as well post it yeah?
I wish I discovered CM!AU sooner, because its amazing!

as you can see I gave up on the tail, haha.., but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


How the heck do you make pics look higher quality on tumblr dammit It looks so horrible I’m such a noob lool

Woow am I ever late on this

like REALLLLLLY late

Yea, I’ve been really fascinated by the CMAU by fangirltothefullest and kit-replica from a long time ago that I just had to draw a fan art of it :3

This tail was suppose to be based off a blue Siamese fighting fish, but then I don’t know what just happened and it came to this >n<

Well I hope you guys like it does the senpais notice me now ouo

Toothiana, the an Arabian Princess from some far off land beyond the edge of the sea where the world ends, she traveled in an entire Caravan Entourage when she met Hiccup. He found her beauty something beyond the world of mortal man- he dreamed heavily of her beauty being so radiant and her voice so fair that she descended from the skies above- and from that moment he knew she simply must be a bird. 

CMAU Tooth design from before she is enhanced because Nerd asked for cosplay material~<3 Hope this isn’t too complicated hun, feel free to tweak it to make the cosplay easier.

This is what PROGRESS looks like! Over 32k words! In case it’s hard to tell, these are the CHAPTER PAGES of the CMAU. It’s hard to see straight up, but that’s four “completed” chapters worth of text. I say completed with quotations because we are still editing it as we go and a lot of the continuity needs to be rearranged. X3