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PossumCat, 2009 onwards

This is Possum. When I am working at the Workshop-proper, she likes to ‘help’ by investigating all the boxes, piles of stuff, and interesting corners in my workspace. She is a rescue cat from the RSPCA and is approximately 5 years old. We theorize that her eyes are so large because there is not much going on in the space behind them… 

Don’t worry, I do hoover/clean up if she’s been in the area to protect from cat fluff getting all over my projects.


Pride Evolutions - LGBTA Pride 58mm Bottle Openers

These bottle openers feature Pokemon backed with Pride flag colours. They are perfect if you want to show off your love of Pokemon or your own flag.

These bottle openers are 58mm in diameter and come fitted with a plastic back with a blunt metal opening bar, and a split ring at the top for attaching to your keys, lanyards, or bag.

One thing I have encountered with LGBTA events is that people are often a bit scared to openly wear their pride flags, and I want to change that: these badges can be explained away as a cutesy cartoon character on some colourful backing, whilst allowing you to wear your symbols proudly.

Please check the Etsy store for available stock.

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Pride Ponies!
Pin Badges

Aren’t these awesome? Presenting Pride Ponies! I’ve picked seven Pride flags, and seven of the G1/1980s My Little Pony range ponies to feature on a range of different merchandise. Featuring:

Asexual - Princess Pearl (Pegasus)
Genderfluid - Princess Amethyst (Unicorn)
LGBTA Pride Rainbow - Starshine (Pegasus)
Aromantic - Magic Star (Earth)
Bisexual - Thundercloud (Mountain Boy)
Pansexual - Fireball (Mountain Boy)
Transgender - Milky Way (Unicorn)

Badges will be available on my stall at events, and via the Facebook/Tumblr/Email system. I’m still running numbers, they should be 50p each (£0.50).

Digital Artwork by Tinrobo!

Costume Tumblr!

I spent today organising a load of business related stuff, and in a vain attempt to cover as many bases as possible I’ve now got a Tumblr for my costume work:

It’s heavily weighted with ‘YOU CAN TOTALLY PAY ME TO MAKE THINGS’ but I hope that it’ll provide interesting reading as well, and I will probably post some 'learning from my mistakes’ style tutorials as well as cute cat photos.

Any signal boosting would be appreciated!

Friends, Romans, Cosplayers and Non-Binary Gendered Persons!

(Okay, this is one of my favourite photos of me, possibly ever. This was taken by Charlotte Moss, at Profound Decisions’ “Odyssey” LARP game.)

My dear followers! I have some ideas! I am looking at what I currently make as stock, and what I buy-in to add to the stall. In the past I have brought in My Little Ponies, Lego, and other Pop-culture bits. Whilst these are very nice they aren’t the driving force of what I find important to me: LGBTA issues.

It’s fairly obvious but for those unaware: I am a Trans*person (FtM) and as such I have been wearing chest binders for Cosplay, Larp, and everyday wear for years.

My question is this: If I were to seek out and stock Binders for my stall, or website, would you be interested in buying them?

This relies on me finding a supplier whose quality I approve of, who will sell to me wholesale. I then have to figure out how expensive this would make the Binders. The advantage of me stocking these would be that I could easily tell you the sizing - or you could see for yourself on the stall! - and that shipping from me within the UK means that returns/etc are far easier. I want to make sure that people who Bind do so safely. Seriously, I’ve broken a rib before and it’s not fun.

I’m also looking at stocking Trans*male (and Crossplay/etc) friendly pants: either designed for harness use, or with shaped pouches at the front to make sure any padding you use a) stays in place, and b) looks realistic.

Please send me feedback! Reblogs with comments, Asks, messages to the Facebook page, it’s all good!

Winged Serpent Mage Armour - Empire Event 4 2014 (I think)

I can’t remember if I put this photo up already! Taken by the amazing tomgarnett it’s one of my favourite shots of the armour, mostly because I swear that grin I’m pulling wasn’t quite so evil at the time.

Armour by Clockwork Firebird Designs, pouches and bracers by Darkblade Ltd and Evenlode Studios.

Wolf Mask - Caius Mercurius - Profound Decisions “Odysssey”

Shot by the incredible tomgarnett!

The wolf mask and mane were comfortable to wear, I need to make the elasticated strap a bit stronger for actual combat as the mask moved - but that may have been due to the amount of face/neck hits I seemed to attract.

Sadly due to a flooded tent I did not stay for the duration of this particular “Odyssey” event. I can sing the praises of the system/game as a whole for hours if allowed and as it only has a  few more events to run I absolutely urge you to go and play it if you can.

Mask, fur mantles, lorica, belt and quiver by Clockwork Firebird Designs, tunic by Twisted Flax, various bits of pouches and weaponry by Darkblade and Eldritch.


Ezra - Pirates-Style Embroidered Silk Gown in Black and Gold with Hand Embroidery

This is a unique item that was made, modelled as shown, and then never used for the intended event!

This dress has a full circular four-panel skirt in cream cotton and gold silk that is tightly gathered at the waistline and fastens at the back with ribbon.
Over this is the overdress made of black, heavily embroidered silk and has a hand embroidered front panel. It fastens by lacing up the back, giving a large range of adjustment to the fit.

The dress is so full on its own that it doesn’t need a petticoat to hold it out. It comes with pocket slits (or dagger scabbard access, whichever you prefer to use it for) on the side seams of the overdress and the underskirt. The sleeves are three-quarter length and end with a spray of black chiffon and black ribbon to hold the sleeve cuffs back.

The stomacher panel has been hand embroidered with floral designs to match the black silk of the overdress.

Up for sale for £400.00 or very near offer (contact me via email to discuss)

Bust: 34" or above, Waist: 30" or above, Hips: 34" or above.
Model height: 5'9"

Thanks Oliver Facey! This is a shot of the winged serpent armour and my dragon mask, as worn at Empire (Profound Decisions). Also pictured is the person who runs ladieswholarp who is awesome, and please check out that blog! Vambraces and purple pouch by Evenlode studios.

TEDDY - Monster Collberation - Falling Down LRP 

Uh, well.. What can I say about this? This is TEDDY. Teddy just wants to play. Or possibly he wants to stand there and look menacing. Teddy was a combination of a truly terrifying kigu-based body made by the referees of Falling Down, a paw-claw made by Dead Badger Designs, and the head made from…


Somewhere under the re-skinned face, and the BIG GRIN, and the button eyes, is Catbus! He’s far too damaged to use as a full suit any more and in the grand tradition of all my quad suits I am slowly turning him into something new. His eyes still lit up and glowed behind the buttons, leading to one very scared group of players.

This head was totally blind, I don’t know how I coped as Catbus in 2008/2009; there’s marginal vision through the front and as this costume was worn in darkeness with minimal electric lighting I couldn’t see a thing! I’m told it looked terrifying from the outside, as I can well believe.

I’m still cleaning all the fake blood that was all over the kigu off of the fur. Eeuuruuggghhhh. Suffering for my art?


It’s another Coupon Code - Guess Why?

Eyup. I was meant to be travelling home for the festive season on the 10th, however my boat is going to be subject to storm force winds so I’m unable to travel that day!

With that in mind, I have a few more days to process and post Winter orders and I’ve upped the current discount code especially for you lot to benefit from my being stuck here for a few more days. Huzzah!

What it does: 35% off any order over £5.00, not including shipping
Expires: 11th December 2014 (so I can post your items before traveling)

Etsy Shop: Click Me!

CFD Holiday Commission Deadline!

Hello all! Halloween has passed, and the Dreaded Winter Festivites are on the way… I say that, I actually adore Yule and celebrating with friends and family. 

I am moving house in December and as such this will slow/halt orders from December 1st onwards when I need to pack down the workshop in preparation for moving. To this end:

Any orders due for Yule/Christmas (December 21st/25th) must be placed and paid for by November 25th

This gives me enough time to make your order, and ship it out to you ahead of my moving house and ahead of the postal rush. This is a cutoff for all UK, Europe, and International orders!

The Custom Order section of the Etsy shop can be found here:



Kirtles!LARP and Costume kit, 2013

Making six of these in one batch was ‘fun’, given a proper kirtle can have a multiples-of-twelve-feet sized lower hem depending on how many gores you wish to add! These are medieval kirtles, based on actual medieval patterns. The only additions were a different facing style and metal eyelets for lacing at the front. Those pictured are made of a variety of linens and light wool mixes.

This garment is for any/all genders and presentations, as it’s a functional underlayer for adding decoration, coats, surcoats, tabards, etc… I personally have a red one as 'emergency kit’ for if the weather turns since the kirtles are long enough to keep warmth in, without dragging in the mud (you just hitch them with a belt)!


Custom Listings Now Live on Etsy!

Phew! A veritable cascade of photos of pieces that I’ve made previously…

Do you like the ‘shield silhouette’ or 'Give Me Thorns’ style pieces? Have I never managed to put together the colours that you’re after with the fittings that you want? Well now you can custom order them! All the variations (choker/wristlet, the wristlets double as the anklet listings) are now live on my Etsy and there are full instructions in the description of how to go about ordering from me. As always, if you’re unsure then message me first and I’m happy to talk you through the process.

Build time is currently 2-3 weeks, variable depending on any extra parts I need to source for your order.

For the Etsy: Click me!

And yes, I do still have brass moons and stag heads in stock.