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Winged Serpent Mage Armour …And a lot of MUD. Personal Kit, 2014

Photography by Tom Garnett ( @tomgarnett ) - find his Tumblr here: Click me!

The Mage Armour in it’s full and extremely muddy glory! This was taken on the last day of Profound Decisions’ “Empire” event 2 2014, when I had already been in one fight and suffered the damage to the shoulder of the armour (closest to camera). It being the last day also explains my sleep-deprived expression..

Mage armour sets start from £200 for shoulders, greaves and vambraces, a set like the one pictured would be priced on a case by case basis. 

Other makers in this photo: Greaves and A5 pouch by Darkblade Ltd, purple star pouch by Evenlode Studios, staff by Medlock.


Pride Evolutions - LGBTA Pride 58mm Bottle Openers

These bottle openers feature Pokemon backed with Pride flag colours. They are perfect if you want to show off your love of Pokemon or your own flag.

These bottle openers are 58mm in diameter and come fitted with a plastic back with a blunt metal opening bar, and a split ring at the top for attaching to your keys, lanyards, or bag.

One thing I have encountered with LGBTA events is that people are often a bit scared to openly wear their pride flags, and I want to change that: these badges can be explained away as a cutesy cartoon character on some colourful backing, whilst allowing you to wear your symbols proudly.

Please check the Etsy store for available stock.

Click me to go to the Etsy store!


‘Sammael’ Padded Leather Jerkin - Commissioned piece, 2013

One of the first pieces I made as a commission was a 'Sammael’ jerkin, named after the LARP character it was made for. These jerkins are made of thick leather with wadding padding, riveted together and then edged with suede or a LOT of hand stitching. They are adjustable at the sides, shoulders and front. I can add eyelets for the optional lacing-on of pouches, shoulders, and other bits. Because they’re padded, they’re 'sharp crap on the floor’ proof and also very warm! Perfect for scout-y types.

These pieces are available to commission - please contact me for details.

Costume Tumblr!

I spent today organising a load of business related stuff, and in a vain attempt to cover as many bases as possible I’ve now got a Tumblr for my costume work:

It’s heavily weighted with ‘YOU CAN TOTALLY PAY ME TO MAKE THINGS’ but I hope that it’ll provide interesting reading as well, and I will probably post some 'learning from my mistakes’ style tutorials as well as cute cat photos.

Any signal boosting would be appreciated!