clockwork creature

Agatha and an Automaton from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

One bloodstained hand gripped Agatha’s wrist; clamped in the other was a long, thin knife. Tessa moved forward, but it was already too late. The creature swung the blade with blinding speed, and buried it in Agatha’s chest. Agatha choked, her hands going to the blade. The creature stood, ragged and terrifying and unmoving as she clawed at the knife hilt; then, with appalling swiftness, it yanked the blade back, letting her crumple to the ground. Nor did the automaton remain to watch her fall, but turned and walked back out the door through which it had come.

Made with Watercolors.
Here’s the rest of my 24 illustrations of Clockwork Angel.

Blueprint for an automaton from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare 

“Tessa, who had moved to stand beside Will at the table, gazed down at the paper. It was covered with a rough blueprint drawing of a human skeleton made up of pistons, cogs, and plates of hammered metal. The skull had a hinged jaw, open sockets for eyes, and a mouth that ended just behind the teeth. There was a panel in the chest too, just like Miranda’s. All along the left side of the page were scrawled what looked like notes, in a language Tessa could not decipher. The letters were utterly unfamiliar.”

Made with watercolors, wires, gears, and other found metals.
Here’s the rest of my 24 illustrations of Clockwork Angel.


Tierney’s delight at being completed!

today i had the sudden idea to switch the time periods in which tmi and tid take place.

so like, tmi would take place a couple decades after the accords are first signed. could you imagine how much strength and support that the circle gathered?

and tid in the modern world is just appealing to me in general

Hey! Guess what? This customizable skull mask will be up for auction starting Saturday, September 13th! The auction will start at just $1000!

Ki has just put the finishing touches on this lovely thing, but we could add more for the winner of the auction! Available customizations* will include eyes, airbrushing, gore effects, jewelry, long hair/fur accents, and maybe even LEDs!

*for an additional fee

This particular mask is a bit on the small/narrow side, so it will best fit smaller heads - probably 22-23 inches around, and narrower faces. 

We are launching an Indiegogo soon!

The garage that we intended to become our workshop when we moved has required a ton more work than we expected due to hidden moisture and termite damage. We have it stabilized, cleaned out and ready to be turned into a great workshop space, but we really need some help funding the build-out! The sooner it gets done, the sooner we can get back to working at full speed and capability.

Now of course, we’re going to have some exciting rewards to offer for supporters! I wanted to show off a little teaser of the brand new t-shirt designs that Ki and I have come up with:

The top “mask” design will be exclusive to the indiegogo campaign! Colors seen here will be subject to change (I’m actually hoping to have a few color choices, in fact).

We have one more design coming up, too!

For the Indiegogo campaign, how soon is “soon”? Well, we’re working hard to get everything ready. It could launch as early as later this week, or it might be next week. Stay tuned!