clockwork creature


Finally we had the chance to take some VERY lovely photos of my new fursuit made by Clockwork Creature (

The outfit was requested by our lovely photographer Malti from BlackPepperPhotos ( Have a closer look at her work!

You two did an awesome job, thank you! :)

The coat was done by me a few years ago. (for a cosplay, Assassin’s Creed, elite doctor)


Chicago-based artist Justin Gershenson-Gates, of A Mechanical Mind, uses the insides of old watches to create awesome little clockwork creatures and beautiful pieces of jewelry.

"As a child, I would take my toys apart in order to see how they worked, but was never able to put them back together again. Now, I take dead old watches from the top drawers of the world, and rearrange their bits and widgets into whimsical designs.

My aim is to show the beauty of the mechanical world, a place generally hidden from the public behind metal and glass. My pieces display the more delicate and ephemeral side of gears, rather than the cold, hard factory feel they normally portray.

Visit Justin’s DeviantART Gallery and A Mechanical Mind to check out more of his elaborate creations. Original sculptures (like the ones pictured here) and pieces of jewelry are available via his Etsy shop.”

[via Design Taxi]

Agatha and an Automaton from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

One bloodstained hand gripped Agatha’s wrist; clamped in the other was a long, thin knife. Tessa moved forward, but it was already too late. The creature swung the blade with blinding speed, and buried it in Agatha’s chest. Agatha choked, her hands going to the blade. The creature stood, ragged and terrifying and unmoving as she clawed at the knife hilt; then, with appalling swiftness, it yanked the blade back, letting her crumple to the ground. Nor did the automaton remain to watch her fall, but turned and walked back out the door through which it had come.

Made with Watercolors.
Here’s the rest of my 24 illustrations of Clockwork Angel.


HOORAY!  I finally got some amazing photos of Tierney in all her glory, thanks to my local friends!  We spent a wonderful afternoon in the Arboretum on a warm day; not intolerable thanks to how light and maneuverable the costume is (PLUS I gave the EZCool neck cooling collar a go and it was wonderful)! 

I didn’t include images of me with the kids, since I want to focus on only a small sampling of R’s frankly beautiful photos, but we were a hit and frequently paused in posing to attend to the many admirers. :)  I hope to post a link to more of the day’s photos later!

Thanks to R Riley McCourt, Mare and Wylie for posing with me and helping me out so much, and of course Clockwork Creature Studios, Qarrezel, Kifu, and Mat and Velvet for their amazing work on bringing Tierney to life!


Tierney’s delight at being completed!

  • People:Go clothes shopping and buy clothes
  • Me:Go clothes shopping and buy books