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Dear Cassie I’m a huge fan of your books, they made me fall back inlove with reading after a long break and I became addicted! First off, thank you for writing such a great Jewish character (Simon) it was the first time I’ve read of a supernatural Jewish character and putting so much knowledge on his heritage was truly impressive and innovative. Now to my question, I’ve read the Bane chronicles about 10 times and I always get lost and over curious over the midnight heir. In the story (spoiler alert :P) we get a very quick glance at James Herondale’s Magical Powers. I would love to know if any other Shadowhunters from Will & Tessa’s lineage has Magical powers as well and how does that work, as for all we know, Tessa and Will were the only couple of Shadowhunter and Warlock to procreate. The thing I’m mostly lost about is how did James get his powers in the first place, since Tessa’s mom was a shadowhumter raised as a mundane, not knowing her true nature she wasn’t marked as a child, which allowed her to get pregnant by a demon and carry Tessa to term. Then Tessa was raised mundane, although she was a in fact half warlock half shadowhunter, but without being marked as well she could have kids, but her kids were raised as shadowhunters and therefore marked as kids but yet still have warlock powers? How is that possible? How can half demons also be half angels? Thank you so much for your answer, big big fan from Israel Nicky. — nicky-angel

Thanks, Nicky.

Tessa was completely unique. The typical “rules” we ascribe to warlocks don’t apply to her. Her mother never having been Marked was not the only reason Tessa was born alive. Ithuriel, trapped in the clockwork angel necklace, provided her with protection from what otherwise would have been her fate. There is no one else like her, and there probably never will be.

As such, Tessa’s children do have some unusual things about them. But they are not warlocks, and the skills with magic they do have are extremely limited when compared to the powers of any warlock. You will see what they can “do” in Nothing but Shadows and then in greater detail in The Last Hours

Tessa’s children are not half angel and half demon. Neither was Tessa. Shadowhunters are not “half angel.” They have some angel blood. Lucie and James are not half demon. They have some warlock blood, from Tessa, but neither Tessa nor Will are demons. And being raised mundane does not effect anyone’s inherent powers of magic — Will was raised mundane and became a perfectly capable Shadowhunter.

Tessa’s unusual blood was diluted was it was passed down through generations. If there were unusual traits in James and Lucie’s children, we don’t know about them yet. :)


★ ペンダント貰ったんだけど…。

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「ちょっと!! もっと近くに寄らなきゃ見えないでしょ!!」


「なんでよ!! もーっ!! ほらもっと近寄ってよ!!」

「わー!! だから近いって!!」 


chakaru11さん制作の『 Clockwork Angel necklace 』と言う歯車の模様が羽に刻印された素敵なネックレスです。



Shadowhunter Ship Weeks - Jessa

Tessa woke up to a kiss.
It was a small peck on the cheek, but it filled her with happiness, and she smiled as she stretched all over the bed, shoving Jem to the side.
“It’s the day.” Jem whispered in her ear.
Tessa mumbled something, and rolled onto her side. She wiggled herself closer to Jem, burying her face into his chest, breathing in his scent. His usual burned sugar scent was gone, but Tessa loved this new scent, the scent that filled her nose wherever she was in their home. The scent of Jem.
“We should get up and dressed.” Jem poked Tessa’s chin, and the only reaction he got was a squeeze of Tessa’s hand on the back of his neck. “You know, you’re a lot like Church.”
“I’m not.” Tessa looked up at Jem, her face unreadable.
“Yes, you are. You take up the whole bed, you like to curl up beside me, and you are soft and small.”
“I am not small.” Tessa said defiantly. “And I curl up to you because I love you.”
“I know that.” Jem said leaning in, kissing her.
They were in bed for a few more long minutes, enjoying themselves, loving each other.
When they finally got out, took a shower, and dressed, Tessa ended up in tight black jeans, a deep red, frilly blouse, and black flats. She looked cute, like Tessa. Jem, on the other hand was dressed in more formal wear. He had dress pants on, and a shirt that matched Tessa’s in color, with a black tie. They looked good together. Like they were meant for each other, and they were.
The train ride took a long time, but they hoped they would get there in time. They had dinner reservations, and then Jem would take Tessa to her surprise.
They had snacks on the train, and Tessa was trying to guess what Jem had in mind for the surprise, but Jem was quiet. He started talking about anything but the surprise, and Tessa gave up in the end.
Fortunately, they arrived in time, and had about an hour for their dinner.
Tessa frowned at seeing that the day’s specialty had chocolate in it, and she ordered herself some ice cream instead. No chocolate.
The dessert felt good. It cooled Tessa down, and she needed it, because it was sweltering outside. The sun decided to shine like the holy fire.
“Okay, we can leave now.“ Jem took Tessa’s hand, and they walked to their next destination.
It wasn’t so far, but it wasn’t that close either. Tessa was glad she had flats instead of high heels. Her feet would ache from all the walking.
“Are you ready?” Jem asked, and took her hand.
“You know it.” Tessa’s smile was filled with love and excitement.
They soon reached a big building, which, as they walked in turned out to be an arena. It was filled with people, voices were carried over to Jem and Tessa.
Jem handed something to a man dressed in all black, and Tessa realized they were tickets.
They went in and found their seats.
“Are we about to see a play?” Tessa asked.
“Not telling.“ Jem smiled back at her.
“Okay, you are not allowed to surprise me anymore.” Tessa faked a pout, and crossed her arms.
“I love it when you do that.“
A moment later a woman stepped on the stage. She wore a beautiful dress, a modern version of a Victorian era dress. Tessa’s heart clenched at the sight of it. She took a deep breath, and Jem squeezed her hand.
And then, the woman took out her violin and started playing. The whole arena went silent, and the melodic sound of the violin filled every part, every crevice of the place.
Tessa was in awe. She couldn’t take off her eyes of the woman, the girl, because she looked so young. What Tessa didn’t realize was that Jem looked at her in the same awe. He was listening to the violin, of course he was, but his eyes were on Tessa. His eyes were always on Tessa.
Some time passed, and another melodic song started, but this time another girl appeared on the stage. She looked different, almost like a Shadowhunter, and Tessa looked at her intently, watching, in case a stray rune would appear on her, but there was nothing, just fair skin.
The two of them were in harmony. The girl with the violin moved, no, flowed across the stage, while the other one sang, her voice deeper than expected, almost gravely, strong. But beautiful.
There was a part in the song, about a mechanical heart, and Tessa couldn’t not think of her clockwork angel necklace. It was still hanging around her neck, not ticking.
When it all finished, she felt almost sad. Tessa wanted more of that, but she knew that she didn’t have to go far to get it. She had a personal violinist who could wake similar feelings in her.
Right after they left the arena, Tessa threw her arms around Jem’s neck, and kissed him hard, passionately. Jem’s arms snaked around her back, and he pulled her closer, until they were flush against each other.
The train ride back home was agonizingly long. Tessa was sighing the whole way, while Jem played with her hair.
“You’ll have to play the violin for me tonight.” Tessa said between sighs.
“I will.” Jem said, and his fingers got even more tangled in Tessa’s hair.
“No, you Jem.” Tessa smiled at him, and he couldn’t keep himself from laughing.
“Yes.” He breathed, and then kissed her.
That night the neighbors got their own concert, because Jem played until the wee hours of the morning.
Tessa never heard these melodies before, and she knew that Jem must have come up with them right there, channeling his feelings into it, making her feel special. Jem’s violin sang to her soul, and she was loved as only Jem could love her.


Me as Tessa Gray, featuring my cat as Church, for the Lady Midnight ARC contest. I couldn’t decide if I liked the pictures on the floor or on the couch better and if I liked the pictures of me reading or looking at the camera better, so included everything. You can’t really tell in the pictures, but that necklace is not actually a necklace oops. I had a real clockwork angel necklace, and then when I was wearing it, the clasp broke and I lost the pendant, and my new one won’t be here until after the contest, so I printed the clockwork angel design on a piece of paper, cut it out, and taped it to a necklace lolz.


I’ll start off by saying that I’m a huge fan of your work. I know, I know, that’s kind of a given considering I wouldn’t be entering this contest if I wasn’t, but I thought I should say it anyway.  And my family thinks I’m totally crazy because of you, but I love you so much. They thought I was crazy for reading all of your books so fast and then freaking out over them so much (“they’re just books, calm down”), and then they thought I was crazy on my thirteenth birthday, when instead of asking for clothes, or shoes, or a new hair straightener, I asked for the TMI and TID boxed sets, and then a few months later they thought I was crazy because after going Black Friday shopping and not going to bed until like 3 am, I wanted to get up at 6 am so that I’d be first in line at Barnes and Noble, ensuring that when they opened at 7 I would get a signed copy of The Bane Chronicles. 

Ever since I’ve been an avid reader, so pretty much my whole life, I’ve craved adventure. My friends would say how they would never want to be certain characters, because wow their lives sucked. And they were right. Those characters lives did suck.  Like, a lot. But my life was so typical and boring, and the characters lives have so much action and adventure and ohmygod I wanted that. And I know that nobody is ever going to come and tell me that I’m a Shadowhunter, or a Demigod, or a wizard, but when I dive into a book, I can pretend for a little while. And it’s amazing. Your books always made me feel like I was right there, that my life was adventurous, that I was fighting demons and saving lives. And when I finished them all, it sucked, and I missed it so much, but I was so glad that I had gotten the chance to read them. 

I remember before I read the Shadowhunter Chronicles, my friend, who had already read them, told me to read TMI before TID, but read COHF after TID, because there were parts that I would understand and enjoy more if I had already read TID. My thoughts were these books take place over 100 years apart. Besides having Shadowhunters and demons, how the heck could they be related??  But I did as she said. And let me tell you, it was hard. Maybe this sounds a little weird, but after being with the TMI characters for five books, and not reading the ending, it felt like I had unfinished business with a friend who had moved across the country. While reading the first half of CA, I still didn’t know the characters that well yet, and I missed the TMI characters desperately. I needed to know how their story would end, and reading a different book felt like torture at first. But I finished CA, and fell in love with those characters in the process, and when I finished CP and CP2, I loved TID even more than TMI. 

When I finally read COHF, I was a mess. An absolute mess. I got to the part where Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Simon, and Alec were about to go to Sebastian’s place, and I kinda freaked out. I don’t know why, but I had this gut feeling that one of the main six (Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Simon, Alec, Magnus) would die, and it would never be the same again. I wanted to keep reading and see what happened, but I just couldn’t, because I didn’t want it to be over. I was texting my friend like crazy, already upset over a death that hadn’t happened yet. She somehow managed to calm me down and make me go back to the book without spoiling (thanks, Fiona). And then the last chunk of the book took me way longer to read than it should’ve, because I had to keep stopping because I was crying so hard I could barely see and I didn’t want to damage the book. I was so upset because Simon, and I was so upset because those poor Blackthorn children did not deserve to have their siblings taken away from them, and I was so upset because it was about to be over, and I could not handle that. I finished reading, and I thought that was the end. Then I found out about the bane chronicles, and TFSA, and now you’re writing even more, starting with lady midnight, and I could not be more excited. If I got one of the ARCs, I would seriously cry. 

Your characters have always been such an inspiration. Clary was so normal, until one day she wasn’t, and she adjusted to the change so well. Jace (obviously) suffered through a really screwed up childhood, but he was so strong. Even after knowing what her dad did to her mom and thinking all guys were like that, Isabelle still allowed herself to open up to Simon. Simon loses all of his memories, and then when approached by Magnus and Izzy, agrees to go to a school in a country he has never heard of so that he can become someone else and drink from a cup that might kill him, so that he can know the truth about his life and get back some of the people he loves. Wow. Alec started off being scared to tell people about his sexuality, but eventually did it and was much happier after realizing he didn’t need to be embarrassed about who he is. Magnus is so freakin fabulous, plus being bisexual and a warlock, there are many people who don’t approve of him but he doesn’t care what they think. I identified really strongly with Tessa. I don’t know how to explain it, exactly, but I just felt a connection to her. Will went most of his life thinking nobody but Jem loved him, always having to push people away for fear that they would die if they loved him, and somehow he didn’t go insane or get depressed. Jem was always so kind, so innately good, just reading about him made me want to be better. Both Julian and Emma were without parents to take care of them at just twelve years old, and were responsible for taking care of the younger Blackthorn children. Reading your books has changed me, and I am so grateful for it. 

You have created such a complex and interesting world, and I have always been intrigued by the faeries, and I cannot wait to learn more about them. The fact that they can’t lie but are still very deceitful makes them very interesting. When I’m reading and the characters are interacting with the faeries, deciding what I think the characters should do and how far they should trust the faeries is a challenge, and I love it. You’ve said that the faeries will be in tda more than they were in tmi or tid, which makes me even more excited. It would be so amazing if I won one of the ARCs, and if  I don’t, then I guess just can’t wait until March 8! Love you Cassie!




OMG i know it isnt the best photo, but it is absolutely gorgeous! It looks exactly like the image on the book and the image from the shop! UGH JUST GORGEOUS!

Thank You so much HebelDesign!

and thank you Cassandra Clare for basically designing such an exquisite piece!

I’m in heaven right now.


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