clockwise whooves

Commission for Saturn~!

This was a lot of fun to do–I got to do a lot of compare and contrasts with Turner and Clockwise–they don’t even look like the same pony, really. Turner’s much lankier, more worn down and tired looking; his hair is unkempt and unstyled. He looks self-conscious and unsure of himself. Clockwise, on the other hoof, looks much healthier and taken care of; he’s got more meat on him (comes from being married to the muffin lord) and his mane has been carefully gelled and styled. He’s the Doctor–he’s sure of himself and how he looks and feels, and it really shows. 

… And beyond that character analysis, I totally ship Enamored Pip and Clockwise Dinky now. Nothing quite says “I like you!” like stealing his hat and running away with it. =P

Anyhow! Hope you like it, Saturn!