From the adventures of Dr. Hershel come undiscovered wonders from the world wide! Buy your own specimen today to grace your home with it’s tiny presence. The Tinyariums (aka the Squishis) and the remaining Vivian are officially for sale!

Vivian: Duo: This Vivian measures 5.5″ tall with pot and features one full grown, bright green Vivian and a new little bud. $40 +shipping

Tinyariums #13, #14, & #10: $25 +shipping (#14 currently on hold)

Tinyariums #8, #15, &#17: $20 +shipping

#17 is loose in the jar which means that it may move around during shipping. A little shaking makes sure that the critter gets back in place easily and safely. This item is discounted for this reason.

To buy one of the critters above email clockways at gmail with the number of the one you would like and your zip code for shipping estimate. I accept Paypal or credit card and will invoice you once shipping is calculated. Insurance on shipping is required and will ship priority. International orders will ship EMS with full declaration. None of the above is a toy- they contain small and delicate parts. 

Even if you are unable to purchase one all reblogs are greatly appreciated to help spread the word!

Straddling the line between headcanon and short fanfic

Sam: Sleipnir is looking very well-groomed and a little Lisa Frank esque in that picture.
Jabberwockypie: There would be more rainbows if it was Lisa Frank Sleipnir. Though now that’s a thing I think I need.
Sam: Loki is subtle about it.
Sam: He merely stocks all the back to school sales with folders with cute horses on them.
Sam: It takes weeks for people to realise all the horses have eight legs. 
Sam: He has no malicious purpose. He just wants every kid to have a picture of Sleipnir.

Since it seems to be centaur season, I present everyone’s* favorite Marvel centaur- Stallior!

*okay, well, mine and @copperbadge‘s at least. Not that there’s a lot to choose from. So maybe yours? He shows up one panel. But he is the best. I’d read a comic about the day in the life of Stallior. Like, Stallior trying to ride a bus or walking through the drive through or bemoaning the no pants, no service rule.

Done drying and matted. I’m pleased with how he came out! I think he’ll be for sale if I can find a happy medium between affordable and pretending I’m being paid minimum wage. If anyone is feeling particularly in love with him feel free to shoot me an ask~ EDIT: This little Cap is sold!