Premiere: ‘Borough Gypsy’ by Nomi Ruiz

Singer/Songwriter Nomi Ruiz unveils her sophomore solo release ‘Borough Gypsy’, an album 10 years in the works, completed during her two months residency at the Clocktower Gallery which will be released on May 14th as a free download on the Clocktower’s website. 

The album will premiere next Tuesday, April 23rd at the Clocktower Gallery where visitors can hear the album in its entirety and view accompanying video portraits directed by Nomi while having full access to diaries, sketchbooks, photo albums and song writing journals which document the albums progress as well as the emotional progression which inspired its content.  The studio space will be transformed into a world where the listener will step into the mind of the borough gypsy and get to see and sift through the urban tale as they are listening to the album unfold.

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Listen to the ‘Borough Gypsy’ Mixtape while watching Video Muse Portraits

I’m loving the nights here at the Clocktower.  I’ve decided to finally piece together my sound scape of native New York which I’ve been slowly working on for about 8 years now.  All of the software and equipment I’m using here is at least 10 years old which works perfectly with all the hard drives, sound files and old Pro Tools sessions I’ve been working with since this projects inception.  I’ve always wanted a Lo-fi esthetic for this project much like the samples you hear in old Wu-Tang or Mobb Deep recordings.  I haven’t been able to work on this project for the longest since I disassembled my home studio due to constantly relocating and most modern studios having upgrades which no longer work with the sessions and sounds I’ve accumulated over the years.  I feel it is no coincidence this opportunity has come into my path and I’m excited to continue working on and finalizing this sonic art piece which I’ve titled, Borough Gypsy.

Here is the nighttime view through a window in the live room reflecting light from the engineering booth.

Sunday night at the Clocktower production studio.  The deep red darkness inspires the stark in me as I sift through old melodies like psychology.  I dig through venting hip hop rhythms, street collages and folk that transports to such a specific place and time.  The occasional screech of damaged files attack through static anger and I dispose of them, bit by bit, like cutting away cancer.  The mood turns somber towards the end as unrequited love invades the studios silence through the sound of soul.  Drums hit strings and chords on the board and I’m reminded of those who’ve been here before. My muses, all murdered by melody.  They whisper through hallways and pipes, then ring out for saviors to light up the night.