clocks handmade

my new holding on to you clock

i know it’s not perfect but~ well i did it and i’m proud

”a year ago id be saying that this drawing is really shitty compared to what other people can do. today i’m saying, i’m a damn good artist and i’m going to keep practicing and keep getting better.” - NOT tyler joseph

but i like this words

Steampunk Orrery Jewelry

I set myself a challenge last year to make an orrery (model of the solar system) to fit under a glass dome that is under an inch wide.  There is a pile of rejects on my desk - it took a long time to find the right supplies and construction. The “planets” are half beads resting on a vintage hairspring.  They needed to be very light so they didn’t drag the spring down.  I would love to have found copper tone half beads for Mars and Jupiter but I couldn’t source any.  Saturn does have her ring!  

I must stress - nothing moves on this pendant.  It is a static representation not a true mechanical orrery.  One day I would love to create tiny moving ones.  It is sealed under the glass to keep it pristine.  

The pendant is 1 ½ inches high and 1 inch wide.  The brass faceted cut cable link chain has a fixed drop of 13 inches long (from the pendant to the clasp) for a total length of 26 inches.  It has a lobster claw clasp.

I’m selling this in my Etsy store


I’ve made awesome LOHAC-wall clock

so recently I was thinking about Dave Strider related watch and made this thing :3

do you like it?

p.s.: just sayin - I’m makin kinda majestic horns(and now clocks) and here is the deal - you can exchange horns(or clocks?) to stuff that I like(horns4stuff, haha)! I think it can be somewhat fun! like when hs-kids sending birthday boxes to each other! (to be specific - I can make almost any homestuck-horns for you, even fantroll)

things I want to get in order of importance:

  • homestuck comic books
  • scott pilgrim ost on vynil record
  • ED64 plus (thing to play roms on n64)
  • memory expansion pack for nintendo 64
  • the legend of zelda:ocarina of time or resident evil 2(only eur version for n64, US versions won’t go on my console)

so if you get interested in it - just send me a message!


Plasma Vial

I love working with Tritium!  It’s exotic and fits with the steampunk ethos and appeals to the mad scientist in me.  It’s estimated that Tritium will glow for 10 to 15 years.  It glows continuously and does not require “charging” from a light source like glow in the dark items.  It’s used in gun sights and watches.


Total of pendant section: 2 ½ inches long x 2 inches at the widest point.
Fixed drop chain: From the pendant to the clasp 11 inches long including clasp.

It is designed to be worn high on the body so there is enough room for the vial section to hang.  I can alter the chain if required.

Pink/orange tritium vial, glass test tube, brass end cap, brass beads, clock parts, mesh eyelet, triangular brass base, copper tone beads, copper tone “beehive” end caps, brass and silver tubing, brass spring, brass washer, copper cable chain, flat brass arc, copper rolo chain, copper bar connectors, brass pin.



The time has come…

I finally made this purse! I bought the fabric for this a few months ago and it just took me ages to get the proper inspiration, and drive to make it. The big thing was that I didn’t believe my sewing skills could master making a circle bag. But after a few quick YouTube tutorials, I was on my way!
The outcome is amazing! I love this purse to death. I still can’t believe I made it all by myself 🙌
Only one downside, I wish I used stronger stabiliser, as it is a bit mushy and can lose some of its form.
But it was so nice to see how much I have actually managed to pick up on while messing around with sewing. Now if only I could just start making clothes…


One of my signature flying hearts - This piece has been in a 3 year touring exhibition called “The Antipodean Steampunk Show” that started way back in 2012. The exhibition finished in February and I just recieved all my work back.  

All pieces have been cleaned, checked and listed in my etsy store:   $245


This heart has sold but I make variations on this signature design. You can see what is currently available for sale in my etsy store:

I also post all of my new creations here, my etsy store and facebook.