Move over circular clocks, these dynamic designs are whimsical, extravagant, and lively. 

Both of these clocks are pendules d’alcove, made for hanging in the alcove above a bed.

Mechanisms inside chimed the nearest hour and quarter hour when a string was pulled, which allowed for sound sleeping and eliminated the need to light a candle to read the dial.

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Clocks were a luxury item in the Netherlands in the late eighteenth century and stands such as this one were used to transform portable pocket watches into decorative room clocks. The French pocket watch inserted into this stand, made around 1795, is still working! The sinuous form of the stand, and its elaborate decoration featuring naturalistic motifs, showcases the Rococo style favored in Europe during this period.

Pocket Watch Stand with Pocket Watch, c. 1770-80 (stand); c. 1795 (watch), Stand: Artist/maker unknown, Netherlandish. Pocket watch made by Ferney-Voltaire watch manufactory, French Jura, France.