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Anger Management

Anonymous asked you:

If you’re still taking Padlock prompts may I offer this one? Paige gets really, REALLY mad at Tony about something and refuses to talk to him or even interact with him in any way for like a week and Tony’s freaking out because Paige has never acted like this(Or you could even switch the roles with Tony as the one who’s mad).

Tony had never seen Paige so mad that she wasn’t even speaking to him.

She’d taken talking to a rock with a face on it over him, or a pencil, or the wall, or nothing at all, over him.

She also did everything to avoid him and didn’t even look at him. At first, he thought it was a game, to catch him unawares so she could attack him and get her revenge, and that would be that.

But this was different. She was completely ignoring his existence.

And he was freaking out.

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