this present prescience of a future echo
in absence assures its resonance-
I never ask the time of you
telling, how I tell myself all the time
if it’s given, granted-
refusal accepted in turn
a bout of fair-played-out,
avowals averred
resignations’ denial
deferral forbid
- bearding wolves in their den-
closer shave of Occam’s
strop-whetted keen-edged appetite
for resolution remains
troubles’ taste, too
tantalising to resist
tooth some-what lengthened by time 
muffling firey breathed bark
(feathers rough-led)
worst bitten short
(patience cooly tempers heat)
buried in spent hours’ sand
pooled in glass,
minute grains past
momentarily molten: Fate
shape set & spun out of habits’ force
hands tic-ing, to help
themselves unaccustomed 
other, wiser, stilled until
tolled out of time…
—  temporal poor posturing: clock works hung over time
omg i just thought of the stupidest, funniest shit

so after act 7 things settle a bit & logically john starts to date roxy but he feels really weird about it and has to tell dave because technically hes kinda dating his mom so he goes to dave really anxious and confesses that hes been with roxy and at his surprise dave takes it really well and goes in for a congratulatory hug and

come to me and tell me dave wouldnt be that petty. come. i dare you

Before mechanical clocks, people used candle clocks. Consistently spaced markings indicated the passage of time as the candle melted so people could tell time indoors or at night when the sun wasn’t visible. Source

A candle clock could also be used as a timer by sticking a heavy nail into the candle, which would clatter onto the plate below when the wax around it melted.