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Distort #49 is almost complete.

A new Total Control 12” is being recorded. A live set from the European tour minus Mikey and minus live drums will be online soon.

The SJN LP tentatively titled Power It Up is now self-titled, and is being pressed courtesy of Cool Death and Paco / La Vida Es Un Mus.

The UV Race new LP is almost complete. Our second film is still in the editing stage.

The Distort record distribution has been moved into a physical location set up with Cool Death Records called Lulu’s. It’s out the back of the café / bar A Fans Notes on Nicholson Street in North Carlton.

Winter hours are:
SAT 12-4
SUN 12-4

All of the records (tapes etc.) I was distributing are available from there, or online at

PART I The beauty of this moment goes beyond the sharing of intimacy that follows this second in time. Many may have spoken about the symbolism (foreshadowing) here, and if so add me to that list.

We see an apple, clock, gun, books, and katana.
This moment was showing us that the survivors would have to fight for food and time was running out. The book on the nightstand, “Mullah’s Storm” was perfect choice as it is about a couple fighting together against evil while losing comrades. The commander relies heavily on sgt (female) in decision making like Richonne will also. They ultimately are VICTORIOUS 👏🏾(thanks JeaneneHenry). This gives me more hope, fandom👍🏽


[16/100] Days of Productivity

Today’s workspace.

Today I had to go to the barn to complete the assignment for my current module.  My pony was so patient for me, I had him standing in the barn for over an hour!  He loves the attention.  I had to take measurements of his hooves and use a spectrum to determine the health of his feet for after a trim but, before I did anything to them!  It is much more difficult than I thought it would be but, I’m slowly getting better. 

Here’s a picture of my pony, Pocket, from a last year.  He had such a good time on that trail ride, I think it’s one of his favorite memories!

Night approached, and so did the two’s anticipated bedtime. Recently, it’s been scattered; fatal wounding here, worried crying there, nightmares over there… Needless to say they’ve been forcing themselves to ‘get back into it’, which includes chopping off a few hours to sleep off their built up stress.

Laying side by side, Rathteu nose-deep in his book, the clock ticked on by, stray hand idly curling strands of Rathrey’s hair between his digits. A hum leaves him, then, accompanied by a thought. His hand snaps the book closed and he looks over to his lover, who was weary but relaxed…

“Might as well freshen the bandages,” he murmurs, though moreso to himself; he knew the other couldn’t hear him.
Wordlessly, he gently shakes the other’s shoulder, warning him of movement before scooching off of the bed and acquiring his lover’s supplies. He sits back down on the bed. Easily, he pushes Rathrey’s body up so he was sitting up half-assedly, leaning against Rathteu’s chest as he began to unravel the present bandages on his torso in front of their body-length mirror across from them.


Last one, I’m so relieved.  😌


Bed (Alfazema) | Pillows | Mattress + Blanket | Round table | Bottle with Flowers | Open book | Alarm Clock | Ring | Condoms | Magazines | Paintings |  Les Paul Guitar | Amp | Lighter and Cigarette Pack | Ashtray | Ceiling Fan | Arrow Shelf | Potted Plant | Deco Box | Bird Sculpture | iPod | Rug |  Bookcase | Books | Cage | Solitaire Board | Wicker Baskets | Hanging Planter with Flowers | Hamper | Floor Jeans | Wind Chime | Floor Mirror | Mirrored Wardrobes | Vanity Table | Chair (Arcan) | Wall Mirror | Makeup Kit | Reed Diffuser, Bottles, and Lotion (Silky Intentions) | Wall | Sheer Drapes | Sheer Curtains Gathered in the Middle | Balcony 


The Bone Clocks Book Review

The Bone Clocks
David Mitchell
656 pages; Fantasy

Quick Summary: Holly runs away from home at 15, following a fight with her mother. Her plan turns out to be less than ideal, and she soon finds out her younger brother has gone missing. As a young girl, she heard voices, and throughout the novel, you learn just who and what these voices are–and what they want to be.

Pros: Weird Fiction
I love weird fiction. This book often felt like a puzzle, and seeing the pieces fit together was super satisfying.

Pros: Diverse
I didn’t expect this, to be honest, but it’s great. At one point at a train station a driver asks, “YOU’RE the doctor?” And the doctor thinks, “Is it because I’m black? Or a woman?” Up until then, I had been imagining this person as a white man. The unmarked state! I was wrong! And being wrong was so nice.

Pros: Good Storytelling
David Mitchell is definitely a talented writer. The tension rose and fell, the characters were complex, interesting, and humorous, even when they were terrible people, and the setting was well-drawn, no matter where the characters found themselves.

Cons: Very Long!
To be honest, it was little hard for me to plow through this in one go. I can see why it was so long, but I took a break mid-book to read something lighter (Lumberjanes! Which was also great.)  

I recommend it. Good for: fans of Haruki Murakami, mystery, weird fiction, fantasy, world building.

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