clock puns


Just something I’m gonna be doing here and there. :3

Voice & Sans Art from Jestre DeRama
Music, and Undertale by Toby Fox

Sometimes i like to imagine how strange it must be for new employees at the castle shortly after the spell is broken.

Like, imagine you’re some young new kitchen maid or something who’s just arrived. You just don’t know what to make of this place. First there were the rumors of this castle being “haunted,” though that doesn’t seem to have any merit.

Everybody seems oddly jumpy here, which makes you wonder if something odd did happen to them. For example, when you’re washing dishes and you accidentally break a plate, the rest of the kitchen staff all panics. After a tense moment, the other servants laugh nervously and tell each other, “it was just a plate. Just an ordinary plate. No need to worry.” But you’re left standing there like “??????”

Then there’s all the strange inside jokes the other servants seem to have (for some reason Cogsworth gets rather upset at any mention of clocks??? And so Lumiere incorporates as many clock-related puns into conversations as possible???). Occasionally little Chip makes a passing reference to “that time i was a teacup” before his mother can shush him.

You decide these people just have the *strangest* sense of humor.

it is a CRIME that these two have barely interacted


companion mixes for our favorite dead gay sons

one more parade (steve)

1. when your mind's made up // steve kazee
2. daniel in the den // bastille
3. american pie // don mclean
4. submarines // the lumineers
5. turn back the clock // steam powered giraffe
6. where did the party go // fall out boy
7. peggy sue // buddy holly
8. laughter lines // bastille
9. that'll be the way home // steam powered giraffe
10. one more parade // phil ochs
11. if you want me // cristin milioti

american made (bucky)

1. take me to the fire // ghost and gale
2. haunt // bastille
3. american made // fall out boy
4. mecto amore // steam powered giraffe
5. off to the races // lana del rey
6. bones // ms mr
7. things we lost in the fire // bastille
8. i want it all // arctic monkeys
9. talking bird (death cab for cutie cover) // madeline chyba
10. automatonic electronic harmonics // steam powered giraffe
11. wanted dead or alive // bon jovi

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