clock punk


A new heart for Valentine’s Day.  Lots of detail - gauges, levers, knobs, a display monitor and grilled vision portal.  It’s a complete control panel needed to run a mechanical flying heart.

It’s available in my etsy store:

$455 plus $7 postage.


Plasma Vial

I love working with Tritium!  It’s exotic and fits with the steampunk ethos and appeals to the mad scientist in me.  It’s estimated that Tritium will glow for 10 to 15 years.  It glows continuously and does not require “charging” from a light source like glow in the dark items.  It’s used in gun sights and watches.


Total of pendant section: 2 ½ inches long x 2 inches at the widest point.
Fixed drop chain: From the pendant to the clasp 11 inches long including clasp.

It is designed to be worn high on the body so there is enough room for the vial section to hang.  I can alter the chain if required.

Pink/orange tritium vial, glass test tube, brass end cap, brass beads, clock parts, mesh eyelet, triangular brass base, copper tone beads, copper tone “beehive” end caps, brass and silver tubing, brass spring, brass washer, copper cable chain, flat brass arc, copper rolo chain, copper bar connectors, brass pin.


anonymous asked:

okay so what would you title some of the episodes in trc??

okay this probably sucks but in my attempt to be an art hoe™️, I tried to combine pretty words to make episode titles so @maggie-stiefvater hmu for some more of this garbage, I’m still desperate to pay my college tuition

Blue episodes: Broken Mirrors, Every Blue Moon, Written in the Stars, Silent Landline, Starless Night, When a Bird Sings, Wanderlove, Kaleidoscope Color, Violet Shy, Lily Witch, An Autumn Song, Lavender Candles, etc.

Gansey episodes: Letters Unopened, Cherry Champagne, Not Hidden Nor Lost, Honey Whiskey, Hopeless Love Ballad, Sleeping King, Old Money Son, Kingskin, Lively Hazel Eyes, Dead Ends, Summer Undone, Crown Thee, etc. 

Ronan episodes: Insomniacs Dream, Red Neon Angel, Restless Lullaby, Poisoned Youth, Kerosine Dreams, Tonight’s Delusion, Religion of a God, Love in Latin, Hymn and a Kiss, Shadow Kin, Brothers Love, Grave Faith, etc. 

Adam episodes: Aching Rotten Lungs, Wilted Garden, Thorn Torn Skin, Mechanic Hands, Defy thy Father, Chapped and Withered, Sun Blush, Science of a Storm, Fractured Face, Guide with no Eyes, May it Rain, etc.

Noah episodes: Stopped Clocks, Dusty Mold Bones, Punk isn’t Dead, Birthday Schnapps, Echo of a Boy, Gray Ice Veins, Time for Goodbye, Restless in Death, Growing Colder, Eternal Youth, Never Older, etc. 

Henry episodes: Keeper of the Bees, Prince Among Thieves, Loyal to the King, A Rebel Forever, Afraid and Happy, Friends till the End, Smile like Sunshine, Vancouver Crowd, RoboBeeBoy, Mother’s Love, Life in a Play, etc.