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How to Get Along With Your Hufflepuff Friend Pt. 3

From a Gryffindor’s Perspective

• Hufflepuffs are the friends who will laugh as they ask “are you okay stupid” after you do something dumb

• they may be loyal but they don’t tolerate cheating whatsoever and will rat you out trust me

• if you tell them that you’re doing something reckless and possibly life threatening, chances are they’ll tag along just to make sure you don’t get hurt

• prepare yourself for the flower crowns

• they tend to like old things, like an antique grandfather clock or the old necklace you stole off your grandmother after she made fun of you for getting stuck on the roof last summer

• they’re incredibly easy to fall in love with, be careful

• Puffs are some of the happiest people but they are super easily distracted even if it’s just like a bluebird flying overhead

• protect your puffs, because they’re so nice sometimes that it’s hard for them to stick up for themselves, but that’s no problem for headstrong Gryffs

• however they are super grump in the morning and can and will tear your head off unless you give them food

• they will mother you to death, especially if you’re sick, they will not hesitate to wrap you in blankets and shove a potion down your throat before you can say “treacle tart”

• somehow they seem to know you the best even if you haven’t told them anything about you, they just FIND out it’s super weird

• they don’t drink. If they do drink, don’t let them drink. Please. Trust me.


A new heart for Valentine’s Day.  Lots of detail - gauges, levers, knobs, a display monitor and grilled vision portal.  It’s a complete control panel needed to run a mechanical flying heart.

It’s available in my etsy store:

$455 plus $7 postage.

Rotten to the Core: Catch (Slice of Life/Dark Oneshot)

This oneshot is the first in a trio series, requested/inspired by @funkzpiel and @firebyfire. Criminal AU, Grindelnewt and probably Gramander.

The Blue Pegasus was a club, where the high society and shady people dined. It was laying in New York’s center, being the heart of the residing crime scene. A pulsating heart with blue, white and silver flashes. Whiskey, liquor and cocktails flew through its veins. Its skin was pearlmouth, leather and white powders. Rubies for eyes. The clothes it wrapped itself in were the security of all sorts of mafia bosses, corrupt polices and more, ready to fight with bullets, knives, darts and betrayal.

A band was playing a fast, wild song. Punk rock. Blue, white and silver lights ran over the floor. While most people were on the dance floor, enjoying themselves, there was a small section upstairs, which was reserved for the high elite. Seperated from the common folk by an elegant, dark crimson carpet. Only the best of the worst were allowed to sit in wild leather armchairs and couchs, drink long ice tea with pearls and eat tapas, made out of the finest pork filet.

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Astronomical Clock necklace, astronomy jewelry, photo-realistic, art pendant, astronomy gifts, gift for father, astronomy nerd, gift for him
The astronomical clock in Prague is incredible to see in person, but if you cant get there, you can have the next best thing right here. A very clear and detailed photograph in this pendant makes the perfect gift for astronomy geeks and science nerds. I know it looks real, and the pendant does look real when you where it, it is not an actual time piece.

$9 and up, depending on chain choices


Plasma Vial

I love working with Tritium!  It’s exotic and fits with the steampunk ethos and appeals to the mad scientist in me.  It’s estimated that Tritium will glow for 10 to 15 years.  It glows continuously and does not require “charging” from a light source like glow in the dark items.  It’s used in gun sights and watches.


Total of pendant section: 2 ½ inches long x 2 inches at the widest point.
Fixed drop chain: From the pendant to the clasp 11 inches long including clasp.

It is designed to be worn high on the body so there is enough room for the vial section to hang.  I can alter the chain if required.

Pink/orange tritium vial, glass test tube, brass end cap, brass beads, clock parts, mesh eyelet, triangular brass base, copper tone beads, copper tone “beehive” end caps, brass and silver tubing, brass spring, brass washer, copper cable chain, flat brass arc, copper rolo chain, copper bar connectors, brass pin.



US Jewelry Trade/Sale

Everything is up for trade

Rings are either a size five or six

First picture:
-chokers $5 each

Second picture:
-Necklace $10

Third picture:
-choker $10
- all earrings $4 per pair

Fourth picture:
-first ring $12
-other rings 5 dollars

Fifth picture:
-owl clock necklace $8
-earrings $10

What I would like:

• Raw amethyst chunks
•Geodes (already opened please)
•Essential Oils
•Blu Cat Tarot Deck
• Anything Buddhist/Hindu related (especially anything to do with Tara or Ganesha)
•Jars with lids or corks
•Herbal/Alchemy books

Contact me @ivy-wind