clock hairpin

Masquerade (closed RP)

The whole thing was ridiculous.
By that of course she meant that she had spent five hours making sure every little detail was perfect, from the silhouette of her dress to the placement of the clock hand hairpins Jeffery had so kindly given her not three weeks before.
He was a lifesaver. She would have had nothing otherwise.
Miranda made a face as Bree strolled out of the house with a “don’t wait up~” and proceeded to steal the car.

Masks were always a thing she liked. She loved her proxy mask, and her masquerade mask was no different. She settled it on her face, tying the black ribbon gently as her reflection stared at her in the visor mirror. With a sigh that confirmed her dress was in fact laced too tight to actually breathe in, she stepped out of her car and into the lavishly decorated establishment. Steampunk; who knew?

They had a name tag for her; her “steampunk name” or something. All she really remembered was the “Countess” part. It was pinned neatly to her dress before she entered a sea of people in beautifully tarnished apparel. Another attempt at a deep breath and she closed off her mind from them; she wanted to be… Normal.

At least for tonight.