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“Speaking. Who is this?” The chief asked, assuming some collaborator of Flat’s. Then, an idea struck him and he froze.
It couldn’t be.
The man on the other end of the receiver opened his mouth to confirm or deny the chief’s suspicion. Simply to inform one of Snowfield’s masterminds who and what he was. To speak the name of a man who was to alter the destinies of numerous mages — including Flat and the chief — and to go down in the history of the Holy Grail War.
“An instructor in modern magecraft at the Clock Tower. I generally go by the borrowed name of The Second… Lord El-Melloi II.”
The man who had introduced himself as one of the Clock Tower’s highest authorities piled more words on the chief, who was wide-eyed with surprise.
“To you, however, I will give a different name:

"Waver Velvet… a simple third-rate mage who once participated in Fuyuki’s Holy Grail War.”


The Eighth Event, 1.0274912510

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Some time later, Baltimore drifted back into consciousness. She could still feel Beam’s form nestled against her, and was grateful to find out the the events of the previous night had not simply been a perfect dream.

She considered rousing Beam as well, but she was in no hurry to leave their bunk. Her thoughts turned to how long they had been sleeping.

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ticking clocks

Random thought generated by this post

A pretty standard device for the third act of a movie is what writers will call the ticking clock or ticking time bomb–in addition to whatever high stakes the characters are already dealing with, there’s a time pressure to accomplish something, the rules of which are clearly laid out for the audience. It can be as literal as an actual ticking bomb in an action movie; it can be the rom-com stereotype of running through the airport to catch your love before they get on a plane (pause for lol at pre-9/11 rom-coms). You get the idea.

The end of Fury Road has two ticking clocks, which could be redundant, except they work against each other. There’s the one that’s set up in advance: we hear Max very clearly lay out a plan about using the Rig’s tanker to seal off the canyon pass, which means the War Rig has to be the first vehicle through the pass so they can trap everyone else behind them. So we have an expectation of what they’re trying to accomplish, a hope and fear that we can keep track of in the middle of this action melee.

But then, in addition to the metric fuckton of obstacles that get thrown at the characters during the third act race, there’s the surprise ticking clock of Furiosa getting stabbed. She knows it’s a potentially fatal injury and the amount of time she has left for fighting is counted in minutes.

She could slow down that clock by not moving, bowing out of the fight, pausing to get medical help more substantial than a hastily-made bandage. Except she can’t do that because the other ticking clock, reaching the pass, is still ticking, and there is one big obstacle still in their way, and she’s the person who has the best chance of removing it.

The Proposal.

He was pathetic.

Absolutely and completely and utterly pathetic.

Men, other men, managed to do this every day. Every. Damn. Day. He was a marine; a marine and a Spectre, and in the past few years he’d seen and been through things that those other men wouldn’t even dare to imagine.

Yet, they managed to do this, and he couldn’t seem to.

He wasn’t quite sure what the problem was.

He loved her, he loved her so much it hurt, and after everything they’d come through, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that no-one could ever take her place in his heart. He knew that more certainly than any of those other men knew, because he’d already lost her once and he knew, firsthand, how empty a life without her could be. He never wanted to go through that again.


And he knew knew she loved him too.

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The new clock “circuit” powering the clock tower: a minecart!

That’s right, because redstone clocks have such problems in SMP when you log out, the most stable solution is a minecart spinning eternally around an infinite loop. The cart doesn’t stop when you log out, so it never needs resetting, which has been the problem with all redstone clock generator designs I’ve tried, including torch-based, repeater-based, and piston-based.

As you can see, powered rails propel it in a circle, alternating signals by passing over the detector rails on each side. 


[FOR SALE; ££87.99] 4 Way Nanoloop Clock Generator

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A clock generator for nanoloop versions 1.7 [DMG] and 2.7 [GBA] + Based on Gijs Master Clock Generator

This unit provides clock outputs on 3.5mm jacks (Custom Made GBA Link Cables Included, for use with DMG a custom clock in jack must be added as DMG link cables can be hard to come by) witch can clock up to 4 instances of nanoloop and send a MIDI clock out of an *OPTIONAL* MIDI output