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More of that idea aka bunch of doodles from different points of their timeline! Their relation sure does change 

No matter how many times I see Spider-Man homecoming I am always pissed off when Liz puts up the dance banner over the clock as if that is a logical decision

You are good at something, stop lying to yourself. You’re good at breaking down comic book plots, cooking ramen perfectly, making your friends happy, knowing the time without looking at a clock, getting the perfect ending at RPG’s, or figuring out the twist ending to movies. Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important.

Reminder that 4/12 is Asano Gakuho’s Birthday!

I only get to remind y’all once a year, and by golly am I going to remind you 

 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

This was actually supposed to be paired with the comic I made last year as a kind of “then and now” regarding how Gakushuu reacts to his father’s birthday, but I ran out of time, so I shelved the idea for a whole year. I’m glad though! I knew that I would have to start much earlier than last year if I wanted to color this the way I wanted to, so that’s what I did! Not to mention, I’ve gotten much better at coloring since then!

I was really surprised when I saw that Studio Lerche gave younger Gakuho brighter, more vibrant hair!  I think they chose a beautiful color though. It reminds me of autumn leaves.  It made me think that maybe Gakushuu’s hair was noticeably brighter when he was a young child, so I made his hair honey-colored rather than the deeper strawberry blonde I usually give him.

On 9 October, John’s 40th birthday, Lennon and McCartney called for the last time on the phone.

John had just completed most of his return album, Double Fantasy. Paul had called in the evening and the pair – Lennon perhaps regretting his most recent caustic comments – discussed how they were always being baited to put one another down in the press.

‘Do they play me against you like they play you against me?’ John wondered. 'Yeah, they do,’ said Paul.
—  man on the run: paul mccartney in the 1970s, tom doyle
The Chocobros, Nyx, Cor & video games!

Requests are open!


  • Really enjoys RPGs
  • Still hasn’t finished the main quest of Skyrim
  • Romanced Garrus in Mass Effect with a Shepard called Luna
  • “Is your FemShep named after Lunafreya?” “No…?”
  • They were
  • Fishing Simulator 2017
  • Plays Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley when he wants to relax


  • This boy is an absolute beast at FPS games
  • Borderlands is one of his favourite FPSs
  • Picked Lilith in 1, Gaige in 2 and Claptrap in TPS
  • Don’t challenge him at arcade games
  • He will actually destroy you
  • Especially at House of the Dead
  • Undertale made him cry just a tiny bit


  • Doesn’t get to play games often so he doesn’t keep up with latest releases
  • Really enjoys handheld games that he can play on the go
  • Even has King Regis beat at Candy Crush
  • Got so angry at Flappy Bird
  • He smashed his phone because of it
  • Actually reallys loves the Cooking Mama series
  • Would go competitive with Pokémon if he had the time
  • Very proud of his Alolan Vulpix


  • Enjoys some quality survival horror games
  • Resident Evil 3 was his favourite
  • Iris used to sit and watch him play RE3 and loved Jill
  • He spent ages religiously trying to get all the endings to Clock Tower
  • Likes a good hack n slash like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry too
  • Is an actual boss at rhythm games
  • His favourite are the Hatsune Miku games
  • Which are totally Iris’s games
  • Has beaten all songs on Project Diva 2nd F on extreme


  • Loves multiplayer games
  • Can’t pick between maining Sombra or McCree in Overwatch
  • Gets really pissed off at people who demand healing when they don’t protect the healer
  • Nyx is that one friend that steals your stars in Mario Party
  • “My turn to pick! I choose Rainbow Road!”
  • He’s the asshole that picks Rainbow Road and everyone hates him for it
  • Would be the first to volunteer to play Rock Band on vocals


  • Wouldn’t admit it but loves to play fighting games when he has chance
  • Mains Devil Jin in Tekken
  • Has entered and won tournaments in Insomnia
  • Straight up the saltiest person when he loses at Smash Melee to Ice Climbers
  • Plays a mean Princess Peach in Smash Bros
  • Would destroy you at Dance Dance Revolution if you can get him to play

anonymous asked:

Awkward yandere Prussia?

  • Prussia is a mess of hormones and pranks. If he doesn’t march into a room announcing his magnificence, he’s probably going to sneak up on you and pounce – to surprise you is what he’ll claim, but it’s also likely just an excuse to get his hands on your chest. He’s constantly pulling on his childish antics to try and impress you: challenging others to ‘a duel for your hand,’ or writing entire epic poems about your beauty, or bench-pressing the nearest truck if he feels threatened. It’s simultaneously ridiculous and endearing.
  • Chivalry is Prussia’s idea of charming, and furthermore believes it to be central to modern romance. What do you mean no one fights for their lover’s honor these days?! That’s what happens in all of these modern romance novels! W-what do you mean dueling’s illegal…
  • Disregarding his bold actions and declarations of eternal servitude, Prussia can’t hold a conversation with you very well. He knows he’s stronger and wittier than anyone else around him, he’s just incapable of communicating it verbally. He can curb his stuttering pretty decently with practice, but nothing can hide the blush on his cheeks when you’re nearby. It’ll be on you to keep the conversation going, or at least keep it on track; if you’re not talkative enough to hold his attention to speech alone he’ll drag you along on some crazy adventure that involves much more action than talking. 
  • If you want to go out on a date with him, expect something physically challenging. Hiking and swimming are his two favorite activities. Hiking around a lake and then swimming in it is great, especially if the freezing, unhygienic water and prospective wildlife make you uncomfortable. If you can’t handle too much exercise, he’ll carry you on his shoulders to the destination. As long as you two get to spend time together and see some amazing natural sights in the process, he’s happy. Also there’s not a lot of conversation in hiking.
  • But if that’s not your cup of tea, staying home and playing board games is also a favorite activity of his. Especially strategy games like chess, Risk, and Axis & Allies. He won’t cheat, but he won’t need to: there are very few people he can’t crush at strategy, and with his experience there’s little chance you’re one of them. If you cheat he won’t forgive you until you make him cookies. 
  • He carries a sword in his pants at all times (no, not that sword, a real sword) if you ever want a demonstration of his swordplay. He’s a master of the art, after all! He could probably chop down a tree with a single swipe of his trusty bastard sword! Hopefully his hands aren’t shaking too much at the thought of messing up in front of you. He can and has dropped it on his foot before.
  • Awkward boners occur frequently. Rolling your R’s? Boner. Wearing shorts? Boner. Messy bedhead from a mutual nap? Boner. He usually doesn’t even realize he has a boner, which makes it that much weirder.
  • After doing anything remotely sexual, Prussia will immediately get down on his knees and pray to God for forgiveness. Don’t take it as an insult, ignore it, it’s just a deep-set habit from centuries past. He probably still has a boner for you anyways, since he’s got incredible stamina. 
  • Conversation is not his strong suit, but Prussia is still constantly pestering you for attention. If you leave his side for more than ten minutes he will whine about how cruel it was for his beloved kartoffel to abandon him, did you get swept up by an evil dragon?! He will ride to rescue you on his steed, as your faithful white knight! He’ll follow you anywhere! No, seriously, if you leave him alone long enough even to go to the grocery store he will do something as crazy as ride in on a horse to find you. It’s probably better to just bring him along in the first place, even if he convinces you to buy the whole candy aisle. 
  • He genuinely enjoys hanging out with your friends and family. All the more people to impress with his awesomeness! All these embarrassing stories to hear about your childhood, waiting to be heard and repeated until the world ends! He loves family barbecues the most, by the way. Please let him come along.
  • However, if his dominance over you is threatened by anyone – your jock friend, your rock start cousin, your brother, even – his aura of fun competition is immediately swapped with something far more menacing. Since lifting the nearest boulder wasn’t able to get them to clear off, he’ll put his sharp tongue and sharper mind to use, deducing their flaws and listing them for the world to see. They’re a broke bum, a slob, an idiot, completely incompetent compared to him. There’s no one better for you than Prussia, because there is no one better than Prussia. He’s forgotten all his blundering quirks in the heat of the moment, unable to view the offender as more than a target, a mere pawn in the face of his army.
  • If out-competing someone isn’t enough to draw your attention away from them and back to him, he’ll dig through their dirty laundry so to speak and pull up all of their dirty secrets. Maybe he won’t be able to tell you everything himself, maybe he’ll be too tongue-twisted to explain why he’s illicitly looking through others’ records, but perhaps covertly placing the file of secrets on your doorstep will be convincing enough. 
  • If you try and hang out with anyone without his knowledge and in even vaguely romantic terms, well… he follows you everywhere. He carries a sword around. He’s very well acquainted with battle and has no qualms with severing a man’s head from his skull. He will engage in conflict right in front of you to prove his ownership if he has to. He’ll do anything to remind you of who’s perfect for you, of who you belong to, dammit!
  • On the bright side, if you ever wanna see Prussia duel without the potential of dropping his sword, it’s the perfect opportunity to sic him on your enemies as well! Just prepare to make up for it with lots of sex and week-long prayer services.
Lord of Shadows Spoilers

I finished the entire book last night and…I just can’t stop crying. 

I knew it was coming. I’d been preparing for it for like, all book, but it still hurt so much. 

And you realize that when Livvy (or was it Ty? I don’t remember.) was talking about how the gates of heaven open for just an instant when the clock chimes the hour, and Livvy and Robert have just died and the clock begins to chime the hour while Livvy is cradled in Julian’s arms and you realize the implication of Livvy and Robert going up to heaven and it all just hits you harder that they’re fucking dead and I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING.

Mistakes || Jeon Jungkook (PT. 2)

Originally posted by hohbi

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

Two weeks. It had been two weeks since you and Jungkook had started the break. You didn’t want to admit it but you had spent all of the time up until now laying in bed, and trying to disappear within the covers. You didn’t want to see the outside world if it meant you would have to remember his absence.

As much as you wanted to call Jungkook and tell him to come home, you were too stubborn. There was a small part of you that wouldn’t let your fingers punch in the familiar number. He wasn’t as strong though. He had called you everyday and left you with countless voicemails, all of them telling you how much he loved you and that he was truly sorry.

He hadn’t missed a single day.

Of course he was still doing promotions and working with the guys, but he was messaging you and calling you whenever he got the chance, and it made your heart hurt. You wanted to answer every time the phone rang, but you didn’t. It wasn’t until a different ringtone started playing that you actually grabbed the device and pressed answer.

“Hello.” You answered quietly.

“Hi.” His voice sent shivers down your spine and you were so dumb as to not expect him to try something like this. He had before, and yet you had fallen for it again.

“You have to stop calling me from Jimin’s phone or else soon I’m not going to pick up and he’s going to be pissed at me.” You replied, sitting up slightly in bed and resting your back against the pillows. You didn’t want to admit it but it felt good to hear his laugh come over the line.

“I’m sorry, I had to hear your voice. I thought I was going to go insane.” He replied. Your fingers played with the edge of your blanket so as to try and distract you from the fluttering in your chest. It didn’t matter what he said, he could be reading the script of the bee movie and you would still find yourself distracted by his voice.

“You’re a twit, you know that right?” You questioned, trying to goof around a little bit. Jungkook chuckled slightly and you could tell that he wasn’t completely there. “How are thing’s going with the guys? They’re being nice right?”

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how lucky i am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

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