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one thing i mcfreaking hate about art is when ur trying to find how to do a thing or even just General Research and u find urself neck deep in a swamp of conflicting info

“dont do that”
“yes do the thing”
“dont do this or ur a bad artist”
“bro yes do this thing sensually smear it all over ur art - mona lisa who?”
Top 10 Mistakes Artists Make In Just Their Fuckshit Lineart Alone
Top 10 Artist Hacks That Other Art Top 10s Think Are A Mistake

You lads remember that BBC Sherlock header that said BE A PART OF MAKING HISTORY?

I just wanna say these following things are abso not original or even potentially historical possibilities of what that could even be referencing.  Not in television/movies as A Thing, nor in the world of Sherlock Holmes:

-secret sibling/evil sibling (Heroes, Lost, Six Feet Under, FUCK i mean Star Wars, the list goes on and on these are just easy ones off the top of my head?)

-Ret-con because It’s All Just A Dream (I keep saying Doogie Howser M.D. because that trope is weak af as far as originality goes)  The big History Maker isn’t going to be some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Requiem for a Dream or Vanilla Sky shyte because it’s been done in countless ways.

-Protagonist ends up in with A Girl (i literally do not even need to give examples because just close your eyes and pick a netflix movie and there u go.)  Sherlock Holmes has ended up with Irene Adler or some other lady half a dozen times in half a dozen interpretations. Not Historical.

-Sherlock Holmes ends up Alone/Still platonically cohabitating with John Watson (both of these…have already happened…on the show?)

Main character(s) die? Not historical.  We’re Being Told a Story? Not historical.

I’m not saying some of these can’t be COMPONENTS of the arc, but NONE of these can even remotely back up the BE A PART OF MAKING HISTORY claim AT ALL.  

The only thing that could support such a bold assertion, is that Sherlock Holmes is finally celebrated as a canonically gay character and is in love and romantically in a relationship with the one man that has ALWAYS loved Sherlock throughout the decades.  That WOULD be a historical moment in television history AND is something that has not happened in a largely circulated Sherlock Holmes adaptation.  

Experts reveal latest 'Doomsday Clock' estimate

The world remains perilously close to a nuclear disaster or catastrophic climate change that could devastate humanity, according to Stanford experts and California Governor Jerry Brown, who were on hand to unveil the latest update to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ “doomsday clock” on Tuesday.

The symbolic clock was created in 1947 when Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer (the father of the U.S. nuclear program) founded the publication.

The closer the minute hand gets to midnight, the closer their Board of Science and Security predicts humankind is to destroying itself.

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There was something very interesting on the podcast (watch here) so I’m transcribing it: 

 “You’ve asked wether or not you can go back to the unterzee. The journey to the High Wilderness is a very interesting and dangerous one and it’s usually one-way. The way the time works in the High Wilderness is very different from how it works in the Neath and how it works in our world. So there’s no real way of knowing what you would be going back to. So it’s not to say NEVER NO WAY, but I do know that it would be a challenge.”

(Hannah then mentioned that that doesn’t mean nothing ever comes back from the HW, as seen in some of the latest FL stories)

(this was posted from an early production podcast and it’s subject to change)

Here’s when science says the world could end

There’s this thing called the Doomsday Clock. Every year, a board of geniuses convenes to determine how it should be reset — sort of like daylight savings, but less predictable and miles more disconcerting. As the Telegraph reported, these knowledgeable few declared in January that 2016 puts us one hour closer to midnight on the clock, which is to say, the apocalypse. According to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, we are currently three minutes to midnight.

But the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists isn’t the only group speculating on when, precisely, the world will end.

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i was 16 when i met him.
he was almost 21
and he wanted to be
a comedian.

the first time we spoke,
i thought nothing in
the universe could be wrong
if a voice like his existed—

and when i first saw
his eyes in the sunlight,
i cried. i couldn’t stop.
i thought he was god.

later on, i’d listen to him
for hours as he talked
endlessly about seinfeld,
& i grew a picture

of him in my mind
as the water
that extinguished time.
but the clock still talked.

it ended when i was 19.
he’d been doing a lot of
stand up comedy
before we broke up

and i thought he
was pretty good at it. but 
i couldn’t remember what i
was good at. i couldn’t remember.

Can you remember me, strong like I pretend to be
A twenty-year-old’s fantasy of impressing you with songs
But I got lost in bummer swells, noisy pops and MIDI bells
And before I had the chance to yell I’m losing once again

Four o’clock the waiting ends, F connecting to the M
Waiting for a text to send, “are you finished with your mom?”
Four o’clock the waiting ends, J connecting from the M
Myrtle-Broadway once again, rising with the sun

Sweet soft city light, always sad in summer time
Sleeping off too many drinks, lying on the ground
But he will never rise again, smiling to greet his friends
And he will never turn around or come this way again

Sweet soft city light, always sad in summer time
Sleeping off too many drinks, lying on the ground
But he will never rise again, smiling to greet his friends
And he will never turn around or come this way again

Hey all, today, November 6, 2016 is when daylight savings time in the US ends! All clocks should be set back one hour, the time change is in effect at 2am in your time zone, when it will become 1am again! You’re not dreaming if the time changes in that way, and it means you get an extra hour to sleep or do whatever it is you spend your 2am time doing!

The two words that had the power to kill me.
Borrowed time.
That’s all life really was, wasn’t it? Everything and everyone all just clocks ticking away. Waiting for some kind of ending. That’s all we were. We were running on borrowed time and I loved you, but time eventually runs out. The clock eventually stops ticking. We eventually stopped working. Our clock struck the ending on a night while you were out somewhere with your friends and I was at home for the third Saturday night alone. Trying to understand how our hourglass filled so quickly. Trying to understand borrowed time.