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I am and always will be the o p t i m i s t, the hoper of far-flung h o p e s and the dreamer of improbable d r e a m s

Let’s just see how this goes, Obviously I would. But how many DP fans are still left out there wanting more?

EDIT - Wow it’s amazing to see how many reblogs this is getting so far!. It’s touching to see that the Fandom still lives after all this time and is hungry for more!.

New collection of psychedelic bags. January 1968.
Mrs. Stella Jolles Reichman, wearing Cosmo Sirchio’s coat made of cane patterned needlepoint (her own design) from the Jolles factory in Vienna, shows off her new collection of psychedelic bags done for Magid. She blows whistle attached to help Wanted straw tote. Center group includes Go-Go Clock, Stop and Union Jack styles. In trio at right, metal lunch box covered with antique poster and illustrating design in motion Moving Lips and Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes. January 24, 1968. Photo by Richard Gummere (New York Post).


You were sitting on the couch surrounded by four of your closest girlfriends enjoying some wine and cheesy chick flicks when you heard the front door open and close. You looked at the clock on the cable box and rolled your eyes when you saw it wasn’t even half past eleven.

“Oh am I interrupting somethin?” You heard his voice before you saw him enter the kitchen that was connected to the living room. You gave him a playful glare as he reached into his back pockets grabbing his phone and his wallet before placing them on the counter.

“Oi! Don’t come in here bangin about while we are trying to watch some good ole romantic comedy Harry!” You laughed as Harry acted offended by your best friend Kelsey’s words.

“What rom com are we watchin?” You laughed as he walked into the living room and plopped down between you and Kelsey causing her to roll her eyes. “Ya know I love Nicky Spee!” He added as he stretched an arm over your shoulder.

“Nicholas Sparks doesn’t make romantic comedies Harry.” You watched his eyes go wide as you took a sip of your wine, you knew this was going to become a rather entertaining discussion so you just sat back and got comfortable.

“What did you just say B?” Harry’s voice was serious but had a hint of playfulness in it as well. Bailey just shrugged as she took a sip of her wine, Harry ran his free hand through his hair as you took another sip of your nearly empty glass of wine.

“She’s right H,” he snapped his head in your direction as you leaned over and placed your glass on the coffee table. “The Notebook isn’t a romantic comedy.” He was giving you a playful glare but you just shot him a smile.

“How can you be the love of my life yet say such hurtful things ta me?” You just rolled your eyes as the girls giggled at Harry’s statement. “The Notebook is one of the best movies out there.” You just nodded your head in agreement as Bailey took this opportunity to refill your glass of wine for you.

“I agree love,” you stated as you gave Bailey a big smile while you reached over for your now full glass of wine. “But it isn’t a romantic comedy, it’s a love story but it’s not funny.” You added before taking a sip, you saw Harry reach for your glass and you reluctantly let him have it.

“I love you but you’re so wrong.” You shot him a playful glare as he took a sip of your wine. “It’s funny, the scene where Noah goes on the Ferris wheel is golden!” You heard Kelsey laugh making Harry shoot her a glare.

“It’s a sad ass love story Harry, it’s a good love story yes but it’s not a rom com it’s a tear jerker and that’s what your beloved Nicky Spee is good at.” You had to control your giggling so Harry wouldn’t glare at you as Cynthia spoke. She was sitting on the floor by the T.V and was looking at Harry like he was crazy. “I mean come on, ya have to know the difference between a rom com and just a good tear jerking love story.” She added with a huff as she leaned back against the sofa Bailey and Caroline were sitting on.

“Oi! You lot just love crushin my dreams!” You chuckled as you took the wine glass from his hand. “Jus go on about ya business than cos I don’t want ta hang with a bunch of girls anyway.” He tried to get up off the couch in a dramatic way but you reached up and grabbed his arm making him stay seated.

“Oh don’t leave in a huff H, we are about to watch the Runaway Bride! You love Julia!” You pleaded and when he stopped fighting against your grip you knew he was going to stay. You snuggled closer to him as he grabbed your wine glass once more.

“If you were a rom com actress Harry you’d be Julia.” You almost snorted from laughing so hard at Kelsey’s statement. Harry just shook his head but had a smile on his face.

“Why am I always Julia in everyone’s rom com?” You just chuckled as Harry snuggled into you and rested his head on your shoulder. You took your wine glass back before taking a sip and placing a sweet kiss to the top of Harry’s head.

You loved that Harry was so comfortable with you and your girlfriends, they loved poking fun at him and you knew he loved being included in jokes and stories. He loved coming home and seeing you and your friends having a girls night in and enjoying some wine in the living room while watching sappy movies. He also loved that they didn’t yell at him when he would invite himself along to brunches and dinners. Harry had a way of making your friends feel comfortable around him and that was just one of the many things you loved about him.

here have a oneshot in which adam gets hooked on gilmore girls after blue makes a joke about him being like rory gilmore because he uses a pro/con list to decide between harvard and yale (thanks so much to @burn-it-slow for giving this a quick look over):

Where you lead, I will follow

Ronan pauses mid-yawn, his hand gripping onto the banister for balance.

Anywhere that you tell me to

Fuck. Not again.

If you need, you need me to be with you

“Adam! It’s 3 o’clock in the fucking morning!”

I will follow where you lead

Ronan stumbles blindly down the rest of the stairs and emerges in the living room of the barns just in time to catch the end of the Gilmore Girls theme song playing on the giant flatscreen TV.

Adam looks up guiltily as Ronan collapses on the couch next to him, pressing pause on the remote.

“She broke up with Dean at the dance. I need to know what happens with Jess,” he mumbles, his drawl more audible than usual considering it’s the middle of the god damn night.

Ronan rolls his eyes but he knows Adam can see right through him if the smirk on his face is any indication.

“And you couldn’t have waited until at least, “ Ronan glances at the tiny clock display on the cable box, “10 AM or some shit? You had to sneak out in the middle of the night and abandon me in our bed - “

Adam snorts in amusement and cuts him off. “Okay Gansey. I’ll try to pick a time you deem reasonable next time.”

“Shut up, you know you could have woken me up to watch with you,” Ronan grumbles in response, but his feigned annoyance is less than convincing when he throws an arm around Adam’s shoulder and pulls him into a cuddle.

“So can I get back to my show now or?” Adam asks, a teasing glint in his eye. Ronan just rolls his eyes and gestures for Adam to hit play.

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Britain in Pictures series 

The books were designed to boost morale but perhaps also record the British way of life in case the Germans completed their European campaign by successfully crossing the English Channel. The books were slim volumes with distinctive elegant covers, but it was the star-studded array of authors that made the series really special.

George Orwell wrote about the British people, Cecil Beaton wrote about English photography, the great poet and printer Francis Meynell wrote about English books, John Betjeman (who penned the immortal line” Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough” in 1937) wrote about cities and towns, Graham Greene wrote about dramatists, the doyen of sports journalists Neville Cardus wrote about cricket and Edith Sitwell wrote about women. Some of the authors have faded in obscurity but they were all experts in their field during those dark days of World War II.

A wide variety of subjects were covered from battlefields to boxing, clocks to mountaineering, butterflies to farm animals, and from waterways and canals to maps and map-makers. In all, there were were 132 titles. The books also covered the Commonwealth – John Buchan’s wife, Lady Tweedsmuir wrote about Canada while Ngaio Marsh and R M Burdon wrote about New Zealand.

When the Ink Dries III

Rated: Explicit with a warning for self harm references.

Notes:  If you haven’t read the previous chapters, go here.  Also on Ao3.  This is (apparently) a novel length fic so you might want to set aside a minute.  Thank you @icedteainthebag for making me earn this one, @holdthiscat for speedy and insightful feedback and @gazeatscully for your endless encouragement and eagle’s eye proofreading.


Chapter 7

Stella Gibson didn’t make a habit of watching people sleep.  The last time she’d done it was years ago, a prolonged jag that resulted in the purchase of three new sets of bed sheets, a zealous effort to fight memory with thread count.  She’d traded one vice for another, would spend the rest of her life quietly indulging a weakness for pima cotton and crisp corners, a penchant for Italian linen and French embroidery.  But it would be a long time before she settled in beside someone to wait for their eyes to open, the sleep-boiled scent of peaceful slumber coming off their hair, the fragile spot on their neck pulsing with life.  There were some luxuries she simply couldn’t afford.

It still brought Stella a twinge of private embarrassment to recall it so well.  Bridget sleeping on her stomach, dark hair always parted around her pear-shaped ears, clinging to the mattress like a frog in a rainstorm with her lean swimmer’s leg zig-zagged across the mattress.  Stella would stay in bed tiptoeing her fingers up the crease of a quadricep, stroking an ear to its sylphan point.  And long after the woman was gone, the lightning bolt imprint of a leg split the bed down the center, the new sheets continued to bunch in an invisible hand – fleeting images mistakenly committed to permanence by an overly ambitious pair of eyes.  It was a nuisance but not a surprise.  The only other bedroom vigil she’d ever kept had left an even more indelible impression – a child standing graveside, puffy lavender rings sprouted like violets around her eyes, watching her father be put in the ground.

So by the time Stella woke up next to Dana Scully for the second time in her life, she was so practiced in her abstinence that it took hardly any discipline at all to direct the day’s first glance upward, aim her plans at the ceiling.  Shower alone.  Allow guest to wake and begin gathering own conclusions.  Emerge dressed, provide tea and friendly conversation, make end as forgettable as beginning was not.  

She licked her lips before turning over, sealing her resolve like an envelope.

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One day, one rhyme- Day 1217

Alpaca wool, with some darned spots
Seeks matching pink with polka dots;
Extremely long, nondescript black
Of unknown wool (possibly yak?)
Seeks single sock, similar height
Of greyscale hue (that’s black to white);
%100 pure Kashmir
With hand embroidered Will Shakespeare
Seeks socks with clocks on fox in box:
A singles column for odd socks.

Dave's Wife

So I’ve met her before a few times and always caught her staring at me…she’d look away quickly, clearly a little embarrassed but she would still do it…and I’d still catch her, and smile at her…so after the pic he sent me I just had to have her. Figured he’s been asking me to fuck her for awhile now, he wouldn’t mind if I took matters into my own hands…so I stopped by his house at 7 when his softball game was supposed to start…she answers the door surprised and a little confused. I ask her where Dave was, and tell her that we were supposed to grab some beers. She tells me he’s at softball but he’ll be home around 830 if I wanted to stick around till then I could…I say sure. 😉. We get inside, she hooks me up with a cold Sam Adams and we start bullshitting. She’s wearing this cute little low cut top and yoga pants…We talk about the dinner we all went out to the week before and how she couldn’t wait to go again. I tell her about my trip to St Thomas last month and how breathtaking the beach was…small talk…the whole time I keep sneaking looks at her voluptuous breast….I get caught…I just couldn’t help myself and besides, I have to break the ice somehow…She quickly looks away like she didn’t catch me though…so I said “I’m sorry…it’s just that I can’t get the picture Dave sent me earlier out of my head…and you look amazing in that top.” Her eyes opened wide…“What picture?!” So I show her. I could tell she was mad as hell and a little embarrassed. I told her it’s ok, and that I was extremely attracted to her…and that Dave and I had no plans to grab some beers…she looked at me in shock…“I-I don’t understand…why di-”. And then she smiled. Her body language changed as she seemed to slowly realize why I was there. “Come with me”. So she grabs my hand and leads me to the living room…sits me down and asked, “So you liked what you saw? And you like what you see now?” I said, “Absolutely, you’re gorgeous and I would like nothing more than to take your clothes off so I could see what’s underneath…She straddles me and says…"Well then, what are you waiting for?” I just grabbed her ass and pulled myself up to her lips and started kissing her…I reached up under her shirt and unclasped her bra…she lifted her arms up as I slowly pulled her shirt up over her head and off…she had amazing breasts…I started kissing her neck and massaging them. she was moaning as I kissed her down her neck lower and lower until I had her nipple in my mouth…that was it…she had to have me and I had to have her…she tore my shirt off over my head and then undid my belt and pants…it was a frenzy of activity as she was clawing at my boxer briefs and I was trying to slide her yoga pants off.finally she stood up and took them off herself and I slid my underwear off and tossed them aside…I leaned back on the arm of the couch and she straddled me again…grabbing my throbbing cock and rubbing it on her wet pussy to make it easier to slide in…and then it happened…she stuffed me inside and looked at the ceiling, closed her eyes and moaned…She. Felt. AMAZING. Tight but not too tight, super wet and warm…I felt the head of my cock hitting her cervix as she moved her hips in a circular motion…I pulled her down to me so I could kiss her…we kissed and fucked for what felt like forever…I put her nipple in my mouth and sucked hard…flicking it with my tongue…she sat up, leaned back and rode me harder…she was cumming and it was extremely wet…It took everything I had not to bust at that moment…she was moaning loudly and I could feel her body shuddering as she came again…sweat poured off of us as we pushed into each other harder and faster each time…“Are you close yet? ” she asked…I grabbed her ass and whispered…“Almost. Turn around, let me see that perfect ass of yours bounce on my cock.” So she did…and asked me if I liked it…“Of course” I say, “Can I take a pic?”. She agreed and I took a couple snaps from the iPhone…“Harder!” I said as I grabbed her ass…I was about to cum. She threw her hair back and looked at the ceiling…I felt it rise up from my toes to my finger tips…that was it, I couldn’t hold it in any longer…“I’m gonna cum…” I barely finished the sentence as I exploded inside her…she stopped rocking and just pushed her ass back towards me and down…I let out out a loud grunt as I let off the last burst of cum into her…we both sat there, motionless, sweaty, breathing heavy…exhausted…she turned and looked at the clock on the cable box “Holy Shit! It’s 8:15!” She gets up and goes into the bathroom. I gather my clothes and start putting them on…she comes out, still naked…absolutely gorgeous. “I had better go.” I say….she started to get her panties on…“Ok Ant…let me walk you out.” So we go to the front door and before she opens it I grab her, and kiss her deeply…I could feel her tremble slightly…she was 100% satisfied. And so was I…she opens the door, shielding her half naked body from the outside…I walk out…“Anthony?” She asks, peeking around from behind the door…“Yes Jennifer?” “Make sure you send me those pictures.” I smiled. I knew what she was going to do. “Yes Ma'am”. Then she closed the door. As I drove away I sent her the pics…I thought about stopping at our local watering hole to celebrate but I thought better of it…I was drained…so home I went…my cock still wet and a big smile on my face…

For the Birthday LOSER (ily)

Nico doesn’t really know what date protocol is but he guesses sitting in the living room and watching the clock on the cable box change doesn’t count. To be fair, he is nervous; this is his first date and it looms closer with every change of the number and soon Will is going to be at the front door waiting to take Nico out like he does most Saturdays but it’s suddenly different.

He still doesn’t know how he feels about the different.

He likes Will. Likes him a lot actually, far more than can be explained with a simple “he’s my best friend”. Will makes him happy, makes him laugh and makes him angry and then makes up for making him angry. What he feels with Will is the kind of thing he sees every day between Percy and Annabeth or Jason and Piper or Frank and Hazel. 

This is big. This is their first date.

And it’s happening in ten minutes.

Nico exhales and sinks back against the couch. He’s kind of glad Paul and Sally aren’t there to witness this, mainly because he’s heard horror stories of Percy’s first date with Annabeth and even though Sally realistically shouldn’t have baby pictures of Nico tucked away somewhere, he wouldn’t put it past her to pull out an album the second Will walked in the door.

Instead Percy is here, visiting home for a weekend from college (Annabeth, too swamped in deadlines to join) but he’s kept his distance since Nico started getting ready and has already promised he won’t be pulling out a camera. 

“If you stare at that clock any harder, you might break it.”

Nico glances over as Percy walks into the living room, a tray loaded with very unhealthy and very blue treats. 

“If you keep eating like that, you’ll probably die before you’re forty.”

“Well if anyone would know,” Percy teases, winking exaggeratedly and settling back onto the couch. Nico hands him the remote. “Are you nervous?”

Nico exhales again. “Yes.” He doesn’t see a point in lying and he knows Percy isn’t going to judge him. They’ve come too far in this friendship, worked too hard to have this comfortable layer settle over them where Nico can be here waiting for his first date and Percy can be here in his boxer shorts ready for a night in. 

For all intents and purposes, the Blofis-Jackson family has become his in a way Nico was never expecting and Percy’s role in his life was one his ten year old self never would have chosen but Nico can’t see it happening any other way: Percy is the annoying but caring older brother he never knew he wanted and for that, above all else, Nico is grateful.

“It’s okay to be nervous,” Percy says, “The butterflies in your stomach make it more exciting.”

“Skeletal butterflies,” Nico murmurs, hiding a smile and thinking back to two years ago when Will took his hand for the first time. 

“Do you know where you guys are going?”

Nico grins. “Coney Island. I told Will I’ve never been ages ago and he’s been dying to take me. He finally just asked me like this.”

Percy smiles looking genuinely happy for him and that means more to Nico than any fantasy he may have had in the past.

There’s a sudden knock on the door followed by a quick succession of three knocks and the butterflies in Nico’s stomach suddenly start to revolt.

“Do you want me to get that?” Percy asks. “I can give him a pre-date shake down. I am be intimidating, you know.”

“If you’re holding a glass of water,” Nico says, his voice a little shaky and he rubs his damp palms down his jeans. “Nah, I got it.”

“Okay,” Percy says. “Have a good time, yeah? Also be careful on the hickeys because mom can spot them a mile away and she is a relentless teaser.”

Nico snorts and stands up, knocking his fist against Percy’s when offered. Then he walks over to the door, takes a deep breath and opens it.

Will looks sunny fresh and beautiful as always, grinning at him with bright white teeth and sunkissed skin. Even after two years, he’s still a little taller than Nico but he’s dreamed of kisses on tiptoes enough to not even care.

“Hey,” Will says and Nico realizes that Will’s smile is a little different than usual. 

“Hey,” Nico says back.

“You, um, ready to go?” Will says and he swings his arms at his sides and that’s when Nico realizes he’s nervous

It sends a sudden thrill down his spine and he’s brave enough to reach out and take Will’s hand. 



It’s not that Percy’s waiting up. For one, Nico can’t even be out later than midnight and for two, Percy’s not Jason. Jason would wait up for Nico to get back from his date. Jason would also have probably gone along on the date to spy because Jason is actually an over protective goober and Percy already feels bad for his future kids. 

It’s just that it was Nico’s first date tonight and Percy wants to know how it went. He remembers this, of course he does. The movie date he never had with Annabeth, the fireworks they attended together, every time Rachel called him to hang out the year before his sixteenth birthday.

The first time he went to pick Annabeth up from school.

He remembers the nerves and the excitement and the thrill of it. He still feels it even now when he and Annabeth have date nights over in New Rome. He’s excited for Nico and he wants to be able to share that.

He’s not waiting up. He’s just waiting.

His mom and Paul have already gone to bed and Percy is watching bad horror movies in his boxers because he can (it’s what he does back in New Rome there’s just a downside that Annabeth isn’t here to scream at the stupid people who go off on their own) and if that just happens to last long enough that he’s still here when Nico comes home. Well.

That’s when he hears the key in the door. 

Nico’s footsteps are quiet when he comes in, until he hears the TV. Then he’s walking normally, around the couch to plop down next to Percy and steal some of his popcorn.

“This one sucks,” he says of Percy’s movie choice.

Percy snorts. “That’s the point.”

When he glances over, he can see the tale-tell tug of Nico’s lips that tell him Nico is very much fighting a smile and that makes Percy feel better about everything.

“Did you have fun?”

Nico shrugs but Percy can see the brightness of his eyes. “I mean. Yeah.”

“Did he take you on the Ferris Wheel?” Percy asks. “Did he pay the dude to make it stop?”

“Since we are not a 90′s teen romantic comedy, no he did not.”

Percy doesn’t point out that the only reason Nico knows to make that reference is because Will personally sat him down and gave him a crash course in pop culture.

“Did he get fresh with you? Did you get fresh with him?”

“That is none of your business,” Nico says almost primly and Percy snorts.

“Oh, please, like you are dying to tell someone. I can Iris message Jason right now…”

Nico flicks popcorn at him and Percy laughs. He honestly doesn’t expect an answer but then Nico starts talking, his voice quiet.

“He kept like…touching me all night. A hand to guide me to rides or holding my hand when we were waiting in line or an arm around my shoulders when we were eating food. But he didn’t kiss me.”

“It happens,” Percy says quickly. “You know, first dates-”

“I kissed him.”

Percy’s mouth splits into a wide grin and he says “Nice” holding his hand for a high five that Nico returns with, Percy notices gleefully, pink cheeks.

“You know, this couch is like a supreme making out spot as long as mom doesn’t catch-”

“Shut up, Percy.”

Percy just grins.


Alchemist, a desk collection concept by JungHoon Lee

JungHoon Lee, an industrial designer from Munich Germany has created a concept for a collection of desk items inspired by the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

The shapes of the inspirational chemists items are clearly recognizable with a strong focus on a minimalistic approach. The collection consists of a Clock, Lamp, letter opener, speaker box, pencil sharpener, clip tray and a set of ball pens.

UPDATED Massive Spring Cleanout SALE/TRADE

I have a MASSIVE Sale/Exchange, mainly in credit to my Spring Cleaning Skills.

I also just want people out there in the community to know that I can get so many things that most seem to have a difficult time with <3

I’m here to help! I am also in a great deal of pain financially, so everything is for sale primarily. I will have a small list at the end of my Exchange Posts of the few things I am willing to trade for.

I have never traded on the Exchange, but I have a small online business and sell consignment in my town at 2 stores. I have a PayPal account that is linked to my Etsy for convenience <3

Happy to meet you all, and I hope you find what you are looking for!

Xoxo, Ginger


-Black & White & Clear Glass beads, various sizes/shapes (New, never used) $5

-Pin Blanks (10 count) (New) $2

-Hamsa Charms (10 count) (New) *These have a whole on either side with a circle cut out in the middle so you can thread through them, or have a small stone in the palm! $2

-Buddha Head Charms (10 count) (New) $3

-Crackle Quartz Beads-Various, Tumbled-Green, Yellow, Clear, Blue (New) $3

-Beveled Cast Plastic Silver Bead Spacers-Various (2 packs, 80 count total) (New) $4

-Lead Free Pewter, Antique Silver Finish, Horse Charms (3 count) (New) $6

-Turquoise and Silver Tassel Charm (Faceted Turquoise) (New) $2

-Silver Filigree Charm (New) $1

-White Waxed Cord/String (1 Pack) (New) $4

-Small Metal Canisters with clear lids (11 count) (New) $1/each plus shipping OR $11 for all

-Bead Design Board (New) $5

-Wolf Totem Stone-Green Aventurine, wolf engraving painted black $6

-Snakeskin (Ethically Harvested) $10

-Clear Quartz Point (Medium) (almost on matrix completely) $3

-Raw Sodalite (Small) $2

-Tumbled Sodalite (Medium) $3

-Raw Flourite Chunk $35

-Personalized Home Protective Rune Chains $30

-Scrying Mirrors Mini & Small: $12 / Medium: $24 / Large: $32

-Sugar Scrubs $10 a jar

-Potions $6 a bottle

-Oil Blends (For Diffusers, Oil Burners, & Anointing/Massage, all Blended by me!) $7/bottle

   ^(*Positive Thinking, and Full Moon 1, Full Moon 2 Left*)^

-Spell Bags/Sachets (All kinds of intents! Luck, Prosperity/$$$, Protection, Car/Travel Protection, Job, esc! ) $10 each

-Agate Slices with Antiqued Silver Leaf Edges (5 total, 4 purple & 1 blue, great coasters, altar tiles, décor, esc!) $12 each

-Huge solid Agate chunk Tea Candle Holder (Holds 2 tea candles) $21

-Ceramic Wax Melter (Light Blue Color, comes with 9 Pine Wax Cubes) $15

-Clock Tower Engraved Wooden Tea Box $21

///Wooden Rune Sets: (Small, Medium, and Large wood slices, wood burned)

   –Rune Sets WITH Storage Box. These come in a Pine Box or a Paper Mache Box with handpainted protection staves on them-I usually favor Aegishjalmr or Gennir, but am open to which staves are on them. Boxes can be left blank if desired. Small: $22 / Medium: $25 / Large: $28

   –Rune Sets WITHOUT Storage Box (Comes in see through mesh bag). Small: $12 / Medium: $15 / Large $18</b>


   Fulfillment Sticks, Into the Night Sticks, The Moon Sticks, Handmade in the Monastery Tibetan Healing Incense Sticks, Frankincense Sticks, Myrrh Sticks, Patchouli Sticks, Dragons Blood Sticks and Cones

**.10/stick & .05/cone**


   –Chicken $2

   –Macaw $6

   –Seagull $4

   (Ethically harvested, cleaned)

   –1 Dark Blue, 1 Med. Blue, 1 Light Blue, and 1 Black Artificial Feather free with another/pay shipping

   **Can get Pheasant feathers, Peacock Eyes/Feathers, Ostrich and goose upon request**

///Jewelry: (Mainly Necklaces, I have a problem xD)

   –Chevron Amethyst necklace $16

   –Silver Plated Tip Quartz Point Necklace $13

   –Flourite Point Wire Wrapped Necklace $33

   –Tangerine Quartz Wire Wrapped Necklace $16

   –Unakite and Aventurine Necklace $25

   –Turquoise Necklace $20

   –Om Necklace $10

   –Hummingbird Skull Necklace $10

   –Coral Jasper Necklace $12

   –Aventurine and Swarovski Necklace $25

   –Om Necklace with 7 Chakras $25

   –Crescent Moon Necklace $12

   –Agate Necklace $20

   –Winged Scarab Necklace $12

   –Moonstone Sun Necklace $20

   –Hamsa Necklace $12

   –Fire Agate Wire Wrapped Necklace $25

   –Garnet Necklace $15

   –Quartz Choker Necklace (Adjustable) $15

   –Resin Starfish & Ocean Aesthetic Necklace $10

   –Flower Centerpiece Necklace $10

   –Antique Oil Diffusing Pendant (Wooden, pendant had to be put on another chain, but still vintage) $15

   –Dreamcatcher Earrings with Turquoise and Quartz Crystal $16


   –Dark Red Votive Candles (4 Count) $5

   –Red Votive Candles (5 Count) $6

   –Pink/Red Candles (2 Count) (These are larger than a Votive but not quite a small pillar) $6

   –Light Blue Small Round “Bubble” Candles (9 Count) $10

[^^^All these are handmade^^^]

   –White Votive Candles (4 Count) $5

   –Tea Candles (However many your heart desires) .10/each



-Red Pepper Flakes


-Black Peppercorns

-White Pepper-Ground

-Mediterranean Sea Salt

-Himalayan Pink Salt

-Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

-Tobacco (NOT for smoking use!)

-Clove-Whole and Ground


-Yellow Mustard-Ground

-Brown Mustard Seeds


-Spearmint & Mint



-Star Anise

-Mediterranean Basil & Basil

-Cinnamon-Bark & Ground



-Dragon’s Blood Resin


-Orange Peel-Crushed


-Nutmeg-Whole and Ground

-White Sage-Rubbed/Crushed, also have Bundles/Smudge Sticks

-Sweetgrass Braids*

-Lavender Flowers

-Bay Leaves

-Oak Leaves/Bark

-Acorn Caps

-Walnut Leaves/Bark

-Maple Leaves/Bark

-So many trees, flowers, bushes, esc, omg just ask 8D

**Herbs are $2.50 a bag. Sweetgrass Braids are $12.**

— — — — — — — — — — — —

***Can obtain (Candles)-I can obtain most any candle size, color, scent! I ask that you pay the price and the shipping, and I can apprehend them for you <3 Most are handmade, others are bought outright.

***Can obtain (Stones/Crystals)-I only ask that you pay the price of the crystal/stone, and the shipping. I understand that most do not have the crazy selection available that I do, so I am extending my services to apprehend a stone (or a few!) to add to your collection or to aid in your spellwork (: ~Other than the more common stones (quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, smokey quartz, esc of all types and sizes) and the more common tumbled stones (Jaspers, Garnets, Aventurine, esc, esc) If you can name it, I can probably find it :D I, personally, have received some beautiful specimens of Honey & Orange Calcite-Raw &Tumbled, Green Calcite-Tumbled, Garnet-Tumbled, Snowflake Obsidian, Angelite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Jet & Onyx, Flourite, Moonstone, Kyanite, Agates (Moss, Banded, esc), Labradorite (Raw & Tumbled), Bloodstone, Fire Agate-Raw with a polished face, primarily, Carnelian-Tumbled, Jaspers (Leopard, Picasso, red/brown, there are even Orbichular Jasper cuts at one shop nearby!), Unakite, Numite, Serpentine, Tiger Eye (Brown, Red-Tumbled), Pyrite, Peacock Ore, Amazonite, Aquamarines, there are Lithium in Aquamarine specimens too! Ruby in Fuschite-Tumbled, Desert Rose, Flourite Palm Stones, Bismuth crystals of all sizes, and so so so much more! Just poke me (:

***Can obtain (Herbs/Spices/Flowers)-I only ask that you pay the price of the  herb/spice/flower, and the shipping. I understand that most do not have the crazy selection available that I do, so I am extending my services to apprehend an herb, flower, or spice (or a few!) to add to your collection or to aid in your spellwork (: I also have a ridiculous plant access as well, so things like Fern, Ivy, esc, grow in way too plenty here! Just ask and I’ll probably be able to find it/obtain it!

***I have unlimited access to the Atlantic Ocean, connected rivers, and the wildlife. We have Seagulls, oysters, mussels, scallops, I have access to Abalone shells, Conch shells, starfish, urchins, misc ocean/river wildlife, ocean and river water/sand, and much more. Just ask!

///Only Trades I Can Accept

-Encyclopedia of Spirits, Judika Illes

-Fox parts-Pelt, Skull, Teeth, claws, Tail

-*Certain* Dragon, Norse related Items

-Small Vulture Culture pieces (Small skulls, teeth, certain pelts, claws, esc.)


-Certain Raw/*Very Certain* Tumbled Stones/Crystals (I love Clusters and crystals on matrix, generators and standing points, Smokey Quartz, Fire stones are a plus, unique formations, Opals, Aquamarine, Topaz, Jet and Onyx, Let me know what you have and I’ll see if anything catches my fancy!)

-Athame or Sword

-Statuary: Deities (Norse, Celtic, Green Man/Cernunnos), Dragon, Suns, Stags, Tree/Treefolk

-Jewelry/Crafting Supplies *Certain things only* Please send me pics of what you have (:


-Crystal spheres/stands, other shaped crystals

-Herb cupboards

-Oriental items

-Tree Aesthetic

-Elvish Aesthetic

///End Notes:

Currency is in USD, some things I will wave shipping, some require shipping only, and of course I will do a Bulk price for more than a few items! <3

Don’t be afraid to send me a poke regardless, though, I’d rather see everything go somewhere desired or needed other than in the garbage or sitting in my trunk /:

If you are interested in an item(s) and would like pictures, please message me, there are too many pictures to even be able to post them here!

@theegoldenndragonn or email me

I remember one time I was on my laptop with the lights off, and there was the clock on the cable box, and I saw something move in front of it, and block it out of my view, and I remember I got up and screamed, but then I realized it was just my own foot, that I was moving left to right, lol and that’s how I got my dad up at 3 AM one time

anonymous asked:

“It reminded me of you.” or “Call me when you get home.” or “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.” Dealer's choice!

Call me when you get home

Bleary eyed, Oliver watched the credits of the movie they just watched roll by. He wasn’t sure why he hasn’t pressed pause yet, for there was nothing happening on screen anymore. Was he really that interested in finding out who did the character design for Villager #3? No.

Instead, he turned his attention to Connor, absentmindedly scrolling through his phone, ignoring the list of names that were making their way up Oliver’s TV. He looked at the clock on the cable box: 1:30AM. Jesus, where did the time go?

Oliver reached for the remote and paused the TV finally, stopping the credits just before we learned about all the film locations. The apartment living room fell into silence, save for the soft ticking of the clock in the kitchen. At the noise, or lack thereof, Connor looked up and around, putting down his phone.

Connor and Oliver were…something. Though they’ve been seeing each other for upwards of our months, Connor was still weary of calling themselves dating. Oliver respected that, simply being happy to get to know the other man some more. They agreed to take things slow, so that’s what they were going to do.

“What time is it?” he asked.

“Almost two,” said Oliver, getting up from the couch and stretching, appreciating the pop in his back.

“Shit, I didn’t know it was so late.”

“You’d better get going,” Oliver said as he walked to the kitchen to clean after their dinner.

“You want me to help you?” asked Connor following Oliver to the sink.

“I can handle it, it’s fine.”

“Are you sure? I did eat it after all.”

“You just said you had to get going,” Oliver said, turning away from the sink.

“No, I just said I didn’t know it was so late. What’s a few dishes? I’m probably not gonna sleep until 3:30 anyway,” replied Connor, picking up the plates they left on the counter.

“Yeah, that’s not good for you,” Oliver said flatly.

“I live dangerously, Ollie. Now, do you want me to scrub or dry?”

Despite himself, Oliver felt a grin spread on his lips, “dry.”

Together, they quickly got the dishes washed and dried in fifteen minutes. In those minutes, Oliver had the pleasure of learning that Connor hummed little tunes when he dried; whether or not Connor was aware of that, he couldn’t tell, but it helped break the silence over the clacking of plates and pots.

“Next time, I’ll cook you something,” Connor said after the last dish was stacked away.

“Please don’t,” Oliver begged, though there was no malice in his voice.

“Didn’t even hesitate this time, wow okay,” Connor said dryly, moving away from the kitchen.

“You always ask and you know what I’m going to say. Plus, for some reason you insist on wanting to make complicated stuff,” said Oliver, wiping his hands on his pants.

“I can cook easy stuff too!”

“I would hardly call Easy Mac cooking but sure.”

“Keep this up, and I’ll never come over again. I won’t visit somewhere I’m not welcome,” joked Connor.

Oliver put his hands up in mock surrender, “Okay, okay I’ll stop mocking your lack of cooking skills. I like when you’re over it gives me an excuse to keep the place clean.”

Connor stuck out his tongue before smirking as he grabbed his phone from the coffee table and got his coat from the closet. Oliver opened the door, Connor standing on the other side of the threshold.

“This was fun, thanks for dinner,” said Connor, leaning up for a quick kiss.

“Anytime,” replied Oliver as he watched Connor head for the elevator.

“Call me when you get home!” he blurted, the words tumbling out before he could stop them.

Connor froze in the hallway and turned back around. “What?”

“Uh, c-call me when you get home, so I know you got there alright? It-it’s late, and I just want to know if you get home safe,” he stammered, praying Connor didn’t think he was a doting mother or worse.

Instead, Connor gave a small smile. “Okay, I will. Talk to you later,” he said as the elevator doors opened, stepping inside.

Oliver closed the door behind him and leant against it, rubbing his face into his hands. Why did he say that? Why did he think it? He should have just kept his mouth shut, Connor probably wasn’t going to call him. Sighing, he turned off the lights in the living room and headed to get ready for bed, hoping he didn’t weird out the other man too much.

Connor ended up going home without a hitch, the lack of people on the road at this hour being a big help for that. That one sentence Oliver uttered buzzed in his mind the whole way there. Why? It wasn’t a big deal. He just asked that he call him later. There was nothing monumental about that.


As Connor made his way up to his apartment, he thought back to every boyf—relationship he’s had. Did any of them ask him to let them know that he was safe, that he was alive after they parted ways? Maybe Aiden, but he was dead to Connor so he didn’t count. He flicked on the light in his bedroom, tossing his phone on the bed and stared at it. All it took was one simple request and he was left reeling.

A slow warmth crept in the pit of Connor’s stomach. Oliver cared about him, truly, genuinely cared about him, and wanted to see him again. Connor couldn’t help the smile that spread on his lips.

He picked up the phone, looked for the keypad, and dialed.