Yes, these heights are accurate.  Yes, Vincent really is THAT tall compared to Cloud.  

Jeez, Cloud.  If you want him at eye-level so badly, just yank him down by one of the belts on his collar.  Or just get him to sit next to you, since the extra height is all in Vincent’s legs, not in his torso.  

This is the line art!

I decided to turn this sketch into a proper drawing for full impact. 

reasons why you should ship clocent:

  • no matter what party-combination you had, everyone except cloud were kinda wary about vincent joining them. cloud was like ‘okay, cool.’
  • when cloud’s motion sickness (and maybe potential claustrophobia) stirred up upon stealing the submarine in the huge-materia quest (and if you had vincent in your party there), he comforted him. something along the lines of 'hold on, it’ll be all over soon.’
  • cloud said vincent was cool that one time.
  • both were experimented on by hojo, an excellent bonding material if you ask me.
  • they’d be this quiet couple who understand each other with the littlest gestures.
  • cloud said vincent was cool that one time. i mean seriously.


(Source: rivan145th)

  • when or if I started shipping it. 2005.  I played the original game in 2004 but really didn’t ship anything until I saw Advent Children… the way they interacted with one another was so different from the way either of them interacted with any of the other characters in the movie that it got me wondering…
  • my thoughts: hgsadkjfdlskfskdjhsdaklasdjklfld I don’t even know what to say here, this is like my oldest ship that I realized I was shipping… they have a special place in my heart and give me some serious warm and fuzzies… even though the fandom has slowed down a bit lately I’ll always have intense nostalgia looking back on them.
  • What makes me happy about them: This probably seems like an odd thing to be happy about but… I just picture them so vanilla… and so content to be that way.  I don’t see them NEEDING any level of intensity or ever getting bored with one another, or maybe it’s just that they would ENJOY being bored with one another.  Their lives have been so crazy for so long… and I think the various sequels demonstrate pretty clearly that these two really just want to settle down and put the past in the past.  I’m not usually one for domestic fluffy stuff but with these two I think it makes the most sense.
  • What makes me sad about them: God, it would just take SO LONG for them to chip away their own defenses and open up to a relationship in spite of all their similairites.  They may both be heroes and main characters in their own games but they’re also both very passive people whom outsiders have to urge into action…  Without that input, with their relationship left just up to them… There’s such a high risk of failure.  Think how many times they could miss making a connection either out of fear or just plain obliviousness, how easily they could miss their chance, how plausible it would be that they live out their entire lives and never realize their potential, never act on it.  The tragedy of them realizing too late.  Just pass me the tissues please.
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: This annoys me with any fanfic in any ship but I guess I’m particularly bothered by it with these two.  I hate to see them fall into typical ‘seme’ and 'uke’ roles.  That’s not to say that I dislike consistency (though I can see things going either way with them), I just don’t like when their personality traits are exacerbated for the sake of maintaining those roles.  Like say… Cloud becomes a helpless emo boy and Vincent becomes a demonic rapist.  How about no.
  • things I look for in fanfic: Fanfic.  XD  There’s just so little of it for them… at one time I had literally read every single one.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: This is hard because 'ending up’ implies that you can’t pick people who are already dead.  I’ll just list my other ships… actually I don’t really have any for Cloud, he either gets Vincent or stays alone. ><  As for Vincent, I love seeing him with Lucrecia or Shalua (holy crap, the parallels) and I could even see him with Sephiroth.
  • My happily ever after for them: They retire early on the wealth from their adventuring and live quiet lives.  They’re both loners by nature, and while they no longer shut their comerades out, they prefer to remain somewhat removed from the politics of the WRO and the antics of their more outgoing members.
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: This may seem silly, but… learning new things.  They both lost large chunks of their lives due to imprisonment or grief, so now they don’t like to waste a minute.   Teaching and learning from one another is the most comfortable way to keep from idling… Cloud teaches Vincent how to snowboard and ride Chocobo and Vincent teaches Cloud to speak Wutaian. Cloud used to wield a gun back when he worked for ShinRa but has since gotten rusty, so Vincent insists that they do target practice.  Cloud gets back at him by watching Vincent awkwardly try to wield a sword.  When they’re feeling particularly adventurous and don’t mind looking incompetant they’ll both do something completely new, which neither of them have any experience with, together.  They don’t tell anyone about it, the last thing they want is jeering onlookers.

(…sorry that it’s so long and riddled with headcanons… I’ve been with these two almost a decade, so shit happens…)

So I was watching Advent Children Complete a few days ago while I put ice on my knee (fell and injured myself at work), and I thought it was odd that Vincent already knew about Cloud’s Geostigma.  I mean, SURE, Cloud is dying from what is basically magical cancer, but it’s not like Cloud to tell someone about it.  Look how he hid it from Tifa!  But then, I realized that one reason he MIGHT confide in someone is if he thought they might actually be able to do something constructive about it.  Vincent would be the only one in AVALANCHE who might have the connections and skills to find out more about it, being a former Turk.  Why ELSE would he know so much about Geostigma in the movie?  It has nothing to do with him, so he wouldn’t go out of his way to research it… unless it was as a favor to Cloud.

Not to mention that Cloud can trust Vincent to be blunt and give it to him straight, no sugarcoating.  And Vincent is cool and detached enough not to get too emotional over it.  He’d keep it to himself.

So, either Vincent has X-ray vision and could see the Geostigma through Cloud’s sleeve, or the above scenario could have happened.  I prefer the latter, honestly.  I mean, you know I ship it. 

theocdfeminist asked:

Strifentine. Do it.


who cooks normally?: They usually cook together… Cloud gets nervous cooking on his own (he’s not very experienced at it, neither is Vincent really but he tends to follow recipes better) and he doesn’t like not helping when Vincent does… plus he’s hoping to get better with the extra experience.

how often do they fight?: Very rarely, they’re like-minded and don’t often disagree in the first place, but when they do they usually catch themselves before they get too far and just take some quiet time alone to think things over before discussing more rationally.  They’re very forgiving of one-another so even if it does come to shouting and storming off it doesn’t really harm the relationship at all.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Vincent is pretty meticulous about keeping his guns in tip-top shape… he’s always cleaning and polishing and adjusting, he’s very detail-oriented with those things… when he does it around Cloud it kind of drives Cloud nuts because of how nitpicky he is, so he tries to hold off on this type of work until Cloud is out on a delivery.  When Vincent is not around Cloud is just a lazy couch potato, he probably watches TV for 12 hours a day in his snuggie (which he hides somewhere hard to find so Vincent will never know he has it) eating cookies and tea (he acquired a taste for it after travelling too long with Cid).

nicknames for each other?: Cloud uses ‘Vince’ but only when they’re in private.  Vincent just sticks with Cloud.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Cloud because he’s probably got more money from his business… unless you figure Vincent’s old ShinRa bank account was never closed and has been slowly gathering interest for over 30 years, in which case they’re freaking rich and Vincent probably does.

who steals the covers at night?: Vincent, because Cloud’s used to being cold all the time (I mean he grew up in Nibelheim…) meanwhile Vincent’s kind of a weenie about it.  Cloud usually doesn’t even notice.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Cloud gets Vincent clothes because Vincent has 0 modern fashion sense and as we all know Cloud’s is freaking awesome… if he didn’t Vincent would just wear suits all the time… which Cloud doesn’t mind because Vincent looks damn good in them, but there’s some places you just don’t go to in a suit (Gold Saucer, Marlene’s birthday parties, etc.).  Vincent varies between getting Cloud extremely practical things (oil and other tools for Fenrir’s upkeep) or extremely unnecessary, romantic things (flowers and chocolate and candles and stuff) because Vincent is both of those kinds of guy.

who remembers things?: Vincent.  Cloud keeps a ledger to run his business but even with it he’s usually too scattered thinking about delivery routes and fuel costs and things to keep track of times and dates and whether or not they need to get groceries and stuff.

who cusses more?: Cloud, definitely.  Growing up in a poor rural town and then joining the infantry in Midgar he’s heard it all and doesn’t hesitate to use it… not as frequently as Cid of course.  Vincent still has kind of an old-fashioned mentality about that - he doesn’t get offended when others swear, but he doesn’t do it much himself.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: If Vincent is hurt by something or someone Cloud’s priority (after getting Vincent to safety) is vengeance.  He’s useless in the case of illness or any hurt without a specific cause… he’ll worry and pace and drive himself crazy not knowing what to do.  In general Cloud feels somewhat indebted to Vincent in this respect, for saving him after the fight with Kadaj and because he wasn’t able to contribute much to the war effort against Deepground.  Vincent, meanwhile, operates under the assumption that Cloud can handle himself in battle/against a physical opponent (unless it’s obvious he cannot, at which point he’ll step in to assist), but dotes on him when he’s sick or sad.  In general Vincent is very patient with Cloud (and anyone) when they are ill or in pain, he’ll stay by his side, help him get around, do things for him if asked (or if not asked) just being an anchor and a comfort.

who kissed who first?: Vincent definitely kissed Cloud first.  Cloud doesn’t know the first thing about kissing and wouldn’t have taken that chance.

who made the first move?: With these two the first ‘move’ would probably come after the start of the relationship… in which case I would think also Vincent, because romance is really not Cloud’s forte (Cloud gets flustered just flirting).

who started the relationship?: This one would be Cloud.  Because Vincent has pretty shitty initiative.  It took a long-ass time anyway and probably went something like ‘Hey everyone else has already paired off and since we’re having such crap luck with that why don’t we just be with eachother’ and that was that.  After their relationship was established Vincent felt more comfortable driving it forward… he just needed Cloud to take the first step.

zencribnotes asked:


Out of character:

“I have never played that before, but there are potentials. I did come across one or two Cloud that the ship might be possible for my Vincent though one went missing, whereas the other is quite taken from the start so I don’t really know.” xD “I only know he is being quite rough toward the first with that Cloud being all dare-devil toward him, and being all teasing toward the second because …well, that one is adorable when he’s extremely awkward..”

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where STRIFENTINE! I dont even care what happens I suddenly have a need for Strifentine. Maybe AU Strifentine because I don't see many(if any) of those.

i will write it. mark my words my darling anon. both canon and au i will serenade the shit out of my word to produce it i don’t care. i’m actually pissed at myself for still not writing about them, so for now, here’s this:

  • cloud just suddenly taking vin’s cape and wrapping himself around it. vin raises an eyebrow. cloud answers ‘it’s cold’. they leave it at that. (even though it’s not really cold and cloud has his arm wrapped around vin’s waist and his body’s too close for someone who claims they’re only in it for the cape).
  • cloud knowing it’s a done deal the moment he sees vin back-flipping out of his coffin.
  • vin, on his new phone, calling cloud whenever he needs a ride and cloud showing up without fail or complaining. 
  • just both of them completely annihilating their opponents with the chainsaw/nailbat combo and other AVALANCHE watching, buckets full of popcorn.
  • vin cracking a joke. no one gets it except for cloud, who cracks up.
  • one time yuffie stumbles upon their exchanged-texts and cries over the sheer beauty of what she has read. 
  • there would be a ‘never did i ever’ game. someone would ask ‘… did i get fucked on a motorbike’. vin would calmly take a sip, looking pointedly at cloud (who would be doing so as well).  
  • them comforting each other without words. 
  • no one knows why vin indulges cloud with his extreme-sports shit. 
  • them making the shocking discovery of their inner dorks. 
  • them sparring. giving each other pointers in each other’s style of combat. 
Pick Your Poison

((Hello morning.  I accidentally wrote a Strifentine fanfiction instead of doing my homework.  Oops.  This is the first time I’ve posted any of my writing online in like five years, wow… not sure if I’m gonna put it anywhere else yet, we’ll see how it goes.  Uh, what else to say… post-compilation, slightly angsty, references to alcohol and sex, nothing graphic.  Here we go.))

In the dull chill of early dawn after three full bottles of vodka (hard for alcohol to keep up with a mako-enhanced metabolism) sometimes Cloud will admit that he is scared. After everything that they’ve gone through, after reaching a space, in normal waking hours at least, where he is comfortable with himself - at home in his own skin, at peace with who he has come to be - all of it gets stripped away and he is back to being sixteen and achingly lonely.

Vincent has learned to stop contesting it, that Cloud, at this point, is already treading water just to stay conscious, and any verbal attempt at reassurance is equally likely to elicit a violent reaction (ducked bottles thrown and shattered against the wall, ragged shouts of ‘what the hell do you know’) as it was to reduce the boy to undignified, if grateful sputtering. Either way he was left cleaning up the glass chips or the tissues and such exertions usually caused Cloud to lose consciousness halfway up the stairs and badly bruise himself.

Best to wait it out, best to let the tidal wave of old emotions come and recede without incident. The smoother its passage, the less Cloud will remember, and not remembering has always worked well for him. Waiting has always worked well for Vincent. Between the two of them, life is often stagnant.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

If you're up to trying a different pairing, 8 and Clocent/Strifentine!

8. Seductive Kiss

Cloud’s arms were loose around Vincent’s neck. He was always so slow on nights like these. Vincent was usually fairly grateful for that. It took some time for him to mentally be prepared to strip out of his clothes and have another see him, what he looked like. 

Cloud didn’t care. To be honest, Cloud had just as many scars, even if they didn’t go nearly as deep. But he understood Vincent and moved slowly gently, leading him along and not letting him back out. 

But Vincent felt stifled tonight. He twitched to push Cloud away from him, to get his tickling fingertips off off his shoulders. 

Instead, he pulled Cloud over his shoulder and into his lap. Cloud’s surprised protest rang through the air and gave Vincent a shiver. He liked it. He fisted Cloud’s hair for a moment, then relaxed the grip. He directed Cloud’s mouth to his. 

He didn’t know when he agreed that devouring Cloud would be a pleasant experience, but continued to do so. Cloud gasped a little as Vincent sucked at his lips, pushed them apart to get inside. He didn’t push away though. As Vincent sucked on his tongue Cloud groaned quietly. 

They parted. Vincent nibbled at Cloud’s throat and Cloud bared it. Vincent had the reins this time. 

Tifa somehow managed to talk Vincent into letting her cut his hair.  To be fair, she probably has lots of practice from looking after Marlene.  I imagine it’s difficult for Barret to manage it with only one hand.  Oh, and there’s Denzel, too.  

Cloud is flustered because there’s Vincent, looking sexy.  Cloud can’t help it, because EVERYONE finds Vincent attractive.  It’s like he’s got some kind of Vampiric glamour going on.  Well, not really. 

Speaking of Vampires, I realized that my idea for celibate zombie Vincent is really more like an Anne Rice Vampire, minus the blood drinking.   And in retrospect, I suppose Hojo’s experiments were what made him more or less indestructible, though it was Chaos that doomed him to immortality.  So post DoC Vincent is still very durable. 

So one hilarious scenario would be Vincent as the oblivious charmer who attracts everyone who spends too much time around him without meaning to.  Thus yet another ship is born.  I’d say OT3, but the “OT” would be wildly inaccurate, since I don’t limit myself to just one ship. ;D

hollowbull asked:

Cloud/Vincent and/or Vincent/Cid (idk if you ship vincid tho)

why not both? (and yes, i do ship vincid :D)


  • who’s the cuddler: cloud is. vincent’s cape is so fricking warm.
  • who makes the bed: vincent does. he likes things nice and tidy. 
  • who wakes up first: cloud, actually. vincent, in the rare occasions where he sleeps, is very hard to wake up.
  • who has the weird taste in music: vincent likes this funky 70’s music and cloud is kind of at loss.
  • who is more protective: both are. vincent is harder to notice though.
  • who sings in the shower: cloud does. vincent graciously pretends not to hear a thing.
  • who cries during movies: cloud tears up sometimes. 
  • who spends the most while out shopping: it’s equal. if you’re shopping with these guys, you’re gonna wait for a long, long time.
  • who kisses more roughly: depends on the mood, but cloud. 
  • who is more dominate: there’s an equal give and take between the two of them that they’re content about.
  • my rating of the ship from 1-10: how cliche is it for me to use that over 9000 meme?


  • who’s the cuddler: cid is a cuddle monster.
  • who makes the bed: vincent would’ve but cid beats him up to it. somehow.
  • who wakes up first: vincent does. 
  • who has the weird taste in music: cid likes random rock music that vincent finds himself absolutely disgusted by.
  • who is more protective: cid is. once he values someone, he’s all protective and shit. even if vincent doesn’t need it.
  • who sings in the shower: cid does and he’s absolutely fucking proud even if his voice is atrocious. “not gonna take your sarcasm today vin!”
  • who cries during movies: there would be heavy water works coming from cid when the dog of the movie dies. he pretends he’s all tough and shit later on but vincent knows.
  • who spends the most while out shopping: vincent. cid is done with him in no time.
  • who kisses more roughly: vincent. always. cid is the romantic surprisingly enough. 
  • who is more dominate: it’s a 45-55 for vincent.
  • my rating of the ship from 1-10: eeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy/10.