You know what should come back in style?

And not just normal medieval style, like black and green and gray cloaks. Graphic Tee’s? Boom! Graphic cloaks. Imagine wearing a cloak with the avengers on it? Or with your favorite sports team? There should be a store like build a bear except with cloaks. You and your friends could have matching cloaks. Imagine a guy giving you his cloak when you say your cold? Just freaking CLOAKS MAN

In the past month I’ve been shocking people immensely, to the point where they had to flinch in pain, just by touching them

They claim that it’s because the soles of my sandals are super thick and the door handles are made of metal, but I beg to differ. I know that that little piece of plastic and metal that replaces a limb is responsible. I know that I am finally becoming the android I’ve always been on the inside.

The future is now, kids. Stay in school.

Re-reading TSE and I just can’t help but think that young Bhatair looks a lot like how I picture Will Treaty….Just look at this pic!

I mean he’s even got the cool cloak and Ranger looking clothes going for him! (the only thing is that his eyes are blue and I’m pretty sure Will’s eyes are brown)

On a completely unrelated note, young Bay is one of the cutest little cinnamon rolls ever! And then he went and turned into a lovable yet suspicious problematic fave….but still! 

Also I keep comparing him to my icon and I can just see some of the similarities and it makes me so happy <33


How cool are these Harry Potter clothes? I would kill for those Daily Prophet leggings! Get these looks and more for under $15! Free Worldwide shipping!

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nomifinja asked:

hello randy~ how r u doin today..?

Hm I guess I’m doing pretty good, ya know, with the old- Wait, what?? Are you.. you’re Finja?! What are you doing here outta the Nomicon?? Why do you look… like that?? 

Finja? Are you okay?? You’re eyes are red and.. you’re wearing that really cool cloak thingy and….and… I-Is something wrong, buddy??

hunterwaver asked:

howard and siblings, flamel and uniforms!

( !!! almost forgot this one!!

howard + siblings

he only has one sibling and that is his older sister, maribel, whom he respects quite a lot. her strong and direct personality has been an inspiration for howard ever since he was a young child, and the closest thing he has to a mother. its safe to assume that she is almost +10 years older than him.

its not a surprise that he calls for her upon dying. even after the experiments, he deeply misses her company and most of his dreams somewhat recreate good childhood memories of him and his sister.

- i kind of bothered to give her a name heheh -

flamel + uniforms

in regards of uniforms, flamel has to admit that the creator outfit is one of his favorites. perhaps due to the color scheme, the fluffyness at the end of his pants, the fact that its quite comfortable or that he just thinks his cloak looks cool, he loves to wear it a lot.

he also enjoyed the alchemist outfit, which, while it was more simple, it was very comfortable to wear, too. the genecitist uniform, on the other hand, horrifies him and wonders who thought it was a good idea. )

Okay so feedback so far is
+cloaks are cool
-too much hair(?)
+hair is cool

Lmao okay I guess I’m just gonna assume I’m a flawless character designer and move forward thanks for some kind words

pareo-x requested transmission.

        “Hey. Cool cloaking, man. You almost had me fooled.
             But a buddy of mine always used to tell me to set my
             goddamn trackers.
I may only have one eye, but it
             can see right through you and your little tricks.

{ Literally – this new cloaking technology seemed way beyond that of the Project,
   and they had been the pinnacle of progress back in their heyday. This wasn’t
   just changing the frequencies of light. This was bending it entirely. The scientist
   in him was running around giddy, as though Christmas had come early. Too bad
   this guy seemed like a hard-ass. But, with a little sweet-talking, maybe he could
   be convinced to let the old locksmith take a look at what made him so…invisible.
   If not, well. He had a gun. }

        “So, uh, I won’t shoot if you won’t shoot?

We should bring back CLOAKS

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that cloaks are super cool.

I mean, they make everyone look so tough and capable of anything, and wearing one makes me feel empowered.

Plus, if cloaks became a common thing, it would help put an end to gender stereotypes. After all, if the cloak is long, you can’t tell who’s under it. No matter the color (which won’t always be a telltale sign), everyone looks the same in a cloak.

Catcalling would also go bye-bye, seeing as you wouldn’t know for sure if it was at a woman that you were shouting.

Seriously. Cloaks man.

anonymous asked:

Daddy, when do I get a cool cloak like Mommy's?

Uhh… Well I don’t know about about the fabric, but I can make you a cloak if you want.