Fun Fact: Traditionalists who are also fascists would offend the fascists of the 1930′s, who were Futurists to a man and who constantly talked about how that they were the next step forward. Traditionalism and fascism are antithetical concepts. 

If Fascism actually wanted to make a comeback, they’d disguise their ideology under a Nouveau appreciation of modern technology, cloaking everything in a Apple-brand circa 2005 level sheen of technology and elegance. They’d openly parade their utopianism, talking about how society is becoming more and more equal and more and more beautiful and convenient by means of the science and art available in a modern age. 

The fascists which exist online don’t even have the balls to be real fascists. They’re conservatives who want to be edgy and cool, cloaking themselves in symbolism and ornamentation they can’t comprehend.

have a sketch of shujin gaara i did instead of maths

Selene, radiant counterpart of the sun,
Shine down upon me,
Most benevolent and celestial goddess.
Be with me in this place as my words echo to your loving ears.

I praise you honey sweet Theia,
For you are my midnight protectress.
Great and divine,
You soar through the sky with your team of oxen,
A heavenly crescent gleaming atop your brow.
Dearest one, my thanks goes to you,
Even as I dream,
Your watchful eyes pass over me.

Daughter of the swift Night,
Thro’ your mighty form across mountains,
Through rivers,
And down upon forest canopies.
You are a daunting spotter of thieves and malevolent forces,
Forever pacing the skies,
Sometimes guarded by the cool cloak of Nyx.

Selene I end my song for you,
Khaire glorious one!
Be well and continue your beautiful cycles,
For they aid us in even the tides!


Amarantos Argyris

To Selene


Kage strolled through the empty streets, taking his time to look around. He hadn’t been in this place before, and he started to wonder if he was lost. Well, if he was he’d be able to teleport home. He rounded a corner and saw a person, who also seemed to be exploring. He was wearing a green cloak and what seemed to be a uniform, and Kage decided to approach him to start up a conversation.

“Hello! Say, your cloak is really cool~!” He gave a friendly smile, maybe that would fluster him a bit?

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For some reason Almadine is a gemsona of yours I remember so well and I think its because of that reeeally cool cloak and the two smols that make her up. I love her, she's a favourite of mine.

I love her too, she’s the best

Open Starter

     Saorise  enjoyed the mornings under the forest canopy. It was a gentle morning as sunlight streamed through the oak leaves bathing the world below in gentle greens. No sounds filled the silence save for the chattering of woodland life and the bubbling of the stream the Dúnedain was crouched beside. 

     She was swirling her cloak and tunic in the cool waters, which left her shoulders practically bare in the loose ragged shirt she wore. Quickly, she chided in her mind, fingers tightly wringing the water out of her cloak. She felt bare and exposed this way, without her leather and daggers strapped to her.