Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one

a concept:

vex loves the woods around whitestone. she loves her new city dearly, but vex was always made for the forest and sometimes she just needs to breathe a bit. the citizens of whitestone often see her disappear into the wild for hours on end, trinket trailing after her.

sometimes percy comes down and waits at the edge of the woods for her when she’s gone longer than usual, a heavy cloak in hand on colder nights. whenever she sees him waiting for her she just breaks out into the biggest smile, letting him wrap the cloak around her before taking his arm and making their way back up towards the castle.

travelers who pass through the woods on certain nights often come into town and tell stories about an apparition they saw of a beautiful elven woman—or perhaps a fey?—flanked by a bear and the locals just laugh because “that wasn’t an apparition; that was lady de rolo.”

long after percy and vex have passed on, local legend still says that if you go out into the woods just beyond whitestone, you can catch a glimpse of the noble huntress and her bear walking the same path that they walked thousands of times in life.

Day 1: Dream/Free
They were free.

I just realize that I forgot to upload my Leokumi Week art? It’s like 4 months late since it was originally in May. SHRUGS better late than never?

I won’t be posting day 7 because I deviated from prompts and well… 💦💦💦 I don’t wanna talk about my poor attempt at something spicy. All of my Leokumi week pictures are back somewhere on my FE twitter though.

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Lancaster: "Please, don't do this. I-I'm your friend, remember?"

“Please, don’t do this. I-I’m your friend, remember?”

“This”, he said, clenching her cloak in his hand, “is not supposed to be washed with white clothes because then this happens.” He pointed at the pink clothes in the basket. “I explained that a hundred times.” 

“I know, I will remember the next time, just do nothing to my cloak!”

“Why would I do anything to your cloak?” He sighed and then crammed the cloak into the dryer. 

“Because I dyed all your white T-Shirts pink?” 

“I’ll just bleech them like the last time.” He placed a soft kiss on her temple. “And print out some instructions in big letters so this never happens again.” 

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Okay, so maebyrutherford is writing this amazing AU where Cullen is the Right Hand of the Divine (which you can read here - and I strongly recommend that you do!)

We ended up talking about the type of armour that Cullen would wear and I decided that I would art it. This is just a flat colour concept of some ceremonial armour so that I can get the idea out of my head. I’ll do something fully rendered soon :)

Gaster theory

okay guys here’s another round of vague theories for y’all

This one’s about GASTER.

We don’t see him but ONCE in the game, if we’re lucky/hack. But what if that’s not the case?

I think we’ve seen him more than once. Somewhere we continuously overlook in the true lab.

That’s right. I’m talking about the spoon.

It’s even roughly the same shape, if you took off his cloak. The hands are round, the head’s an oval, he’s tall…the lack scars or cracks could very well be excused by the position he’s facing.

Here’s a picture of the confirmed Gaster, as a comparison reference.

Now this is where it gets odd. We see the spoon only in the true lab when you decide to fall asleep on the bed. They fade in, tuck you in, and fade out. The ONLY other monsters who teleports/fades in the overworld are Gaster and his followers. Even the Amalgamates distort and form their way to attack, this one only fades.

You see them again, or rather, bump into them again in the refrigerator room. The text you read, “Something is there. Something in a shape of a man” The spoon is roughly man-shaped. And he disappears once you start the fan and clear out the frost from the room. 

You see them AGAIN in the bathroom, waving his arm around from behind the shower curtain. And once more, he’s gone once you check on him. How could he had left so easily? Either he teleported, or perhaps he went through the drain?

The drain is another important part. Who is the only other monster coming from a drain? Memory Heads. THAT is a theory made by someone else, but it roughly states that the Memory Heads are pieces of Gaster himself. 

Why would he be in the True Lab, though? Simple. The Gaster Followers explained that he had fallen and disappeared during a failed experiment. They never said what experiment or where. ASGORE instructed Alphys to EXPERIMENT on all the monsters who had “FALLEN DOWN” to see if they were revivable, and it FAILED. The possibility of him being an amalgamate is strong.

Now, you might be wondering why he’s that shaped, or why he isn’t wearing his black mass of cloak. Well…I am not sure.

Perhaps others could add onto this. But for now, 


and damn, the Visuals. End me. That first thing when the acient one shows him stuff … DAMN
And it’s so funny!
and not go out to early after the movie, there’s something coming after the end Credits - yes! A second thing after the official end! PS: I do those hand gestures. Let no one ever cure me of my fangirling, I love my life


🔥 A Song of Ice and Fire projectA Gifset per every chapter

↪ A Game of Thrones, XXXIII, Eddard, VIII

“I will not be part of murder, Robert. Do as you will, but do not ask me to fix my seal to it." 

For a moment Robert did not seem to understand what Ned was saying. Defiance was not a dish he tasted often. Slowly his face changed as comprehension came. His eyes narrowed and a flush crept up his neck past the velvet collar. He pointed an angry finger at Ned. "You are the King’s Hand, Lord Stark. You will do as I command you, or I’ll find me a Hand who will." 

"I wish him every success.” Ned unfastened the heavy clasp that clutched at the folds of his cloak, the ornate silver hand that was his badge of office. He laid it on the table in front of the king, saddened by the memory of the man who had pinned it on him, the friend he had loved. “I thought you a better man than this, Robert. I thought we had made a nobler king.”

“Yeah, so she put it on, right? Okay, okay - yes, we were a little drunk. We’d snuck some of Cayde’s moonshine earlier, and she’d been making fun of how we can’t teleport or somersault through the void like some kinda magical gymnast. Wasn’t really an argument, just some friendly needling. Anyway, she asked to give the Garrison a try.

Now, I warned her - I did. I said, “Better take that scarf off,” or I started to, but before I finished she fired the damn thing up and launched herself off the stairs. Scarf - yeah, cloak, sorry - cloak got stuck in the damn booster; left ramjet started groaning like a constipated hippo, blew up and knocked her clear off the Tower. Good thing I have a spare.

Anyway, her fancy cloak got all chewed up. Gave it to me; said she had a few others she liked just as well. Said the wager was settled, but I don’t remember betting anything. Weird girl. Cloak looks nice on me, though - just not sure when I’ll wear it. 

Guess I can use it as a hand towel.”

- Cryptarch Records // Anonymous

How it should've been
  • [Arthur is laid in a boat, his cloak arranged and his hands folded over his chest. Merlin places a hand on Arthur's forehead. Merlin breaks down.]
  • Merlin: [sobbing][kisses Arthur on the forehead] I'll see you soon, okay?
  • Merlin: In sibbe gerest. [The boat sets off on the lake. Merlin watches, weeping.]