“Shake it off. We’ve all been dead before.


Okay, so maebyrutherford is writing this amazing AU where Cullen is the Right Hand of the Divine (which you can read here - and I strongly recommend that you do!)

We ended up talking about the type of armour that Cullen would wear and I decided that I would art it. This is just a flat colour concept of some ceremonial armour so that I can get the idea out of my head. I’ll do something fully rendered soon :)

Thematically Consistent Cloaks

Suburbansamurai created some pretty awesome cloaks, then passed them on for recolor and save-out.

Implicit trust was given to do what must be done, and ensure the integrity of the art and consistency in vision. 

We are two beings, one mind. 

It is impossible for any but we two to auger which hand has painted each masterpiece-

-Nor is it possible to fully comprehend one work without its companion.

Day 1: Dream/Free
They were free.

I just realize that I forgot to upload my Leokumi Week art? It’s like 4 months late since it was originally in May. SHRUGS better late than never?

I won’t be posting day 7 because I deviated from prompts and well… 💦💦💦 I don’t wanna talk about my poor attempt at something spicy. All of my Leokumi week pictures are back somewhere on my FE twitter though.

UUHHHHH HANDSSS.    Inspired by this

I just know I wouldn’t want to be Thauma’s opponent in Wishy’s Dream Battle, for the fight wouldn’t be against her; it would be against THEM. 

Not to mention she talks too much.

“Yeah, so she put it on, right? Okay, okay - yes, we were a little drunk. We’d snuck some of Cayde’s moonshine earlier, and she’d been making fun of how we can’t teleport or somersault through the void like some kinda magical gymnast. Wasn’t really an argument, just some friendly needling. Anyway, she asked to give the Garrison a try.

Now, I warned her - I did. I said, “Better take that scarf off,” or I started to, but before I finished she fired the damn thing up and launched herself off the stairs. Scarf - yeah, cloak, sorry - cloak got stuck in the damn booster; left ramjet started groaning like a constipated hippo, blew up and knocked her clear off the Tower. Good thing I have a spare.

Anyway, her fancy cloak got all chewed up. Gave it to me; said she had a few others she liked just as well. Said the wager was settled, but I don’t remember betting anything. Weird girl. Cloak looks nice on me, though - just not sure when I’ll wear it. 

Guess I can use it as a hand towel.”

- Cryptarch Records // Anonymous

Supervised Missions


James had not been happy when he had been told that morning, that Lily had been put on a day mission. He was going to have a baby with her and she didn’t need to be at risk. To make it worse, Dumbledore had sent her up North to some potion making fortress of some sort. He had to make sure that she would be safe and he had taken off on his own, with his cloak in hand. Once he had put a tracer on her, he had found the location with ease, and had swallowed some polyjuice to get past the people watching the place.

Finally, he got there, finding the remote area and he moved to enter the room, still dressed as an Order guard.

“Is there anything else you need, Mrs. Potter?” 


It’s been a while since I’ve updated this. Since my last post; I’ve been keeping fairly busy with commissions for various bands as well as undertaking a tattooing apprenticeship. Posted above are some pieces I’ve done over the last few months. Still accepting new commissions as well as still have some shirts, patches and hand signed/numbered prints for sale in my shop. None of these will be re-printed. I’d like to print up a new patch design or two soon as well as perhaps a new print so keep your eyes peeled for that. As always; thank you for the support and encouragement.  


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