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Bail und Vader showing off their son!

Fanart for the wonderful fanfic “Hostage” by @sarahjanmayen aka Slx99!!
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White Liberalism™ and White Feminism™ is when you take two key figures from troubling, problematic and illegitimate current administration and seriously think saying “all politics aside” absolves you from flawed analysis. 

 To think that it’s possible to separate who Ivanka and Melanie are from the politics of their brand is absurd. 

 "All politics aside" and “part of the world cloaked in fundamentalism and oppression” reads to me “despite the endless problems coming out of their administration, they’re still Pious White Folks in this sea of Middle East barbarians" 

 Or more simply "despite what you think of the Trumps, they’re still rich and powerful white people”


I want to marry the sun. It’s the one thing in this world I can depend on, that I know will always be there. I can’t touch it, but it seeks me out. The warmth I feel on my skin is because of the sun, and the freckles on my face are marks of love. The smattering across my cheeks and nose is a reminder of its eternal presence.

I can’t stare at the sun, because it’s too bright. Isn’t that the way love is supposed to feel? Like if you stare at it for too long you have to look away, because it blinds you in its glory. Love should light up the sky and take your breath away.

True love should give you everything. It should be the beginning and the end and all that is in between. That is the sun. When we are nothing but a tombstone weathered into an illegible sentiment, the sun will remain. When I am no longer walking about this earth, the sun will go on. Maybe it’s a daunting thought to others. For me, it’s comforting.

When I close my eyes and see the red through my eyelids, I smile. Because there is no such thing as true darkness when the light is at your side. It chases away the shadows, and any creatures lurking in the depths of my mind cower in its wake.

When the sun is gone and the night approaches, they come back. They beckon and taunt me. Tell me the thoughts I try so desperately to shut out. It’s funny really. We’re afraid of the monsters in our closets when the real ones dwell in our hearts. The darkness laughs in my face and brings horrible thoughts to life. In those times, it’s difficult not to resent the sun. After all, it left me when I needed it most. And as if it knows I call for it, knows I am close to breaking, the sun comes back, lighting up a world cloaked in shadows.

People say that the sun is a star, but I’m convinced otherwise. If the sun were a star, then it would be like billions of others. Unremarkable. How could something that gives me everything be so ordinary? It grows love in a world of hate. Its gentle touch on my neck and shoulders is the only reassurance I need to go on. The sun gives me strength. It seeps through my skin and floods my veins with sweet honey and warm embraces.

Some cannot handle its touch. They see it as a nuisance. But truthfully, I’m amazed. Something millions of miles away has the ability to leave a mark on my skin. We pass hundreds of people every day, none leaving marks. None influencing. We’re like planets, all of us. All caught up in our own gravity. We never truly step out of our borders, not with anyone. Yet the sun, in its mighty defiance, dares to permeate the walls we so effortlessly put up.

I wish I could be like the sun- bright, strong, influential, important. Instead, I will just marry it. I will attach myself to it in hopes to become its reflection. And one day, even if it’s just one, I will light up the sky. I will leave the marks. I will do the influencing.

—  highkeynessian 
White World, Black Cloak

Originally posted by aryaestarks

Pairing: Jon X (Blind)Reader

Word Count: 1200

Warnings: Sad characters are sad, and you are also sad, but at the end you both are not so sad, so that’s good.

His new Kingship has got Jon thinking, worrying about his old wounds. To confide and ease his conflictions he goes to speak with you, an old friend of Ygritte’s, a worg blinded from a punishment of your grandparents.

You were sitting in front of the weirwood, a small bright red cardinal in your hand while rosy-finches and redpolls littered the snow around you, eating the seeds you had tossed out. The leather wrap around your eyes was warm, it’s only real saving grace. Behind it was scars and only flesh where the eye sockets had been melted and burned over. It happened as a child, a punishment that passed down for three generations, you never knowing the reason, just that it made you a cursed creature. But not being able to see didn’t stop your worging and certainly didn’t stop your other senses.

“Hello Jon.” You smiled hearing the crunch of snow coming out of the path. “Or should it be King Jon now? From Bastard to Commander to King. A wonder what you’ll be next.”

You heard a breath of a laugh, his boots coming a little closer, the wind blowing just as it did to let you recognize his scent. “That’s what I’m worried about. It sounds like there’s nowhere left to go now but down.”

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alec protects magnus from the clave

as requested by the wonderful @smariko !! sorry that this was quite late, but i had a little bit of trouble starting this one lol. this pretty much takes place after the events of 2x10. enjoy :)

Alec and Magnus sat cross-legged on Alec’s bed, facing each other, and talking about everything and anything. Business at the Institute had just calmed down and Alec needed to just sit down for a second. He was alive, Magnus was alive, they were alive together. And he made sure to cherish that before the next threat arose.

Alec reached out to run a light finger down the bridge of Magnus’ nose. Magnus sighed at the touch, eyes closed and hands on Alec’s chest. They were sitting close enough to feel each other’s breath but it never felt close enough.

Suddenly, the door to Alec’s room burst open and the two jerked back in surprise. Turning around, Alec glared at Jace who was standing in the doorway. “Jace, come on! We went over thi-”

“You’re gonna wanna see this,” panted Jace. Both Alec and Magnus frowned and eyed each other curiously. Without another word, they both rose and followed Jace to the Ops Centre.

“Jace what’s going on?” asked Alec, worry soaked in his voice as they turned the corner of a corridor. Alec reached his fingers out to Magnus’ hand and they interlaced fingers tightly.

“It’s the Clave,” was all Jace said. Alec groaned loudly, knowing full well that the Clave only ever sent emissaries to ruin things. The three made it to the Ops Centre as quickly as possible to join Isabelle and Clary. Shadowhunters had their weapons drawn and handcuffs out, wading their way through everyone in the Institute.

It didn’t take them long to figure out that Shadowhunters were ushering all Downworlders off the premises. A Clave representative explained that after the attack on the Institute, no Downworlders could be trusted to be in the Institute. Alec rolled his eyes. They must have known that no Downworlder was responsible for what had happened. The Clave often cloaked their prejudice as wanting to help keep the entire Shadow World but everyone knew it was bullshit.

Isabelle stepped up to Alec and Magnus with an apologetic gaze. “The Clave is placing a ban on all Downworlders entering any Institute – ever. They’re thinking of writing it into the Accords,” she whispered. Alec was speechless. They couldn’t do that, they just couldn’t.

Magnus looked up from Isabelle to see Simon being forcefully removed from the Institute. A seraph blade was dangerously pressed to his back. Simon looked back at a distressed Clary who was also being held back by an angry Shadowhunter. Magnus glanced at Simon and felt compelled to help him. “Simon!” Magnus exclaimed, wading through the dense group of Nephilim, Magnus ran up to Simon, a hand reached out to his.

Before he could do anything else, Magnus had a seraph blade held to his throat by a Clave emissary. “Hey!” Alec yelled, running to the front of the group. Magnus stood as still as possible, aware that one wrong move could have him slaughtered. Alec glanced down to see Magnus’ fingers spark with flames of red – he was getting ready to attack. Magnus looked up to sneer at the Shadowhunter in front of him, cat eyes glowing. The Shadowhunter looked back at him in disgust.

Suddenly, another Clave representative had his blade to Magnus’ throat as well and Magnus let his sparks die. Alec clenched his fists at the sight. He couldn’t just stand there. Alec cautiously walked up to the situation. Every other person in the Institute had stepped meters back, steering clear of anything that could go down. It was dead silent.

Alec placed a hand on Magnus’ shoulder and pushed him back lightly before stepping up between the Clave emissaries and his boyfriend. His eyes were piercing into the Shadowhunters’ in a look that was deathly cold. His jaw was clenched and knuckles white. “Nobody touches him,” Alec said in a low but harsh voice.

One of the Clave Shadowhunters stepped closer to Alec. “Sometimes I wonder why we ever let them in,” she said, coldly. She glanced over to Magnus to look him up and down in disgust. “Get rid of him yourself,” she snared before setting down her blade and ushering the rest of the Downworlders and Clave emissaries out of the Institute.

Letting out a deep breath that Alec wasn’t even aware he had been holding in, he turned to look at Magnus. The Warlock had his eyes cast downwards and had fists balled up beside him. He looked so helpless and – although Alec would never describe him this way – weak.

Alec stepped closer to Magnus, forehead pressed to the side of Magnus’ head. He was at a loss for words. “I don’t know how to fix this…” he murmured, softly, helplessly. Magnus looked up at Alec.

He pressed his hand to Alec’s cheek. The boy always wanted to fix everything. “It’s okay,” Magnus said as he stroked his thumb under Alec’s eye. He scoffed, letting his hand drop to his side. “It’s almost like the 1700s again.”

Alec looked at Magnus with a pained expression. He was trying to apologise but Magnus knew that it wasn’t his fault. None of this was. “I’m leaving with you,” said Alec. Magnus frowned at him. “If you’re not allowed to be here, neither am I.”

Magnus shook his head. “You’re the head of this Institute, you can’t leave,” he said, in a matter of fact tone.

Alec nodded. “I’m the head of this Institute, I can do what I very well please.”

i hope you enjoyed! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box!

in the meantime, magnus and alec have a tickle fight amongst books.

Maybe the sun
Is in love
With the moon
And, every night
He hides behind
A cloak of darkness
Just to see her
Light up
The whole damn world.

-Rupali Jeganathan

—  // The sun and the moon | @whisperinglillies
Invoking Freyja

“Hail to thee, Freya, Queen of the Aesir,
Queen of Vanir, fair Lady of Álfheim.
Mistress of magic, Mother of Midgard;
By the sovereign power of seithr
And strength of Brísingamen
Lend me your insight in this my rite.
Great Goddess!
Thee I call, thee I invoke!
Surround me in your feathered cloak
That I may see through the nine worlds
From the roots to the trunk to the tips
Of the holy tree.
Freya, gift your secrets to me!
Thee I call, thee I invoke:
By wheel of wagon and cat’s light paw,
On wings of falcon, from dark veins of soil,
By day’s golden light and night’s black toil. Come, Queen of All, into this circle
And bless the casting that is to be performed.”

Nordic Runes, Paul Rhys Montfort

Jumin: Vampiric Smut

For the winner @kingdomofthepancakes


    You trudged down the sidewalk, humming a tune. You were heading home after a long day, and your mind was somewhere else. You looked up at the moon, noticing the tiny stars glistening against the pitch black sky. Since when was the moon so large? You felt an ominous chill run down your spine. You took a deep breath and began walking faster, when a sudden gust of wind blew past you. You stopped in your tracks, and glanced behind your back.

   Behind you, just behind the light of a streetlamp, a cloaked figure stood.

   “MC, wasn’t it?” a deep voice questioned, and the figure stepped into the light. Dark black hair, and pale skin. Grey eyes with a tint of red. Black cloak adorned with a lavender brooch, and a beneath it, a perfectly polished suit.

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Best Friends

                  Kai Parker x Reader

(Story takes place after the merge with Luke and Jo’s wedding. Kai had never gone to Hell ;
Kai & Reader have feelings for each other but none of them would admit it , Kai doesn’t even know what those feelings mean yet …)

*not my gif


Kai tossed and turned in his bed , sweat on his forehead. He mummbled something understandable and suddenly his eyes opened. He layed in bed a few minutes , trying to calm down his breathing. Lately nightmares had tormented him and there was only one thing that made him feel better and calm. He got up and got dressed fast , then headed outside.

It was 3am and Kai stood outside Y/Ns house. He climbed up her bedroom window and sneaked inside. She was sleeping peacefully , one hand hanging out the edge of the bed. He took a few steps trying to be very quiet and sneaked into her bed , wrapping his hands around her. Y/N stirred in her sleep but didnt wake up.

Kai loved watching her sleep , he didnt understand completely why. Every time he was near her he got this weird warm , fuzzy feeling and over protective instincts. Feelings were a new thing to him but he knew one thing for sure - he’d never let anyone hurt her. He stroked her cheek gently. Her skin soft and warm , her heartbeat suddenly uneven. She opened her eyes and immediately knew who was there.
“Kai ?” she mumbled sleepily. “What time is it?”
He glanced the clock on her nightstand. “3.22AM… ” he said softly as Y/N turned around and came face to face with him. She’d never admit it but those midnight visits were one of her favorite things. His face was so close she could feel his hot breath. They layed like that for a few moments , just looking at each other , Y/N getting lost in his blue eyes. It happened every - first she gets lost in his eyes , then the whole world around her disappeared until it was just the two of them , completely losing focus …

The first time Kai had done that sneaking into her bedroom in the middle of the night , Y/N had screamed and yelled for him to get out or at least to call first next time.“But by the time you answer your phone , I’ll already be here anyways..” he had said smiling , looking at her with puppy eyes.  Over time , his midnight visits stopped bothering her. She realised that he just needed someone to talk to. A friend… and since she was the only one from the Mystic Falls gang who wasn’t really frightened by him , of course he’d go seeking her company.Y/N wouldn’t admit it but she actually liked him. He wasn’t all bad , he just had a lot to learn and needed someone to care for him…. She didn’t mind being that someone.

She wanted so badly to trace his cheek with her fingers … Y/N took a deep breath and tried hard to focus.
“So … whats keeping you awake tonight?” she asked smiling at him. Kai turned on his back and stared at the ceiling.
“I can’t sleep…” he sighed. “I keep tossing and turning and the sleep just slips away through my fingers.” Kai turned for face her. “… and when I do fall asleep I have nightmares.. about the Gemini and the Prison worlds…” he trailed off.

Y/N knew some parts of his past , others were still a mystery to her but she didn’t want to pry. If he wanted her to know , he’d tell her. She moved closer to him.
“You know you can tell  me anything right ?” she said softly. “That’s what best friends are for.”  
“We are best friends ?” Kai asked and Y/N nodded smiling. “I like the sound of that.” he said smiling. He never had a best friend , just friends … if that was the right word. Those were people who he had tolerated but they never really understood him. Not like she did. A few minutes passed in silence before he took a deep breath and decided to tell her. “ I dreamt about the day they sent me to the Prison World… May 10th 1994….” he said trailing off. Y/N was a patient listener , she never interrupted with questions - its one of the things he liked about her. “The coven had gathered around Jo and I while we were starting the merge ceremony. Didn’t take long for me to realise something was up , but I was too late. My father …” he said swallowing hard. “… I should’ve noticed he wasn’t there at the beginning. He showed up and started chanting , the coven joining in. I dropped on the ground in pain.” Kai’s eyes were filling with tears and a spark of anger. “When the pain finally stopped I was all alone. At first I thought they had cloaked themselves but … I was all alone in the world. Completely alone … ” he trailed off.

Y/N listened to his story patiently. It hurt her to see him like this. Before she knew what she  was doing she wrapped her hands around him , not saying a word. A few moments later Kai wrapped his hands around her too , hugging her tight. She always made him feel safe , wanted … and calm.
“They were jerks for doing this to you.” she said softly. “You didn’t deserve any of this …”
Kai rested his chin on her head , a small smile on his face. Y/N always saw the good in people , even in people like him. She never judged him by the mistakes he had made. He listened to her heartbeat and he got the same warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside. She moved a little so she could see his face , gently kissed him on the cheek and smiled at him before resting her head on his chest once again. Soon after they both fell asleep.

The next day Y/N and Kai had had breakfast together before she headed to classes at Whitmore. Despite the fact that she could be living on Whitmore campus , Y/N liked it better to stay home.

That night she went to the Grill to get a drink. She had a long tiring day. A guy approached her and started flirting with her. He was good looking , she had to admit it but he was not HIM. Either way Y/N kept talking with him , complaining mostly about the classes she had that day. A couple of times the guy had tried to put his hands on her hips but Y/N kept finding an excuse to move away out of his reach.

Kai was at the Grill too , he liked going there - the drinks were amazing. He looked over at the bar. Y/N was there too. He smiled but his smile quickly faded away. She talking to some guy and he was about to put his grabby hands on her again…  Suddenly a burning anger shot through his veins. He recognised that emotion easily - jealousy. It happened every time some guy approached her so he’d googled it. Every time the guy tried to put his hands on her , Kai felt the urge to rip said guy’s head off.
Finally he couldnt take it anymore , finished his drink and walked over to the bar.
Y/N eyes lit up the second she saw him approach. Kai grabbed her hand by the wrist and yanked her away from the guy pulling her closer to him until they were standing inches away from each other.
“Is this guy bothering you?“ he asked her , his voice was calm but his eyes burned with anger. Y/N knew that look. It was the calm before the storm. Lately every time she was out with a guy , a similar situation had happened… Kai would come over with the same expression he right now on his face and then compell the guy to go away. There was something about Kai when he got like this , something that made her feel even more drawn to him … /

The guy she was talking to a few seconds ago butted in. “Hey dude. She is my passtime for the evening.. ” but Kai only shoot him a glance and put his hand on his shoulder compelling him. “Leave , before I rip your throat out.” Kai said menacingly. The guy got up and walked out of the bar.Y/N tried to free herself from Kai’s grip but couldn’t. His eyes were filled with anger and a kind of sadness…

Finally he let go the grip on her wrist. “Whats wrong with you?” she asked upset. The guy she had been talking to was a douche but he still didn’t deserve to have ’ his throat ripped out’. “Every time I am near a guy you do something like that.”

Kai sat on the bar , grabbed a bottle and a glass from behind the counter and poured himself a drink. Y/N stood there looking at him and waiting for him to explain  but an explanation never came.
“Are you jealous or something ?” she asked finally but Kai still refused to even look at her. “Fine then.” she said grabbing her jacket and heading towards the exit.

All of the sudden Kai grabbed her hand , making her turn around again. Y/N let out a frustrated breath and tried to say something but didnt even get the chance because Kai’s lips crashed against hers. He pulled her tighter than ever , not caring about the fact the bar was still full with people who kept starring at his PDA. Y/N wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him closer too. The passion and urgency in the kiss swallowing her whole. When Kai pulled away , Y/N was out of breath , her heart was beating so fast it all blurred into one. She locked eyes with him as he touched her forehead with his.’
Kai grinned , the anger in his eyes replaced with a glow. 
“Lets um.. Lets…” Y/N tried to speak but hardly could finish a sentence , all the emotions and the kiss had overwhelmed her completely. “… go .. Lets go home.” she finally said as Kai too her hand , walking outside.
 As soon as there were no more people around them , he wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her again before disappearing into the darkness.

————————————-I really hope you like this one. :) Apologies if at times things don’t seem very connected - it was like 3AM when I was writing … 

“As a white mother of two black children, three white children, who all have a white father, I have something to say.

Racism exists. It is real and tangible. And it is everywhere, all the time.

When I brought my boys home they were the cutest, sweetest babies ever. Wherever we went, people greeted us with charm and enthusiasm. Well, not all people and not everywhere. But, to me, they were the “wacko” exceptions. I thought to myself, “Get over it.”

Now my boys look like teenagers. Black teenagers. They are 13. Let me ask you these questions. Do store personnel follow your children when they are picking out their Gatorade flavors? They didn’t follow my white kids. Do coffee shop employees interrogate your children about the credit card they are using to pay while you are in the bathroom? They didn’t interrogate my white kids. When your kids trick-or-treat in, dressed as a Ninja and a Clown, do they get asked who they are with and where they live, door after door? My white kids didn’t get asked. Do your kids get pulled out of the TSA line time and again for additional screening? My white kids didn’t. Do your kids get treated one way when they are standing alone but get treated a completely different way when you walk up? I mean a completely different way. My white kids didn’t. Do shoe sales people ask if your kids’ feet are clean before sizing them for shoes? No one asked me that with my white kids. Do complete strangers ask to touch your child’s hair? Or ask about their penis size? Or ask if they are “from druggies”? No one did this with my white kids.

Did you tell your kids not to fight back because they will seen as aggressive if they stand up for themselves? Have you had to honestly discuss with your husband whether you should take your children to the police station to introduce them to the officers so they would know your children are legitimate members of your community? Have you had to talk to your children about EXACTLY what to say and not to say to an officer? Have you had to tell your children that the objective of any encounter with police, or security in any form, is to stay alive? It never occurred to me to have these conversations with my white children. In fact, it never occurred to me for myself either.

There is no question that my boys have been cloaked in my protection when they were small. What I did not realize until now is that the cloak I was offering them was identification with my whiteness. As they grow independent, they step out from my cloak and lose that protection. The world sees “them” differently. It is sweet when they are adopted little black boys so graciously taken in by this nice white family. But when they are real people? Well, it is not the same. And they still look like little boys. What happens to them when they look like the strong, proud black men I am raising?

The reason why the phrase All Lives Matter is offensive to black people is because it isn’t true. Right now, in America, my black children are treated differently than my white children. So when you say All Lives Matter as a response to the phrase Black Lives Matter you are completely dismissing the near daily experience of racism for those with pigment in their skin, curl in their hair and broadness of their nose.

I am posting this so you can see the reality I have witnessed and experienced, because, frankly, I didn’t believe it was true until I saw it up close, directed at two souls I love, over and over again. So, please, use this post as a pair of glasses to see the racism that surrounds you. Then we can actually make progress toward all lives being valued and cherished.”

– Kate Riffle Roper

On a mission
  • *Arsenal and Jason running around the enemy's base*
  • Jason: *whispers* hey, I found a secret entrance inside. let's go this way
  • Arsenal: Yeah, yeah give me a sec. *shoots arrow into distance and it explodes*
  • *awkward silence*
  • Arsenal: Well, that was supposed to be a cloaking arrow but I guess I just wanted to see the world burn